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You know, that big “someday” idea

(okay, ideas, plural - you know you’ve got #alltheideas)

that you have sitting in the back of your mind collecting mind attic dust?

(maybe it’s the idea you don’t even know you have yet, but trust me, it’s there)...

I help you make that a reality.

Yep. #thisisreallife

Brianne of Brightly & Co. - Photo by McKenna Rachelle Photography

I’m a professional business bestie and I’m here to help you build a business that transforms your life.

I seriously LOVE my job and I want to give you the biggest hug right now and get you back on track to loving who are you, living that out in your business and embracing your big dreams.

I work with creativepreneur gals, like you, who are looking for some support, guidance, accountability, direction, connection, clarity and CONFIDENCE to make those scary-awesome big “someday” dreams of yours happen.

Who knows, right now you may just want to make the dishes happen - and a nap. Ah…I love naps <wink>.

I’m a confidence builder by nature.

I give you the support, encouragement and feedback you need to have more confidence and clarity in your business (and life). Think of me as a mirror, only instead of seeing your flaws I show you how awesome you are.

Brianne of Brightly & Co.

my entrepreneurial journey...

If you've been following along for awhile, you may already know that I'm a singer (I've released 2 albums) and when I started my family photography "side-gig" as...Brianne Does Photography.

Photography was my beginning (and still is one of my passions), of Brightly & Co.

but then I discovered what truly set my heart on fire (see the timeline below):



I release my first album, "Blue Heron Grey" and I take my first paid family photos and professional headshots. I got my first camera when I was 15 and I had been taking photos of people ever since. Now I updated my camera, created a business name as a sole proprietor and offered my services (for super low prices). ;)



I release my second album, "How the Rain Goes". I have a Kickstarter campaign and the whole deal! I also increased my photography services and started shooting Senior portraits + creating their graduation announcements.  I shot my very first  wedding (which was also super high end) and  started working with a band on their branding (he happens to be my hunky boyfriend too).



I go to an HR conference, of all places, and hear Ben Casnocha speaking about the importance of entrepreneurs. As he described what an entrepreneur was, I realized he was describing me! (I didn't know at that time that I was already an entrepreneur, I thought I was just doing music and photography as a side gig and I couldn't imagine it being any more than that.) This was a big momentum shift for me, and I hit the ground running researching everything I could.




Brightly & Co. is born! I update my photography website, sign-up for a Mailchimp account and start implementing all the new found knowledge my research has led me to. 

This is when things really take off. More inquiries than ever before, I register my business, I raise my prices on photography, I add Branding services to my offerings and I create graphic prints for retail and wholesale. 

Oh, by the way, I'm still working my full-time job...and I'm moving up the ladder. Yup.



I give notice to my full-time job in January and leave to fully and completely work for myself in February. AH!

Best. Decision. Ever.

But oh so tough to take that leap of faith. I have enough savings to last me about 9 months if I make NO profit at all...instead I am booked out for the year with branding services.



I make the tough decision to retire my brand design services, because I've found my true passion and what I'm meant to do - coaching. 

Even throughout my branding services, coaching was my favorite part and my clients favorite part too.

So here we are 2018! I'm going all in to help others pursue their dreams. I've learned SO much along the way and I have so much to share...

Continuing education Stats

Biz Books Read


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My Bucket List

narrowed down to the top 12

Get to know me

Mad Libs Style:


Hi! My name is Brianne, but I prefer to be called __Brianne. Not Bri, I hate Bri___. My favorite things to do are __watch Netflix__, __go on adventures__, and __sing Disney songs__. I love __baked goods__, but I rarely __dance__ because I'm so bad at it. You can find me __hanging out at home in my robe__ most days, eating __homemade banana bread__ and listening to __a movie, Gilmore Girls or 30 Rock__ in the background. I like long walks __around my neighborhood__ and hot __tea__.  My favorite color is __teal or any variation__ and I go berserk over __twinkle lights__. I call myself __an introvert with extroverted tendencies__ because I go crazy at parties (just kidding!). __The news__ makes me mad and I'm terribly afraid of __spiders__.

“If you’re looking for a brand coach who truly cares about the individual behind a business, stop looking- you’ve found her! Aside from her never-ending wealth of knowledge about branding and growing businesses, Brianne has the most genuine, kind and encouraging energy about her- I’ve never had to doubt that she has my best interests at heart. Because she’s taken the time to get to know me as a person, the guidance she gives is very personalized and feels authentic to myself and my brand- none of this “one size fits all” business advice. Brianne instills a sense of confidence that helps me know I am making the right decisions for my business that will lead me to my own personal vision of success

She has the skill and perspective to take any challenge or weakness and turn it into an opportunity for growth. I love that I can come to her overwhelmed with those difficult questions and situations that I’m not sure how to handle, and come away from our conversations with the clarity of a well-defined plan of action (not to mention an incredible renewal of motivation!). Anyone who runs their own business knows that it can be filled with times of self-doubt, discouragement, and just plain exhaustion. Working with Brianne has been instrumental in keeping myself moving forward!”
— McKenna - McKenna Rachelle Photography
I love this photo of McKenna - and yes, I took it. ;)   Photo by Brightly &amp; Co.

I love this photo of McKenna - and yes, I took it. ;)

Photo by Brightly & Co.


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