S2 Ep.09 - Brave vs. Confident - How to build up your confidence

In this episode, I do an impression of both Jeff Goldblum and Eliza Doolittle (you’re welcome), sing some Disney/Broadway tunes that best describe myself, and discuss (with my hubby/producer Bradley Wik) the difference between being Brave and being Confident and more specifically HOW to BE more confident.

S2 Ep.07 - Got Triggers??

In this episode, I talk all about emotional triggers. I’ll give you some tips on how to recognize when you're being triggered and the steps I’ve taken to try and avoid the emotional fallout.

S2 Ep.06 - The Fear of Investing in Yourself

In this listener-inspired episode, Brianne talks about the Fear of Investing in Yourself. She breaks down how we often use money as an excuse to hide our true fears, how the Fear of Failure and Fear of Being Judged can hold us back, and challenges you to believe in yourself enough to put your money and time into those someday dreams.

S2 Ep.05 - Superhero Outfits and Disappointments

In this episode, Bradley and I discuss going to networking events, how anxiety shows up in my business (and some tips that can help) and steps I take when dealing with major disappointments.

s2 Ep.04 - My Anxiety Journey - Pt. 2 - What helped me

In part 1 of this episode, I discussed my struggles with anxiety and panic disorder. In part 2, I go over the Brave Fear actions I have taken to help find relief.

I talk about going back to therapy after resisting for so long, the role nutrition plays in my mental maintenance and finding my new “normal.”

Click to read more and get ALL the resources that have helped me with my anxiety.

S2 Ep.03 - My Anxiety Journey Pt. 1 - You're not alone

In this episode, I talk about my struggle with an anxiety and panic disorder, which I’ve had since the age of 6. 

S2 Ep.02 - The One About Moving (from Oregon to North Carolina) - The Brave Fear Podcast with Brianne Wik

Here are a few highlights:

  • Learn some random facts about Brianne and Bradley, including their favorite local beer from Charlotte, what song Brianne can’t stop singing, what Brianne misses from Portland, etc.

  • When traveling long distances with a cat, how do they pee and poo?

  • Brianne’s fears around making huge life changes and her fear of giving up control

  • How Brianne and Bradley are uniquely suited to help each other problem solve

  • Finally, what they love about their new city of Charlotte, NC