Episode 01: Introducing Brave Fear

In this episode, I’m introducing you to all things Brave Fear. What it means, where it comes from, why I created this podcast and more about me (Brianne Wik) in general. If you’re new to this podcast, this is the perfect episode to start with.


Today I discuss the reality of fear in our everyday lives and share a bit my personal story about how fear has impacted my life, and how I came up with the philosophy of Brave Fear — taking brave action right alongside brave fear.

Let’s talk through the ideas and false narratives surrounding fear, like...

  • How the number one thing that holds us back is fear

  • Knowing fear is present, but trying to ignore it instead of work through it

  • When we embrace our fear, the fear naturally lessens

  • When we look at fear as our foe, it gets worse

  • Believing in delusions and false stories, and how to stop that