How to hang a Gallery Wall, or better yet, what NOT to do

How to hang a gallery wall - #BrightlyandCo.

Would you like to know how to hang a gallery wall?

Me too!

I won't lie, I'm absolutely, 100%, terrible at hanging photos. Each apartment I move into, I try my darndest to make a beautiful gallery I've decided to share with you my process and then share with you proper articles to help you along the way on your gallery wall journey.


  1. I measure the wall (approximately).

  2. I create a layout using my framed photos, signs and canvas wraps. (I like to start from the middle and work my way out).

Here's the layout I created for the wall. 

Here's the layout I created for the wall. 

HGTV, How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

HGTV, How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

Before placing your collection of pieces, Bekman suggests playing with a few layouts until you identify the best one for your gallery wall. "I recommend laying your framed work on the floor to try out a few setups. You can even use painters tape to outline the size of the wall to help you visualize. Take cell phone snaps of a few variations that you like as you go. To start, use two to four pieces hung in the center at the same height to establish your anchor or focal point and fill in from there."                                                                                                     

This really is great advice, thank you HGTV!

THAT - was the easy part.

Now, how do I translate my gallery wall layout to the actual wall?


This article is incredible, one of my favorites! I love the concept and the execution... Create a layout of your frames (like we discussed above), then use paper to cut out the exact shapes to easily transfer your design to the wall!

*Confession: If I were a slightly more patient person, this might've worked for me.


Ok, so how did I actually hang my gallery wall?

Well, let's start with the final product, take a look:

Let's take a closer look...

I love colorful rooms and frankly I think my couch is as cute as button! But, let's look at a side by side comparison...

Yes, you see it now. My gallery wall is significantly smaller then the intended carefully placed layout I originally started out with.


What happened?


Let's start back at the beginning:

  1. - Measure your wall

  2. - Make sure there is nothing standing in your way that would prohibit you hanging your gallery wall

  3. - Don't hang a gallery wall on wood paneling




So, how did I really hang my gallery wall?

I eyeballed it. I grabbed one photo at a time and starting from the middle and working my way to the outsides. Hammer and nail in hand the photos went up one at a time, with no layout, and no measuring... Yup. #nailedit


Sincerely yours,