5 Strategies to Better Alignment

When I feel out of alignment, I think more with my head than with my heart. I do things from a place of force and not flow. I plan and think so much about the possibilities, and focus too little on the action of making it happen. 

Can you relate to this?

Feeling like you are putting in all of the effort and struggling to get something in return and then beating yourself up for the struggle?

I’m raising my hand and waving it with you too, sister!

Until I really focused on my alignment and getting myself into that space before doing my work, I wasn’t able to see through all of the fog and focus on what really matters. 


Alignment is something that takes continuous effort with daily practices and rituals. It is not a destination, but rather a state of being.

One can flow in and out of alignment many times even on the same day, but with continuous focus on creating alignment one can have the opportunity to be in an aligned space, and stay there.

Things are going to happen in our external world that can throw things off for us. I want to teach you some strategies that you can carry in your back pocket with you so you can use them to keep yourself in that aligned space wherever you go.

Being in alignment allows you to connect with your clients and have greater and more powerful depth to the work that you do. 

Create boundaries and say no

Perhaps the biggest strategy for staying in alignment is creating boundaries and saying no.

Saying no to the things that don’t resonate or serve you or your clients. Saying no to things that are going to trigger you or throw you off.

Staying in alignment is largely due to our energy and the energy of those that we surround ourselves with. So keep this in mind before you attend that birthday party for your second cousin where you know that all of the judgements will come rushing in. 

Nourish your body, mind and soul

Nourishing ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves — not only in terms of alignment, but also in terms of how we feel in our bodies.

How you feel in your body and the things you allow into your body really affect the trajectory of your alignment and the confidence with which you show up in the world.

Be mindful of the things that you put into your body, mind, and soul. 

Do things that you enjoy

Do things that bring you joy — go for a walk, read a book, head to the beach, have lunch with a friend, take a nap or a bath.

Fill yourself up with the things that you love + alignment will flow much more easily. Doing things that you enjoy and self care allow you to fill up your bucket first.

When you are constantly pouring into others your bucket will go dry and there will be nothing left for you to give. 

Give yourself space

Give yourself space to rest and reflect. When we are constantly in a state of force and not in a state of flow, our alignment becomes out of balance.

Packing your calendar too tightly is a sure way to throw your alignment off.

When you are going from task to task, project to project, client to client and not giving yourself the space to just be — you could feel more anxious, tension, resentment, and be less effective at the work that you do.

Create blocks of time in your schedule to give you buffer space and give you the opportunity to show up the way you want to. 

Give yourself permission to change your mind

It’s okay to change your mind.

If you feel as though something is not in alignment with the message that you want to put out in the world — it’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to choose a new path, or direction. It’s okay even if you committed to something yesterday to realize that it doesn't work today.

Trust and release and the the things flow to you that will serve you most. 

You are meant to do powerful work in the world.

The world needs you to be diligent about keeping yourself in the most aligned space so that you can impact the world around you. They need you — and you need you too.

Be true to yourself and create the alignment in your world. 

Jess Garay is a Soul Coach + Registered Nurse, mama of 2 and lover of nature. She helps female entrepreneurs harness their inner power to create ease + flow within their business. She will help you get clear on your true desires and give you confidence to show up in the world aligned in your truth, so that you can be fulfilled in your work and find lasting success.

Jess is the creator of the ‘Soul Cafe’ where women gather to uplift, empower, support and inspire one another. You can join at www.jessgaray.com/cafe