6 Things You Need to Create a Successful Empire

In my inbox the other day was this question:

“What is the foundation I need to implement in order to create a successful empire?”


I love this question so much. And there are so many things I can say to answer this! But after some thought, I’ve narrowed it down to 6 things you need to build a solid foundation that can handle the creation of an empire. (or I also love the word legacy).

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Thank you "empire builder" for popping this question into my inbox, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your willingness to ask the big questions.




Now, grab a pen and paper, because this isn’t a passive blog post.

I’m going to put you to work.



1.) Understand WHAT you want

Here’s where you grab your pen and paper. I want you to stop reading, in just a second, and write down everything you want.

  • Out of life

  • Out of your business

  • By the time your 80…

Don’t hold back and don’t limit yourself.


If buying a private jet so you can fly with your dogs comes up (write it down), if living on a lake or by the ocean lights your soul on fire (write it down), if speaking on a stage, writing a book, (or if you’re like me and becoming a member of Disneyland’s Club 33) is on your list (write it down). There’s nothing too big or too small.

This is an important, but far too often skipped over, part of the empire building process.

How can you know what to build if you don’t know WHAT to build??


I want you to challenge yourself to write/type at least a full page (go for 2 pages even! And adjust later as more things come to you, because they will).

Practice this lesson often. Because what you want will change and - guess what?? - there’s  nothing wrong with that at all. But, my dear empire builder, you’ve got to keep up with your own self and always know what you’re headed towards.


This step is like drawing up the plans to build your new gorgeous skyscraper. Obviously, it’s not good to skimp on the plans...that should be a given.


Okay - pause reading this post for a moment, and get to writing.




2.) Understand WHY you want it

This step is like digging into the earth and setting up your foundation. If you don’t dig far enough, your building will be unstable…

You hear people mention all the time, “Know your why” and so often I see that phrase met with confused and furrowed brows.

Here’s where I think the confusion takes place. Your “why” is not just one thing. It couldn’t be! There’s far too much going on in that beautiful brain and heart of yours. Your why is multiple things, multiple layers deep and multiplying every day that you learn even more about yourself. ;)


So here’s part two of building your foundation to create a successful empire.

Write down WHY you want all of the things you want.

  • Why do they matter to you?

  • What difference would they make if they came true?

  • Why is what you want important? (This is a very good question to ask if you’re looking to build your confidence up).


Now, like I mentioned at the beginning of this section. This is like you digging into the earth to build your beautiful skyscraper, if you don’t dig deep enough, your skyscraper will be built on unstable ground and could come tumbling down. YES - this part is that important. Write at least two pages on this topic, trust me, you can, it will start to flow from you and you may even write 4 or 5.

Hold these WHY’s in your heart. They are powerful beyond measure. Don’t be afraid to be “selfish” or “greedy” - because you’re not truly being those things, what you are being is honest, and owning your own truth. And foundations can only be built on truth. <wink>


Okay - pause reading this post for a moment, and get to writing.



3.) Get comfortable with Creative Problem Solving

Now it’s time to get comfortable with creative problem solving. Make this your motto “Everything is figureoutable” - (Thanks Marie Forleo’s Mom!)

Because it is.

It may not come to you right away. But if you panic then nothing will come to you. The key is to stay calm,and realize (plus have some faith) that the answers will be provided and that you can solve this problem (just maybe not right this second...it’s okay to walk away for awhile too).


You are going to come up against trials, challenges and failures that will cause you to believe there’s no solution. Sometimes the solution is letting go and starting over. Sometimes it’s keeping the faith and waiting. Sometimes it’s pushing your sleeves up past your elbows and getting your hands super dirty (literally or figuratively speaking, depending on your profession - haha).


Here’s the thing Empire Builder - you cannot build an empire without strong problem solving skills, and most of the time, you’re going to have to get creative as to how you go about it.


This is the trick to creative problem solving -



If you’re unsure of your creative problem solving skills, I want you to take a moment to journal out things you’ve figured out on your own (recently or in the past). Because I guarantee you there have been times you’ve had to tap into this strength of yours. It may be hidden behind loads of fear, but it’s there… and the more you recognize it, the stronger it grows.


If this is you, take a moment to journal out some scenarios where you solved a problem, big or small it doesn’t matter, because it all counts. It’s all problem solving.


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4.) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I know you’ve heard it before, “growth doesn’t come from comfort zones,” and it’s true.


The reason this is said all the time, is because you can’t learn about yourself within your own comfort zone - i.e. you can’t grow.


If you want to build an empire, you have to get comfortable with making hard decisions, with taking the blame, with growing yourself, with having hard conversations, with saying no and saying yes, with learning as you go, with putting yourself out there (which, yes, could bring on ridicule, jealousy, judgment, etc…) BUT this is why step 1 and 2 are so important.


If you know exactly WHAT you want and WHY you want it. It doesn’t matter when you’re uncomfortable, because you have something you’re building toward that MATTERS.


Judgments, jealousies and ridicule from others don’t matter. Especially, when you’re working toward something that does.


Being uncomfortable is a sign of growth. So take a moment and write down all the ways you’re currently already uncomfortable, or better yet all the things that make you uncomfortable, because you know those are the things you need to work on next. <wink>



Okay - pause reading this post for a moment, and get to writing.




5.) Create processes/systems (for everything)

An empire needs to know how to run. You will have multiple avenues of your business, possibly multiple people working for you and even more so, multiple things that MUST happen in order to keep your business up and running.


Let’s go back to our construction site for a moment:

  • You’ve drawn up the plans.

  • Dug up the ground and started laying the foundation

  • Are currently problem solving the day to day issues that come up

  • Got comfortable with being uncomfortable… aka being the boss

  • Now your divvying up all the jobs - what needs to be done and who needs to do it


An empire (or any business) can’t run efficiently unless it has processes and systems in place.


The good news is, you already have them! You just might not be able to recognize what you have yet.

If creating processes and systems is a struggle or point of confusion for you, I’ve got a LIVE Bootcamp coming up in a few weeks where I’ll be teaching you how to set-up your processes and systems and answering all of your questions. (But that’s just a side-note, you can learn more about that here).


Processes and systems help ready your business for acquiring help, streamlining, automating where possible and implementing new ideas/strategies.

To run a business, you need processes and systems.


Unsure where to begin? Take a moment and think of something that you do every day, some examples could be emailing, invoicing, cleaning out your inbox, social media engagement, making dinner, grocery shopping… haha! It’s true! Every one of these things has a process. Now write it out HOW you go about it. What’s step 1? 2? 3? You get the idea.

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Okay - pause reading this post for a moment, and get to writing.




6.) Go for it with unabashed gumption

Don’t wait for some day or some year… now is your time.


There’s a moment in the TV show the “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” where she’s at her wit’s end and yes, she might be drunk, but she charges on stage and gives a phenomenal comedic performance that wows crowds and continues to make people laugh for months!


This moment made me tear up. (Yes, I am a total sap). But I felt her gumption. I could feel her not giving two farts what anyone thought about her and taking the stage anyway and I felt myself wishing for that kind of “oomph”. I loved every second of it.

Whether you like the show or not is irrelevant, because the point is; To create a successful empire - you’ve gotta go for it.

  • You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

  • You’re not going to be perfect, so go ahead and let that one go right now.

  • No, not everyone is going to like you.

  • Yes, you’re going to mess up, fail and otherwise feel embarrassed at some point.


But that’s the beautiful thing about gumption, you don’t let embarrassment, fear, rejection, judgment, shame, etc... stop you.

You go for it anyway.


So here you go, your last exercise to get you ready to create your amazing empire.

I want you to take a sheet of paper draw a line down the middle and make a T-chart.



At the top write a dream/goal you really want to make happen (make it something big).


  • On one side write the top 10 excuses you will likely use to stop yourself.

    • What are the stories you tell yourself as to WHY this can’t happen?

  • On the other side write what you’re now willing to do instead, to bring your dream/goal to life.


When you stop to acknowledge the excuses that come up for you, they lose their power and you’re able to process them with much more clarity.


Don’t shy away from this, I told you I was going to put you to work… take your time and write this down.


Okay - pause ready this post for a moment, and get to writing.



In closing…

Remember our original question: “What is the foundation I need to implement in order to create a successful empire?”


There are multiple steps to building a foundation, but here’s where we cheat ourselves.

We don’t put in the work necessary.


  • If you just read through this blog post without taking action, you just cheated yourself from building your foundation.
  • If you just said, “I already know all this” you just cheated yourself, because there’s always something new to learn.
  • If you looked at those journaling exercises and thought, “those won’t work” you’re cheating yourself without even trying.


If you feel blocked from getting where you want to go… realize it’s probably you holding up this successful empire train and then do everything you can to learn, to grow, to develop and to believe in yourself.


You CAN build this empire. But it takes action, courage, belief and faith.


Do you believe in yourself?

Say yes!! I am creating my empire! (Yes, I mean say it out loud) <wink>


I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below and let me know what steps you’ve already taken to build your empires foundation. I’d also love to hear about a big empire dream you have - share it with the world - that’s just one more step to making it come true.