Why Accountability is the Ultimate Business Game-Changer

What does it take to make growth happen in your business?

Quick answer: The desire for transformation (in other words, things can no longer stay the same).

Just last year, my debilitating anxiety and panic was taking over my life. I realized that this could no longer stay the same, but instead something needed to change.

I was afraid of change, but I felt more afraid to stay the same...

Why Accountability is the ultimate business game-changer - Brightly & Co.


Once you get to this point - you’re at the point of desiring a transformation. (No matter how scary it is, it’s better than staying the same).

I was to the point where I couldn’t stand it any longer. I felt desperate in a way, that I would pay any sum of money, put in any amount of time, try any gross tasting supplements or smelling oil. ;)


But I knew what I needed, and that was going to therapy. I knew I needed to work through things, discover more, become more aware… but this was one of my deepest fears - going to therapy.


If you’ve never heard me talk before, you may not know that I preach about following your fears and how important it is to do so. Well, this was me, very very afraid to follow this fear, but even more afraid of staying in exactly the same place.


However… and here’s the kicker, this fear was so big it still wasn’t something I could completely do on my own.


Fear is real. It’s big and menacing and sometimes (most of the time) we need help following our fear. We can’t always do it alone. In fact most things we can’t do alone...


So here’s my secret, I now LOVE therapy. Best decision I ever made, but it took me MONTHS to get there. I didn’t get to therapy on my own… I got to therapy with the accountability from a very good friend, accountability form my mastermind and accountability to myself (eager to see a change happen in me).


The desire for change, for transformation, isn’t enough.

You need accountability to keep you moving forward.


** Accountability = Responsible, Dependable and Trustworthy.

This is what I see so many of us lacking in our businesses (and lives).

  • We’re afraid to let people in, so we keep everything to ourselves…
  • We’re afraid of our own shadows, so we don’t share…
  • We’re afraid of the judgement, so we avoid…


I know all of these feelings so well…they stem from shame (a feeling of unworthiness and/or a belief that we lack value).

But this last year, I spoke the truth of what I needed to trusted friends/colleagues, and they walked with me, became my advocate for change and helped me take my next steps.


The most surprising thing I learned about stepping out in this faith, vulnerability, and transparency, was the lack of judgement I received and instead the incredible abundance of grace that I felt surrounding me.


This gave me the courage to keep opening up more and more.


This past year was extremely transformational:

  • Switching my business from Brand Design to Business Coaching/Mentorship
  • Starting my first elite Mastermind (at Disneyland!!!)
  • Hiring my first assistant
  • Hiring my first business coach
  • Talking about my anxiety/panic
  • Realizing my limiting beliefs
  • Trusting in others, God and myself
  • Healing my body with better foods
  • Going to therapy
  • Learning how to say no. ;)
  • Saying yes to one of my biggest and most scary decisions


My list is even longer than this…but I’m so incredibly excited and proud of the transformations I experienced (and am still experiencing).  


And it all happened because of accountability.


Accountability isn’t like the “easy” button, you can’t just ask for accountability and expect things to happen for you, but it starts with you desiring change more than staying the same and then asking/receiving accountability.

Here’s where I think our brains can sometimes confuse us...

We often confuse accountability with judgement, but it’s just the opposite.


** To hold someone else accountable means to walk alongside them as THEIR advocate. You are the one holding out your hand to catch them when they slip, but they have to reach out and take it. It’s a partnership built on trust, connection and love.


** To hold yourself accountable means making a commitment to yourself, and often voicing that commitment to a more generalized public. (This is called social accountability, and something I plan on doing more of this year). When you make a commitment to yourself you are committing to also figuring out what you need in order to make this goal happen.



So here’s how I keep myself accountable:

  • Powersheets Goal Planning
  • Daily journaling
  • Daily prayer
  • Monthly (very honest) recap of my month
  • Writing more vulnerably. ;)
  • Saying no more often (even at the seemingly silly things, like changing my mind at the grocery store).
  • Telling others about my goals, plans, fears and dreams.


Here’s how others helped keep me accountable:

  • My Mastermind (The Brightly Immersive Mastermind - I learn/grow just as much)
  • Business Coaching (Bi-Weekly check-ins - nothing off limits)
  • Accountability Buddy (weekly check-ins - real talk, catch up time & project management)
  • Therapy (the honesty that happens here is beyond transformational…)
  • Friends/Family (I started being more honest about how I felt, and not holding back from speaking out what I need).


Accountability to others helps us bring out the best in others.

And that’s one of my big goals every time I work with someone. To bring out the best, in a non-judgemental but instead advocating way.


Hit up the comments below and let me know how you use accountability in your business/life and what kind of accountability works best for you.





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