The #1 Thing You Need to Achieve Your Vision + 5 steps to help you get there

I’ve discovered it. The quickest way to reach your goals, achieve your vision and make your business grow.

You’re going to love this, it’s absolutely by far the most glamorous word that we all LOVE to say…

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<this is the moment where you would hear the sound effect of car brakes screeching to a halt>

Raise your hand if you hate seeing this word.

<hand raised>

It’s not glamorous, or fun, or a get rich quick scheme. It has everything to do with hard work and putting your nose to the grindstone.

Discipline is challenging! That’s why so many people lack it. It’s not easy to be disciplined, or to be green. But it’s what we need to achieve our vision.


Here’s a quote I think you’ll like, it definitely fired me up:

“Vision will inspire you, but discipline will get you there.” - Christine Cain


We need more than inspiration to achieve our goals. Inspiration is motivation, but it’s all in the head. Discipline is action. It’s putting your foot to the pavement and getting after that vision. Chasing down that dream. Pursuing that goal.

Inspiration is motivation, but discipline is action. - Brightly & Co

Discipline is what gets you there.


Now I know you’re sitting there thinking, great argument, thanks, now I just feel like an undisciplined schlob. You’re not! We all have discipline within us, it’s just a matter of tapping into it.


Here are some action steps to help you get more disciplined:

It takes discipline to get more discipline. So what do you do if you feel like you don’t have any?

1. | Get a bigger vision/goal/dream.

If you’re not dying to get after what you want, it’s not big enough! Discipline requires vision, you can’t charge toward something that’s not there. So you need to know what you want and it needs to be big enough and dreamy enough to inspire you to want to get there.

(Not sure what you want, click here and read about how to start with WHY - download the Free worksheet and take steps toward creating a bigger vision for yourself).

Discipline requires vision, you can't charge toward something that's not there. - Brightly & Co


2. | Finish your projects.

What I mean by this is, take it one project at a time. If you have two projects, A & B, complete A first. Achieve that goal and then you will have even MORE motivation + momentum to finish project B.

Achievement is not only a motivator it’s a propeller, it moves you forward naturally with little effort.


3. | Don’t wait until you “feel” like it.

You may never “feel” like doing it, ever. Realize that no one else is going to do it for you and jsut do it. If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.

  • Yes there is such a thing as delegation, and I truly believe in it. But if you are delegating just to get out of a project, well, that’s just procrastination rearing it’s ugly head again.


4. | Rid your vocabulary of excuses.

UGH! This is the hardest one of all! This is the moment where you have to be really honest with yourself, and most of us don’t like to do that. It’s not fun. In fact, it’s brutal. But it’s also oh, so, necessary.

  1. I’ll do it later.

  2. I don’t have time because I want to binge watch Game of Thrones.

  3. I don’t want to overdo it!

  4. I’ll start when the weather gets better, then I’ll have more energy.

  5. I’m not getting the support I need, so I can’t.

  6. I’m too scared, and that’s way out of my comfort zone.


5. | Set a deadline.

Deadlines are extremely helpful if you’re prone to being undisciplined.

  • Put the deadline in your calendar, on your phone, computer, physical planner.
  • Put it on sticky notes surrounding you.

  • Write it on the white board next to your computer, or your bathroom mirror, or the refrigerator.

  • And most importantly - make it non-negotiable. Have someone hold you accountable if need be, but don’t change the deadline leave it there, in bright red, staring you down.


I could’ve also included positive self-talk, but 5 steps to achieving your vision sounded better than 6. Kidding aside, no matter what you’re doing, tell yourself you can. You are your biggest naysayer, don’t listen to that negativity - change it.

I know some people will see the words “positive self-talk” and scoff at it. But I am living proof it works, my internal talk, used to be worse, but is still often negative, negative, negative.

You can’t do this. You’re not qualified, you don’t even like what you’re doing, you’ll never win, you’ll never start your own business….


I can, I am, I do, I will, I did.


You can do this. If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up, pay attention and get some discipline. >> Click here for a little fun inspiration. << 

Tell me what you think! Comment below and let me know what steps you take to be more disciplined, share them below so others can see too.