s2 Ep.04 - My Anxiety Journey - Pt. 2 - What helped me

The Brave Fear Podcast with Brianne Wik - Season 2, Episode 4 - My Anxiety Journey Part 2

In part 1 of this episode, I discussed my struggles with anxiety and panic disorder. In part 2, I go over the Brave Fear actions I have taken to help find relief.

I talk about going back to therapy after resisting for so long, the role nutrition plays in my mental maintenance and finding my new “normal.”

Did you know -


  • Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States affecting 40 million adults (18+). This stat doesn’t include children, or those under the age of 18.

  • Anxiety Disorders are HIGHLY treatable! (Hallelujah!) But only 36.9% of those suffering actually receive treatment.

  • Anxiety Disorders develop from a complex set of risk factors, including:

    • Genetics

    • Personality

    • Life Events

    • Brain Chemistry

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

  • The 4 steps I took to get the help she needed (talking openly about my struggles, making the decision to get help, therapy and dietary/health changes)

  • Anxiety comes from many different factors, so it’s important not to judge those suffering

  • By being honest and helping those around you understand your struggles, you can help yourself feel less isolated

  • Therapy is not just for people who suffer from anxiety/depression/PTSD/etc., everyone can benefit from talking to a professional

  • What you put into your body affects your mental health too

  • Supplements make a BIG difference

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Episode References:

  • For any medications - you must talk to a Psychiatrist

Before taking any supplements talk to a professional. I prefer a nutritionist or naturopath.

  • Cassie Kanable (Instagram) - NTP (Cassie no longer works 1:1 with others, but she has many resources and tips)

  • Vitamin D Supplement

  • Vitamin B Complex Supplement 

  • Magnesium 

    • Calm Drink

    • Epsom salt Spray

    • Epsom salt for the bath

  • Minerals (with lemon - to help with the taste)

  • My favorite tea recommendations:

    • Flavor

A few other steps I took to help alleviate my anxiety (and panic attacks):

  • I cut out caffeine

  • I cut out alcohol (at least mostly)

  • I started working out regularly (Daily Burn for the win baby!)

  • I made sure to get 7+ hours of sleep every night

  • I stopped looking at social media one hour before bedtime and did NOT check it at bedtime. So I started reading at night to help me put my phone away.

  • I removed my phone from my bedroom at night as a whole. (It went in another room while I slept).

  • I stopped checking social media first thing when I woke up, and took up journaling instead.

  • I cut out greasy, sugary, and high in sodium foods from my diet (also gluten).

    • I found out that sugar intense candies and foods made my anxiety spike. Now I only eat dark chocolate for a candied treat or anything by EatingEvolved

  • I started drinking bone broth every day with collagen added.


Here’s everything I talked about under one link: https://kit.com/BraveFear/anxiety-relief 

When an anxiety or panic attack hits:

  • Go physically shake your body! (This resets your brain! And your attack disappears). 

    • Want the science behind this? Watch here. (*Note: I do not follow the protocol of this video when my panic attacks strike, I simply remove myself and shake like a mad woman dancing to the beat of her own drum in the bathroom. Just simply that works too).

If you are experiencing these kinds of things - Take a Brave Fear Action!

Here are some options:

Do you know someone who’s experiencing these kinds of things?

Try some of these options:

  • Tell them they don’t have to hide from you and that they’re not a burden

  • Love them, no matter what (and tell them so)

  • Don’t spout Bible verses at them, but encourage that God is love and loves them no matter what (To quote Nichole Nordeman again: “There is nothing you can do or say to separate you from the love of God who made you, just exactly as he meant to”.)

  • If they are experiencing a panic attack - tell them (give them permission) to go SHAKE IT OUT! (Shake with them) ;)

  • Encourage them to share with you when their anxiety crops up

  • Encourage them to go to therapy (send ‘em my way if they need some normalization on the topic).

There’s so much I’d like to share, but most importantly I’d like to hear from YOU! Have you struggled with anxiety? What’s worked for you? Have you tried any of these same things? What were your results? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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