Bill Grange | Branding Photo Session

If you haven't met Bill, you should. Everyone should be so lucky. 

I know when he reads this he will laugh at the top line and say, "no..." but it's really true! Bill is by far one of the nicest, most caring individuals I've ever met. So when I got the chance to work with him on his Branding Photography, I was super duper excited! Yes, super - duper. Only a select few people get the duper


I want you to know more about Bill, because he's worth getting to know. He deserves the spotlight for a moment for all of the wonderful ways he gives back to others. 

First of all, let me tell you a little story. When I first let Bill know that I was starting my own business he was thrilled! He was so excited for me and gave me tons of encouragement, and then he paused, said he'd be right back and left the room.

To be honest, I knew he was grabbing a gift of some sort, because he's such a giver, but I didn't realize the impact this gift would have on my life or career. 

He came quickly back into the office and handed me a book, The Go Giver.

This is Bill. This book, this gesture, this encouragement and this teacher... this is Bill. He changed my life that day. I went home, read the book in a matter of days (which for me means it's a very quick read) and felt changed. I knew how I wanted to run my business, I knew what kind of a business owner I wanted to be and I knew that to be successful (the way I view success) it meant being a giver.

I will save the topic of my thoughts on The Go Giver for another time, but if you haven't read it - do! It's a life changer. 

This is how Bill runs his business. He's a Real Estate Broker, change that, he's a Real Estate Mentor. He helps mentor Buyers, Sellers, New Home owners, other Brokers, and even business owners like me. 

Bill Grange - Brightly & Co Branding Photography
Bill Grange Branding Photos with Brightly & Co Photography
Bill Grange - Brightly & Co Branding Photography

He told me that it took him a long time to call himself a Real Estate Agent, because he had always had images of a sleazy used car salesman in the back of his mind...and he didn't want to be that.

So what did he do?

He decided to change the status quo. He called himself a Real Estate Agent and started to help change the way people saw that word. He wanted to give a different experience, a better experience! When you work with Bill he wants to make sure you understand what you're getting into (he's a teacher), that you feel valued and taken care of along the way (he's an encourager), and that the process of working with him is pleasant and relaxed (he's easy-going and personable).

Bill Grange Branding Photos with Brightly & Co Photography
Bill Grange Branding Photos - Brightly & Co
Bill Grange - Brightly & Co Branding Photography
Bill Grange Branding Photos with Brightly & Co Photography

When you hire Bill, you're gaining a new friend.

I would say that's pretty awesome and definitely makes him stand apart. 

Bill Grange Branding Photos with Brightly & Co Photography
Bill Grange - Windermere Real Estate - Brightly & Co Branding Photography

This is Bill's Branding...

These are the intangibles that I try to capture in photo. I don't believe in being over the top obvious, but when you see his photos, you should feel a sense of friendship, encouragement, giving back, easy going, & mentorship. 

I'm proud to be a friend of Bill's! And I'm so beyond excited to show off these photos.

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