The Entrepreneur Gal's Guide to Black Friday Deals - 2018

Usually on Black Friday, we think about getting great deals on Holiday gifts, especially electronics and bigger items right?? Well, something I notice a lot of entrepreneurs miss is their own Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals.

Don’t miss out! These things help you run your business (and life) well, and if you don’t already have them, then now’s the time time get ‘em.



I’ve done the research and compiled this list for you, so you don’t have to go digging around for these deals.

First of all, everything listed below are things to help improve your business and your life.

Second of all, everything listed below has some special offer with it.

Third of all, I’m a proud affiliate of many of these brands, which means when you buy from the link I provide you’re also helping me out! (So thank you in advance! This is an awesome way to show me appreciation).  

Fourth of all, these are people I personally know, have worked with and/or software/products I have used and loved.

Take advantage of these deals - save yourself some money and get your business (and life) what it needs for a lot less.

Here’s what I recommend… save this page (mark it as a favorite in your browser, star it or add this article to a collection you can quickly reference on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday AND Cyber Monday), that way you can easily pull this article right back up, snag your business deals and then go enjoy the rest of your day!

Okay, ready? Here you go!

The Legal Stuff:

Paige Hulse - Legal Contracts (The Creative Law Shop)

Paige is my go-to lawyer and friend. She has a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares via her newsletter (instead of a blog post - it’s worth subscribing, trust me), and on top of that she’s one of the kindest human beings I have ever met.

In her shop you will find a contract for just about everything.

Visit her shop: The Creative Law Shop to snag 30% off your order (November 20th - 27th) + get an additional 10% off when you use my personal code: BRIGHTLY10

Who this is for:

Any creative who owns their own business or is starting a business. Seriously. There’s not one person who doesn’t need these things to protect them, protect their businesses and run their businesses legally. That’s also why this is the number one promotion on this list. It’s that important.

What makes this sale great:

Not only the fact that protecting your business is one of the most important things you can do, but also because legal contracts can be very expensive. Whenever you get the opportunity to purchase a good, solid, legal contract from a trusted resource on sale… do it.

use code BRIGHTLY10

for an additional 10% off

The Design Stuff:

Nicholette Styles - Canva Template Shop

Nicholette is an incredible Canva Expert and Designer. Her life’s mission is to help you grow your business without having to put a ton of extra effort in. She helps you create professional, on-brand graphics in minutes (not hours, days or never-at-all!) She has templates for E-Books, Worksheets, Social Media and more…

Nicholette also happens to be one of the sweetest people on the planet with a heart for helping you streamline your business in an incredibly beautiful way.

The use of templates has seriously saved me SO MUCH TIME. But I used to have to go in and create all the templates myself, well Nicholette took that extra work out for you. And BONUS when you use Canva for your graphics creation, you can access it anywhere you have internet (they even have an app).

If you struggle with graphics, take the the struggle out of your stress and go buy her templates. They are beautiful and she’ll help teach you how to make them on brand as well. Basically, Nicholette helps you click the “that was easy” button.

Take advantage quickly, here’s her discount set-up. (Obviously you’ll want to buy ASAP). Click here to go buy now, remember to use this link.


Friday, November 23 = 50% off shop with code YAY50

Saturday, November 24 = 40% off shop with code  YAY40

Sunday, November 25 = 30% off shop with code YAY30

Monday, November 26 = 20% off shop with code YAY20


Who this is for:

Any creative who struggles or spends hours creating graphics. Stop wasting your time and consider this an automation of sorts for your graphics creation process.

What makes this sale great:

I am a HUGE fan of this woman and this offering because she’s not just providing with you beautiful, easy to use templates… she’s providing you with consistent branding. If you know me or have worked with me you know that I believe in branding, but that branding isn’t doing you any favors if you’re not consistent with it. She helps walk you through the branding templates so that your design templates are consistent with your brand, every, time. That’s what makes this deal so extra special.

The systems/processes stuff:

Dubsado - Client Management System

This is the client management system I use, and I LOVE it. I can set-up automated workflows, contracts, email templates, quickly see my revenue for the year, get e-signatures, easily see which client projects are still open or pending, and/or which still need to be paid, all in ONE spot. PLUS - they just added this feature today (11/20) - a brand new scheduler!

This is truly a bonus, because it allows you to eliminate an outside scheduler you may currently be using (think Acuity or Calendly). Because of this new bonus though, they are raising their price on Tuesday, November 27th to $35/month (which frankly, is still a REALLY good price for all of this).

Thank you Dubsado. Seriously. One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was being an early adopter of this program, and now they grow more and more every year with even more new updates every month!

Click here to get Dubsado for your business, and use the code: brightly&co to get 20% off your first payment + a free trial (no time limit! Use Dubsado for your first 3 clients or leads).

Who this is for:

Anyone who’s a service provider. This really is a lifesaver for keeping your client’s organized and your business overview top of mind (all in one place).

What makes this sale great:

Dubsado recently raised their prices because they offer so much within this mighty program, that whenever you get the chance to jump in for a little less - you take it! Because you’re getting so much, it’s a total steal.

and don’t forget to use the code: brightly&co for 20% off!

The Marketing Stuff:

ConvertKit - Newsletter Email Platform (+ landing pages)...

ConvertKit is my favorite Newsletter platform and for Cyber Monday, they’re offering an extra special deal geared toward beginners just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

The Creator Starter Kit.  - for only $289

This kit includes:

  • 12 months of ConvertKit for up to 1000 subscribers ($348 value)

  • Creator Pass Pro - a suite of education and resources for creators ($299 value)

  • 90 day trial of the Teachable course platform

  • Six plug-and-play visual automation templates that can be copied directly into a ConvertKit account

  • Ebook of Authority: A step-by-step guide to self publishing written by Nathan Barry, CEO and Founder of ConvertKit

  • I Am A Blogger coffee table book (a physical copy) - link to book

ConvertKit’s Cyber Monday promotion will run Monday, November 26th 12:01am - 11:59pm EST. Click here to buy and learn more. (This link won’t be LIVE until Nov. 26th).

Who is this for:

Those just beginning on their entrepreneurial journey. Save money on one of the best newsletter platforms that will grow with your business and get access to free learning and free trials as well!

What makes this sale great:

I would buy this kit just for the fact that you save $59 on ConvertKit in your first year. #worthit just for that. But the education piece of Creator Pass Pro is also a great deal.

this link won’t be active until November 26th

SmarterQueue - Social Media Management

SmarterQueue is one of the most cost effective programs on the market today for social media scheduling, and now they are even a partner with Pinterest! (Which would also help you eliminate Tailwind from your monthly line-up).

This is one of the most cost effective programs out there that automates posts to your Facebook group. I’m a big fan of how much I can customize and I actually switched to this program from MeetEdgar (which I used for a year prior).

SmarterQueue is announcing their Black Friday sale on the day, but here’s what you get special from me - a 30 day free trial instead of 14! This way you can give yourself the time it truly takes to see if a program is right for you or not. ;)

Who this is for:

Anyone with a Facebook group.

What makes this sale great:

Extended time to trial their program. The Black Friday deal however is yet unknown.

The Goal Achieving Stuff:

Cultivate What Matters

My absolute favorite goal setting tool ever…is on sale! This never to rarely ever happens. I use Powersheets every year in my business, and each year I keep using them better and better (more wisely). Goal setting takes practice, but Powersheets are truly powerFULL.

Here’s the scoop, many items in this store are 50% off! (AWESOME!) So go snag yours before they’re gone. Sale runs through November 26th. No code needed.

Cultivate What Matters.jpg

Who this is for:

Any ladies who LOVE putting pen to paper to get out their ideas, dreams, goals, thoughts, etc…

What makes this sale great:

Sales are hard to come by at Cultivate What Matters, so this is a big deal - especially for Powersheets (they never go on sale) but they will be on sale if you buy them in a bundle/gift pack. (#worthit, trust me).

The Self-Care Stuff:


I’ve been learning a ton about this brand recently, because I… (like so many others) knew NOTHING about the harmful chemicals that are hidden in makeup. They say ignorance is bliss, but I feel as though the scales have fallen off my eyes and I can finally see properly now.

With that said, I’m now obsessed and BeautyCounter happens to be having a kick-butt sale too (on now). So here are a few of my favorites, because you need a little something for yourself too. <wink>

15% sitewide (no promo code required) + Free shipping on orders $50+










  1. Cleansing Balm (my favorite makeup remover EVER! It comes with 2 purely cotton cloths which makes it so great to also exfoliate your skin naturally - this is my ultimate-all-the-time-go-to.)

  2. Necessary Neutral Eye Palette (need I say more? These colors are so pretty! But still a nice natural look)

  3. Glow and Go mini oils (so often we put too much moisturizer on our faces, but not with these beauties. They’re all good for all different times, but the brightening oil is my favorite.)

  4. Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage (best moisture and color blend I’ve had for my face + SPF!)

Obviously, there’s a whole lot more. But these are a few of my favorite things! (See what I did there? Behind this computer screen I was singing it too… haha!)

Here’s the bonus news: you can shop with ME for these items! I just recently joined BeautyCounter (because, smart business decision), and shopping with people happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. <wink>

Here’s the flip side of this goodness, if you want a little extra income (or a lot depending on how you want to run things in your business) you can join BeautyCounter with me!

Jessica Snow (Snow Beauty Co - Launch Day!)

This girl is a sweet friend of mine and she’s LAUNCHING her new safe beauty business on Black Friday…and I’m a proud supporter of her. (Not an affiliate, just a major cheerleader). I recommend getting yourself a bottle of argan oil, I’ve been using this on my skin lately and it’s the best oil I’ve EVER used, I’ll never go back.

Secondly, if you’re a lipstick girl - her reds are outta this world pretty.

Again, all of her products are clean beauty (meaning none of the bad stuff is included).

Who this is for:

All the single ladies! Just kidding, it’s any amazing lady. Support this amazing small business on Small Business Saturday.

What makes this sale great:

I am one of the chosen few to be able to offer you $5 off during Snow Beauty Co’s grand opening. So there you go. Get the deal before it’s gone. ;)

Use the code: SNOWGOOD for $5 off during her grand opening! (Discount expires 12/31/18).

Thrive Market

This is my favorite way to buy healthy pantry items. Again, I didn’t realize the kind of crap I was eating, but ever since making this switch to healthier products, I’ve felt a HUGE difference in my health.

My favorite part about Thrive is that the items are delivered to my door… but I should say my favorite part is that when you join their membership they also provide a membership to low income households. (Okay, truthfully I’m all in on this aspect of their company. I’ve been in this spot, and I appreciate their mission to help).


Who this is for:

Anyone. But it’s especially great for those who work from home and love the convenience of great products, delivered.

What makes this sale great:

I can offer you 25% any time, but Thrive will be having some great Black Friday deals to help you stock your pantry (these deals aren’t their norm and these products can get spendy quick, so this is a great opportunity to stock up!)

You’ve officially made it to the end of the list! Whew! I hope this helps you work smarter in your business (not harder) and to enjoy it a little more too (lipstick for the win, right?!).

P.S. If I find any other deals that pop up this week, I’ll add them to the list too. But, again, I will only be showcasing people, programs and products I’ve personally used or know.

(Please do not contact me if you have a product you’d like me to showcase, I will not promote it if I haven’t used or don’t have a personal relationship with you.)