Carisa is one of those people you gravitate towards. She has a special light about her that people are drawn to, so when she made the decision to pursue a career in Real Estate it seemed like a perfect fit. One of the concerns she immediately brought up to me was how she was going to stand apart...there are so many Real Estate Agents in the world, in this city alone, how was she going to stand out? The answer was simple; by being herself.  It's the same answer for anyone pursuing a career as an independent entrepreneur, and for Carisa in particular, she is what makes her brand special.

The heart/root of her brand is that she cares about people and sincerely wants to help them. It's not about the bottom line. That's not to say that money doesn't matter, but the goal is to help people not to make money. That's special. That's stand-out. That's Carisa Gottuso. 

So, when we got together to discuss branding, I was MORE than excited for this opportunity. 

Without further ado, allow me to invite you into the branding process for Carisa.

Carisa has been working in Real Estate for over 8 years as an administrator, assistant, marketer and now agent. She's an amazingly talented business woman, with fantastic common sense and an eye for design. She also happens to be bilingual, you know, no big deal...wait what?! Yep,  she speaks both Spanish and English. English may be her first language, but she actually thinks in Spanish, see what I mean by talented?

Her passion is to help take the complication out of Real Estate and make her clients feel taken care of and looked after. She's one of the most encouraging people you'll ever meet. She truly see's the best in people and that's what makes her so amazing to work with. 

STEP 1 : Inspiration

It was really fun working with Carisa on her inspiration board. She is a free spirit that is pulled in so many different directions that she was really worried we wouldn't be able to come up with anything cohesive. The funny part was how many similar images she chose! 

We settled on using a striking and dramatic color palette. A deep red with stark black and white as her main color scheme joined by a slate grey and rich turquoise as her accent colors. 

When it all comes together, it screams Carisa. Her Spanish influence is clearly seen here, with her love for dance, and the contrasting lines of a city mixing old with new. If you follow her Instagram feed @CarisaGottuso you will see a lot of images related to city lines and architecture.


STEP 2 : Logo Design

Carisa began by telling me, "I don't want anything script-y," but the truth is I saw so much movement in her inspiration board that I knew I had to give her something "script-like" without feeling like script. Plus I tried some really straight designs to see what she would like best.


Each design offered her elements she was looking for:  movement, striking lines, a classic & modern feel. But her eye immediately gravitated toward the only script-like logo... not a classic script, but definitely a fluid handwriting feel. 

It was so fun to see her face light up and, without question, point at the second one and say, "I really like that one." 

We let it marinate for a moment and talked pros & cons, but ultimately...we made no changes and went with the original choice. 

From there we created some great options for her to use in marketing materials. Since she works with a Real Estate Brokerage - Windermere Stellar - we needed to make sure there was a square option she could apply to provided Windermere Stellar branded templates. We also wanted to make sure to give her color options depending on the property photo and/or the mood of the day! haha! You never know right?


STEP 3 : Branding Photography

After we established Carisa's brand design. We scheduled her branding photo session. It's incredibly important to be intentional with your branding photography and to, first and foremost, show off your personality. We wanted to have an urban city feel, but keep the images soft, playful and approachable. We gave her several options to choose from:  close in headshots, full body and some landscape for promotional materials and website backgrounds.

** STORY TIME : Here's an extra special moment that happened during the photo session. We walked up this bridge to get a cityscape background, and ended up catching the USPS parking yard. So you'll see in picture 3 a bunch of USPS trucks behind Carisa, and that's absolutely PERFECT for her brand. Since she loves sending snail mail, this image couldn't be more special! I'd love to say we totally planned that, but we totally didn' was completely serendipitous!


STEP 4 : Business Essentials

Like I just mentioned, one of the biggest aspects of Carisa's business is that she is consistently writing personal notes to her friends, colleagues and clients. She is so thoughtful to take the time to write to each and every person, so we decided her first business essentials needed to be greeting cards with return address labels and her second business essential would be marketing cards. 

STEP 5 : Social Media

Being that marketing is such a huge part of Real Estate, we added on the social media package for Carisa and included a Mailchimp Header, Facebook Header and email signature. 


I am pleased as punch at how this branding design came together! Carisa is beautifully represented here and I hope you are so lucky to work with her. She's a gem to work with, a great friend and a savvy business woman. You go girl!


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