Brand Design for Muffie Scanlan

Muffie has been in the Real Estate biz for 17 years.

That's what I call a good amount of time. 

She truly knows how to navigate the tricky real estate world, and it's fun because she takes a different approach to it. When she meets with a client, she wants to truly get to know them because she doesn't look at Real Estate as though you're just buying a house. She believes you are buying into a lifestyle, a community or in other words - the best neighborhood for you.

At our initial brand meeting we were discussing her goals and how she runs her business. She knew she needed a brand refresh, but there were certain elements of her current brand that she really loved. She knew the current branding she had in place didn't quite match the caliber of her business and it was time for an update.



So first things first, I created an inspiration board to make sure we were on the same page esthetically. 

I wanted to stay true to who Muffie is personally, because that's a HUGE part of her business. She's lively, fun, honest, full of character and loves to enjoy the finer things in life. 

She pairs her knowledge of Real Estate with her degree in interior design. Which means she brings a creative touch to the home buying experience, and that's a huge plus! She has a knack for seeing the details and helps explain them to her clients.

So then it came down to choosing a new logo. Like I mentioned above, there were some aspects of her branding that she wanted to keep, for instance the fleur de lis you see above is something Muffie has used in her branding for a long time, and the main teal color was also essential as it combines well with her brokerage, Windermere Stellar. 



So I based her newly updated logo concepts after that. 

Brightly & Co Brand Logo Designs

After choosing her favorite main logo concept, we refined it down further and worked on her tagline. 

The tagline was incredibly important to Muffie as she focuses on finding her clients their best neighborhood, and not just a pretty house. 

I love this view point by the way, it's about the whole package, the whole person and not just the roof over your head. What a beautiful concept. So much sincerity and care is in that statement. The whole idea that Real Estate Brokers are just out to make a buck is thrown out the window with the philosophy. Way to go Muffie!




Muffie Scanlan Main Logo Design created by Brightly and Co.

After refining her logo design, I created secondary logos that she could use depending on size and placement of her marketing materials.



Muffie Scanlan Logo created by Brightly and Co.
Muffie Scanlan logo created by Brightly and Co.
Muffie Scanlan Brand Design by Brightly and Co

I believe the most crucial part to pulling a whole brand together are the photos you take. Branding Photos are one of my favorite parts of pulling a whole brand together. (Being a photographer first, I suppose that just makes sense). Photos bring the entire visual identity together, and these beautiful photo matched Muffie's brand perfectly!



Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.
Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.
Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.
Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.
Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.
Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.
Muffie Scanlan Branding Photos by Brightly & Co.

I think Muffie is a beautiful woman, and her photo session was so much fun! We really lucked out on weather (it was POURING not one hour before we started our photo session), plus we utilized some stunning locations. 


BRAND BOARD | Pulling it all together.

This is one of my favorite parts. I LOVE pulling everything together and showcasing the entire brand design as a cohesive unit. 

This is one of my favorite Brand Boards to date. The soft but rich tones and overall feel make me instantly happy. 

Brand Board for Muffie Scanlan, created by Brightly & Co.



Last, but certainly not least, we created her Business Essentials / Marketing Materials to actually advertise her newly redesigned brand.

First we started with creating postcard templates that she could upload on her own for any occasion. I created the postcards to have a writeable area on the back where she could customize her greeting and then upload it through her favorite print company. This gave her flexibility on choosing when to send these out, who she wanted them to go to, and what the back greeting should say in response. 

Muffie Scanlan Business Essentials created by Brightly and Co.

Next, I created some Rack Cards that I printed through for Muffie to include in her introductory/welcome packets for clients or to set out on display for people to take one with them. 

I love how these turned out, I would totally pick one up! Yes, I'm biased...but I still would. :)

Muffie Scanlan Business Essentials created by Brightly & Co.

Last, but not least, I created her Brand Style Guide workbook. This workbook contains all of the specifics on her brand design details. It's important to know how to use all of these design materials in a way that stays true to your brand.

Muffie Scanlan Brand Style Guide workbook created by Brightly and Co.

It is such a joy to create (or in this case revamp) a brand design for a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, (whatever you wish to call yourself-preneur), because I truly love helping passionate people achieve more. I love to see that little light in someone's eyes when they see their brand match their passion and they can feel their business growing stronger. 

Muffie Scanlan's brand is not only beautiful, but she herself was a joy to work with. She's got this Real Estate stuff down, and now her branding represents the service she provides. I highly encourage you learn more about her by clicking here.

Thank you so much for reading and I would LOVE to know: Which part of the design process is your favorite? What is your favorite aspect of Muffie Scanlan's new brand?