Let's Talk About Branding Photography

No, I did not come up with the concept of branding photography, but I am throwing in a little twist to what Branding Photography means.

Tell me, when you hear the words Branding Photography, do you immediately think of inanimate objects? Store fronts? Products for sale? Usually, when people say they do branding photography, this is what they're talking about. But, I believe it is so. much. more.

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Branding is so much more than a product or a logo. (Click here to learn more about this thing called "Branding"). I believe that branding is about conveying a feeling, telling your company story and giving people a visual representation of what to expect from you. Key word here? YOU! That's right. Why, oh why, do we take the human element out of branding photography? That, to me, is just absurd! And that's my twist. I believe Branding Photography can be both for products AND people. In fact, I believe it SHOULD be about people. 

I'm so tired of the stuffy headshots that show no personality (click here to read about why I hate traditional headshots). This, my friends, is your brand. So you need to ask yourself - am I stuffy? Do I have no personality? If you answered "no" to these two questions then I ask you in return, why is that your headshot?? YOU are your brand. It's time to start highlighting you, your team, your company and your products. 

I'll be honest, if all you want is a quick headshot and nothing else, I'm not the photographer for you. I want to help show you off and give you way more than the status quo.

This is what I believe Branding Photography to truly be. If you do not sell a product, but instead a service - then guess what - Branding Photography means just as much for you as it does the store down the road. Pretty cool thought, right?? 

For example, this is a real estate agent. Her name is Carisa and she's awesome.

Would you guess she is a Real Estate Agent? If you answered no, that's ok! Better question, would you want to work with her? You may not know what she does, but would you want to work with her anyway? That's the key. Her personality is a happy go-getter that loves helping others and making an impact in her community. She's bi-lingual (English & Spanish) and she wanted to show that she can be out in the community - because - that's her job!

This, is branding photography.  

And so is this:

This is Bradley Wik and the Charlatans a band with a Classic Blue-Collar Rock 'N Roll sound (think somewhere Bruce Springsteen and the Replacements). (psst... new album coming out soon too, so, that's awesome)

Here's another example:

This is the Children's Garden, here in Portland Oregon. A wonderful school dedicated to the early development of children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. 


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