Brightly Business Spotlight: Nick Bowersox - IT Help Desk

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For today’s interview, I’d like to introduce you to IT Smarty Pants, Nick Bowersox. He’s basically been a techy since he was born. Brought up in the world of technology he also possesses the gift of creative problem solving, which is a HUGE asset. One of the best things about Nick is his easy-going nature. He’s currently in college and could have his pick of where to go and what to do.


For this interview I wanted to ask Nick some specific questions on tech. How to backup files, what’s his process for creative problem solving, what are the most common questions he gets as an IT Contact, etc…


Is there an entrepreneur, scratch that, is there any person out there who doesn’t know the pain of tech? I don’t think so.


We’ve all experienced the tech issues. The swirling pinwheel or blue screen of death (okay, maybe that’s just what I call it). The moment where you lose all of your photos and you sit there staring at the screen in unbelief. That time where you were writing a long blog post, newsletter or outline and it all disappears.


Let’s hop into the interview. Watch below and then keep scrolling for recommended resources.


Tech resources referenced in this video:

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Backing up your computer - Resource:


Protect your computer:

  • Mac/Apple - use the App store, these apps have all been pre-tested.
    • Keep your computer updated.
  • Be careful what you download


Clean up your computer: