Brightly Business Spotlight with Life Coach Shelle Winkler

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life

Brightly Business Spotlight with Shelle Winkler, Intentions of Joy Life Coaching


I sat down to interview Shelle Winkler (Intentions of Joy Life Coaching) for this weeks’ Brightly Business Spotlight. We talked about all things Life Coaching and I think one of my biggest takeaways was Shelle discussing the power our minds have over us.


“The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.” - Shelle Winkler

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Shelle talks about how your brain is like a ticker tape and thousands of thoughts run through your head throughout the day. Would you believe over 60,000 of them are negative?! That was an incredible stat she shared in this video.

The question is, how aware are we of our thoughts? Sometimes we have so many old recordings repeating in our head that we don’t even know what’s true anymore.


Shelle discusses the power we have to direct our own thoughts...why would we want to think negative thoughts all day long? This is Shelle’s passion. She helps you direct your thoughts and change your life. She will be the first to admit she’s not a miracle worker, but she helps you process and move forward. Ultimately the power is in your hands!

I loved this interview and I hope you enjoy getting to know Shelle better and learn more about what life coaching is.

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"Life coaching is not therapy...coaching takes this day forward and designs a life you love." - Shelle Winkler


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