Brightly Immersive Recap - Disneyland Retreat 2018

As we pulled into the driveway of our Anaheim, classic ranch style home with the cutest bright peach colored door... I felt a sense of belonging.

Have you ever felt that? That sense that THIS is exactly where you’re meant to be, and this is EXACTLY what you’re meant to be doing.

I won’t lie the feeling was a little overwhelming… I may have teared up (but then again, I am a crier, I mean those precious Google commercials ± where the Dad write emails to his daughter since the day she was born — just kill me). 

I walked in and the house was just what I was hoping for. It was darling. Perfect for our retreat weekend with adorable decor, an awesome layout, a sparkling pool, a fully equipped kitchen, and great lighting for our branding photos and photography workshop. 



There’s a gratitude in that moment that’s hard to express.

I wanted to give the women who had said YES to this adventure the world! My goal was to make them feel so pampered they didn’t mind all the hard work we were about to put in. 😉

Last year I really struggled to explain what this retreat (and Mastermind) is all about. But after this retreat I feel I have better words to explain it to you. 

You see, this Mastermind is intimate and close-knit.

We’re more like a sisterhood (not of the traveling pants) of the minds and hearts. We come together as a unit, uplifting, supporting, encouraging, challenging and motivating each other.

Some days/meetings will feel more like a therapy session. Other days/meetings will feel like we’re a brainstorming machine!

At the retreat we bypass all the trivial stuff and dive straight into the heart of the matter. 

This isn’t your average retreat/conference with powerpoint learning — no, instead we soul dive

My firm belief is that if you are looking for an outer transformation (in your business or life) it starts with an inner transformation first.

When I say we go to the heart of the matter — I mean it.

On the last day, which is usually the roll up your sleeves and get to work day, we sat around our normal “work” table — a modern white with a cute bench seat against the wall, turquoise pillows, two chairs flanking the end and then two more on the opposite side.

The sun streamed through the wall of windows leading to the pool, the birds chirped like crazy through the open screen door (they LOVE to talk in the mornings), and the house was already heating up. 

We were still in our PJs, no makeup, and sipping our coffee/tea after breakfast.

As we sat down I asked one question to each of the women who sat around me... “How are you?”

Yesterday we had run all over Disneyland and our feet were still tired, our eyelids were a little droopier — because sleeping in a new place is still hard even if you’ve been there a couple nights already — and as I asked the question, each woman, one by one, broke down into tears sharing heavy burdens they had been carrying around in their hearts. 

It was a beautiful release.

My heart melted. 

I had a curriculum planned for the day, but it was clear that this release was what needed to happen, so we let it happen. 

Now I realize you might be thinking… Brianne — why would I ever want to go to a retreat where we just cry the whole time?

Haha! I don’t blame you if that question was running through your head. 

But here’s my answer for you. 

Tears are truth. 

We spend our whole lives avoiding truth, not wanting to face it, hiding from it and ignoring it. But there are hurts and passions and burdens and desires sitting on your heart right now that need to be set free! Often, with this freedom, come tears. 

But here’s the good news, if everyone has tears — you won’t feel alone or out of place. 😉

Now I digress… the point of my Brightly Immersive Retreats is to help you uncover your truth, face your fears, and silence your made up stories.  

This is the transformation from within. 

Two months ago I watched the women in attendance do just that. Hard truths were spoken, old stories were silenced, fears were released and replaced with newfound bravery and hope. 

There might not have been a dry eye in the house at some points, but there were such beautiful transformations to witness, to hold space for, and to experience.

These women are incredible powerhouses of strength, perseverance, creativity, and gumption. They are capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for and it was such a beautiful retreat. 

Now, in my opinion a retreat is never complete without the FUN! So for this one, we headed to Disneyland. <cue the confetti!>


The reason I take us all to Disneyland is threefold:

  1. Because it’s a grand old time, and you will experience the fun and sometimes vulnerable moment of getting in touch with your inner child again.
    • This fuels your creativity, compassion with yourself, and overall sense of joy and wonderment.
  2. Because it’s one of the best brands to ever exist.
    • When I go to Disneyland (and I’ve been 100+ times), I see their processes and systems, I see the phenomenal brand experience, I witness the magic — but also dissect it from the inside out.
  3. It loosens you up after a long day of emotional digging.
    • On the rides you can scream out your emotions! Who doesn’t need that??

Disneyland is both our fun day, but also our strategic thinking day. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that I’m not going to be pointing out every way that Disney makes this one of the best experiences possible for you. ;)


You can enjoy it all, but also learn at the same time! (Plus, that gives us something to do while we wait in line). 

Whether or not you’re a Disney fan has barely any bearing on this day. The point is to experience a stellar brand from the inside out. 

This, of course, was the favorite day. (How could it not be? I mean, we’re hanging out at Disneyland!

The final day was more emotional releasing and then the super fun Brand Photo sessions.

This was one of my favorite days (I mean, I love them all), but Katie Grace flew down to be our guest speaker and brand photographer.


She taught how to take better images on your phone — how to frame your image, edit it (with apps), match it to your brand, etc. — and then she took branding photos with all the ladies and did individual workshops with them to teach them how to take better photos on their phone. 

Honestly, I can’t wait to show you these photos. (They’re SO good!)

I could tell the gals felt so special getting their photos taken specifically for their brand and I loved seeing it all start to “click” and come together. 

Most retreats/conferences/workshops just give you a couple headshots. Not at this retreat… you get a full on brand photo session. (AND IT WAS A BLAST!)

While one gal is getting her photos, the others are getting ready and I’m meeting one-on-one with each of them separately to talk about whatever they’d like. These one-on-ones also felt really special to me (definitely a favorite moment from the retreat). 

Overall the recap I have to offer is this…

I LOVE hosting these retreats. I love it so much I can’t even contain myself...and I can’t wait until the next one (which happens to be Magnolia Market, Waco TX — so stay tuned for that). 

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for reading all the way through!

I want to invite you now, if this is striking a chord with you, to get on the waitlist for 2019.

Spots will be opening up in November of this year and the waitlist gets first dibs to snag theirs + the inside scoop before anyone else on these retreats to plan ahead. 

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