Cherry Blossom Mini-Session with McKenna Olson

cherry blossom mini portrait session with Brightly & Co.

This was my first inaugural Cherry Blossom Mini Portrait Session!

If you’re bummed you missed out on having these dreamy blossoms surrounding your portrait, don’t worry I plan on hosting this annually for just that reason. ;) (Mark your calendars now for next April).


I personally LOVE the creamy, dreamy effect these sweet little flowers provide, and since they’re only here for a very short amount of time I want to make sure I take advantage and give others the opportunity to have their portrait taken with these dreamies.


If you’ve never heard of mini-sessions before...

they’re basically a very quick/condensed photo session (15-30 mins. total) and they're meant to provide you with a few new portraits to use for your business.

I only offer mini-sessions once a year for this very special occasion, because a cherry blossom tree is only in full bloom for a very short 2 weeks! That’s a seriously quick time frame! So if you’re anxious to get photos like these for next year, mark your calendar for early April, because more than likely that’s about the time I’ll be offering these again. ;)


Featured below is the beautiful McKenna Olson of McKenna Rachelle Photography.

McKenna hadn’t had her photos updated for a little while and was looking for some new portraits that really showcased her personality. Since we’re both photographers we mentioned how hard it can be to be in front of the camera, and McKenna admitted that she would get really nervous and realized it was hard to let her true personality shine...but after seeing these photos she was so thrilled that I was able to showcase her real personality! Even her husband was shocked.

I honestly can’t tell you how elated that makes me.

It’s my goal during every photo session to highlight the beautiful person before me and let their personality not only be seen, but be showcased.
— Brianne Dosier | Brightly & Co.


McKenna is a beautiful soul inside and out and a wonderful supportive and encouraging friend. I absolutely LOVE how these photos turned out… (all the heart emojis!)


McKenna Olson Cherry Blossom Mini-Session with Photographer Brianne of Brightly & Co.
Cherry Blossom Mini-Session with Photographer Brianne of Brightly & Co.
Cherry Blossom Mini-Session with Photographer Brianne of Brightly & Co.