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A few months ago work was REALLY feeling like a huge chore and I didn’t have much motivation to do anything… Sometimes I wonder, am I lazy?? Because all I want to do right now is binge watch ANYTHING on Netflix instead of the work I feel I HAVE to do right this minute.

I was getting super frustrated, at anything and everything, my poor kitty was just trying to play and I wouldn’t have any of it...

I was going down what I like to call a doubt spiral - where will I find new clients? How is this going to work? Am I doing everything wrong? Can I even do this?

Learn how to create an abundance Mindset - plus free download - Brightly & Co.


Realizing I was spiraling out of control, I took a break and walked over to my window to look out for a minute. I saw some of my neighbor kids playing in the yard - laughing, yelling, playing make believe and running around like their legs couldn’t stop.


That’s when a big fat realization hit me…


I wanted to run around and scream and play make-believe… but I feel like I “can’t”.




When did I push my inner child so far down, that I can barely hear her voice anymore?


Society tells us we have to grow up. We have to get real jobs and be really unhappy about paying our bills. We can’t act “kiddish” anymore… because it’s not what’s done. Make-believe is for those who don’t have fully developed brains yet.


Well, I’m calling an official BS on this. Especially in our businesses.


Have you noticed that we’ve all gotten so serious?


My doubt spiral showed me that I was focused on all of the wrong things, but they’re also the things I’m being told to focus on:

  • Getting more clients
  • Increasing your reach
  • Growing your business
  • Having a sales strategy
  • Etc…


But when do I feel my best? When do YOU feel your best?

When you’re having fun.


Just like those cute kiddos running around the yard.

They were throwing caution to the wind and having a blast doing it.


So - why don’t we do that more in OUR businesses?

This was my revelation: Our inner child creates our abundant mindset.


We can focus on all of those things I listed above, but we’ll get there a lot quicker if we’re having a good time while we do it. I mean right?


Imagine if you had fun with every task in your business?

Now, I realize not ALL tasks are fun...but what if you had so much fun in your business throughout the day, that those “other” tasks became no big deal??


I’ve been experimenting with this idea.

I’m calling it my “Chase the fun!” strategy. ;) I’ve decided that this year, I’m chasing the fun when it comes to my business (and life). I’ve been doing this for several months now and I’ve had some pretty incredible results.

  • My lack mentality instantly shifts to an abundance mentality when I “chase the fun”.
  • My energy increases tenfold when I “chase the fun”.
  • My creativity skyrockets when I “chase the fun”.
  • My doubt almost completely disappears when I “chase the fun”.
  • My anxiety decreases by at least HALF when I “chase the fun”.


Hopefully, that alone is enough to convince you that this idea WORKS.

In order to make this even more fun, I invite you to join me in this little experiment. I want to help you “chase the fun” just like I am, so I’ve made you a “chase the fun” BINGO game. Click the button below to download.


Here’s how it works:

Each day when you start to feel rundown, frazzled, listless, helpless, frustrated, anxious, doubtful, etc… pick a new activity from this BINGO board. Once you’ve filled in a whole row - celebrate! Pick some prizes to give yourself, like a massage, a shopping trip, dinner out, wine tasting, donate to a charity, etc…


I also highly recommend recording your progress in a journal.

This is just one more tool that will help you engage and acknowledge the positivity you are adding to life and it will help you see how you’re cultivating an unstoppable abundance mindset.


When you’ve filled your BINGO card, print off another one! I’ve got 2 cards for you to choose from in your free download - click here. (I'll try and make some more too as new ideas come to me).


One last thought you need to hear/read...

How are you making your business fun this year?

This BINGO card is a start to helping your daily life, but what about for the year? What can you add to your business that will increase your FUN factor x 10?

Each year, I take my Mastermind group to Disneyland. This is the perfect place for us to get in touch with our inner child, cultivate that beautiful abundance mindset and let our imaginations run wild. Whether you’re a Disney fan or not, (which I have had non-Disney fans attend in the past), you will get so much out of this trip. This is why I am passionate to take people here.

If you’re reading this right as I post it (February 2018), I still have a few spots left for my Disneyland retreat Mastermind. You can apply here - but don’t hesitate - because we begin next month. And let me help you stop your lack mindset right now if you think you can’t afford it… this is my most affordable year, next year the price is going up so this is definitely a steal of a deal that you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of (there’s always more money to be made...but once in a lifetime experiences are, well, once in a lifetime). <wink>


So tell me in the comments below.

How do you plan on making your business fun this year?