Does Branding actually make a difference in your business?

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Well you know how to get straight to the heart of a question now don’t you?

What if I answer your question with a question?

Or several? Haha!


Okay, so the question you’re asking me is, does Branding actually make a difference in business?


In short: yes. But how?


Let’s dive in.


Who do you look up to in business? Think about them, list them out…

Do they have clear branding?


Now, I can’t read your mind, but I would guess you said yes. 


Branding makes a HUGE difference, if you do it well. To use Branding well, you need to be consistent and intentional. These are the two key elements.


So how do you be consistent with your branding?


It can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like to make it.

But I like to narrow it down to 5 Brand Essentials (which you can read all about here).


#1 - Know your purpose. Why do you do what you do?

#2 - Know your customer. Who do you do it for?

#3 - What’s your character? What are your values?

#4 - What’s your brand’s look?

#5 - What’s your brand’s tone? How do you write, speak, interact in person?


Consistency becomes easy if you stay true to yourself and allow others to see you for you.

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When I first started in Brand Design, I didn’t actually know I was doing it. One of the first experiences I can remember was WAY back when, about 13 years ago and I was running for Student Body President in High School. I was the underdog. I was not popular, but I wasn’t a complete outcast, I was one of those somewhere-in-the-middle kids (where most of us were, unless you were blonde haired, blue eyed and a cheerleader...If this is you, I’m not docking ya! All I’m saying is, you were popular.) and some people knew who I was, but most didn’t.
My High School was fairly large with 900 kids in my graduating class alone, and I saw several of the popular girls running for ASB Pres. and I thought, why not me?

So I went for it.


But I had to stand out I said, I wasn’t popular, I didn’t have a whole lot of eyes on me or people who knew who I was. I was a drama and choir nerd, so people would recognize me from my musical performances, but how was I going to stand out beyond the popular girls?




Here’s how I did it. I decided back then, that I was going to go for the “nobody’s perfect” route. The reason I did this is because I was making my own campaign t-shirts and I ironed on my design backwards on every single t-shirt. That way when you looked in the mirror, you could read it. Haha! It was hilarious. So I decided to add “Nobody’s Perfect” backwards on every shirt.


I took that branding further, by embracing the fact that I was a little nerdy. That I loved musicals and choir and I was accepting of all of those kids who didn’t fit at the “popular” table.


But I didn’t stop there, my shirts were bright pink. I made sure that whenever I talked with people I showed my quirky side and I was nice and kind. I labeled myself the underdog, which I was, but that’s all a part of branding.


My branding was simple. It was me. Imperfect, quirky, the color pink loving me. I wasn’t worried about cool, I wanted to show people you could be you and include them.

And it worked.


Branding is powerful and it can show up in your life in ways you never thought about, like running for student body president. :)

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I was consistent in my messaging and my intentions were clear. I wasn’t popular, but with the help of consistent and intentional branding I achieved a goal that made my Senior year my favorite school year ever.

Imagine what good branding could do for your business!


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Comment below and let me know about a time you were branding yourself and didn't even know it. :)