It's time to end your struggle with selling...and start making that money!

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You are brave.

Even when you don’t feel like it.

(There’s more courage in your little finger, than most people have in their entire being.) 


How do I know this?

Because you either own your own business or you are hoping to go full-time with your business. This alone means you are a force to be reckoned with.


So let me ask you this, are you afraid to sell your services? (products are included in your services). Have you been afraid to put yourself out there? To go for the ask? Maybe even to put a pricetag on what you’re offering?


Yes, the dreaded question - WHY...

But, really, why?


Are you afraid of being embarrassed, feeling ashamed, annoying others, burdening others, or even feeling as though you don’t deserve it somehow?


So what? What happens if you get embarrassed, feel ashamed, annoy someone, burden someone or even get paid when you feel you don’t deserve it? What happens to you?

Yes, you will feel uncomfortable.

But what else?


If you’re like me, your brain might take you down the rabbit hole that somehow you’ll end up losing your business, losing everything and LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

living in a van down by the river.gif



But where will you be if you don’t sell anything?

--- as painful as that is, let it linger…


Fear pushes money away.

When you’re afraid to sell anything, but you’re not making money - than you’re in a catch 22. You’re in “survival” mode. When we’re in survival mode, we’re desperate...

Here’s an amazing quote I want to share with you.

“When we come from desperation our minds are not clear and we make impulsive emotional choices versus clear, committed and deliberate action.” - Mel H. Abraham


Imagine what it would feel like if you had exactly what you needed (and then some). How would you feel? What decisions would you make?

Let the peace of that feeling wash over you. It’s easy to cloud your mind with but, But, BUT… instead stay in that zone of envisioning that you already have the money you need.

  • Does your head feel clearer?
  • Do you even perhaps have some new inspiration that just came to you?

It’s a much more exciting, relaxing and inspirational space to be in. This is the zone where you thrive. 


When you thrive, the world around you thrives and the actions you take make a bigger impact.


So let’s talk about giving away FREE stuff…

(that’s the easy part right??)

I know that you have an amazing heart. You LOVE to give and you hate to take. Creating free content is your wheelhouse - you’ve got that part down. Easy peasy.



Are you only giving away FREE stuff because you’re afraid you’re not good enough if you don’t?

Or you’re not good enough to receive money for what you create?

Or simply because giving away free stuff feels so much better than taking money from someone?


These are incredibly important questions to ask yourself.


But here’s the good news, if you struggle with selling all you need is a mindset transformation.

And, YES, it is possible... I want to help you get there!


So here’s the deal, you can transform your mindset around selling if you...

Decide on yourself.


You are amazing. The knowledge, talent and skills you have are incredible. You have the ability to transform people’s lives because of what you provide, teach, create, etc…

Yes, you may be dealing with imposter syndrome, but here’s the deal. There’s no need to compare yourself to others, because someone out there will only understand what YOU have to give. It’s a thing, I promise, I’ve not only seen it, but I’ve also experienced it.

Think about it this way, depending on where you live there could be hundreds of doctors in your area. You go to one of them, and even still when you call to make an appointment it has to be ahead of time, because they’re too busy

Let’s pause there.


There are HUNDREDS of doctors (all doing the same thing) and even still when you call to make an appointment, you have to call ahead because they’re too busy.

This is such a prime example of the need there is for more than one person to be offering something.

I mean, makes sense right? And yes, this applies to you too.


So imposter syndrome aside, there’s another trick for the amazing giver in you.


Would you like to know the key to really excellent, over the top, valuable giving??

The key to giving is … being open to receiving.


In order to give well, you must be able to receive well in return.

“The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. Love, friendship, and financial success are all yours, once you are truly open to receiving that which you’ve earned.” - The Go Giver (my favorite business book ever).


Here’s something you can start doing right away.

Add this to your daily mantras:

“How open am I to receiving clients/orders/money today?”


But really... how open are you?

You can check-in with yourself right now.

  • Are you anxious and closed off?
  • Feeling stressed and unavailable?
  • So tired with no energy for others?

Take care of you first. Take a breather, relax, get some sleep and give rest to your brain and general psyche...then come back to work and ask yourself each day. How open am I to receiving clients today? 


Here’s even one more way to look at this…

Putting a pricetag on your gift, talent, knowledge, skill, etc… is actually being of service to the receiver on the other end.



Because psychology very particularly says that people (you included) place more value on what they pay for. Meaning, if they pay for your offering - they will get more out of it.


Money holds weight for everyone. And we ALL have our hangups around money.


I am only able to write this blog post for you right now, because I’ve been on my own money accepting journey.


I sat in your seat feeling guilty for taking someone’s money away from them. I felt ashamed that I wasn’t making what I needed to, but I also didn’t want to ask. I felt so insecure that people were taking in my FREE content regularly, but not being interested in paying me - it made me feel like no one valued what I had to offer.


But these things very simply put, aren’t true.

These are money blocks. Limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to receive.


This is what makes you afraid to sell your services...


My heart is right there with you and truly, I am still working through my own money blocks and issues.


But here’s the truth.

You don’t really have an issue with selling. You have an issue with money - in some way, shape or form. AND YOU’RE NOT ALONE!


I want to share with you the resources that I have found the most beneficial to working through and overcoming my money blocks and feeling the confidence to sell and accept money freely and willingly.