The Brave Fear Podcast: Fear of My Own Judgment (Episode 9)

In today’s solosode, I’m talking about the Fear of Judgment. (But I’ve got a little twist I’m adding into the mix…). Have you ever noticed yourself being really afraid of the judgment of others? Well listen to this episode and I’ll help you break down one of the reasons why and how that happens. Hint: It's got a lot to do with yourself.

Be ready to look inward for answers in this episode and be sure to leave a review and/or share it with others if it’s impacted you.

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A few quotables: (Download & Share)

  • “The things that I judge others for are the things I'm afraid to be judged on.” - Brianne Wik

  • “It's only in our judging of others that then we know how we could be judged.” - Brianne Wik

  • “We are one big beautiful mess.” - Brianne Wik

  • “We can love each other even in those judgmental moments, that what grace is about. Douse it in grace!” - Brianne Wik

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