Guess what's back?! THE BRAVE FEAR PODCAST!

The Brave Fear Podcast is back and better than ever….

if I do say so myself. ;)

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I’ve got some real treats to share with you with this new season and some awesome updates.

Listen in to hear about all the updates, but just a few include:

  • New Branding!

  • Weekly episodes! (out on Sunday’s - so you can prepare for your week or tune in to start the week bright and early on Monday!)

  • My hubby has joined the force as my new PODCAST PRODUCER and EDITOR!!! (Which means, everything will sound WAY better, he’ll be coordinating with guests, helping me write and record ads, plan and arrange each episode, make show notes and upload the episodes so YOU can enjoy them. ;) Pretty much he’s awesome… and he’s willing to take on one to two other clients right now. Feel free to reach out to him at:

  • Plus more!

One of the biggest decisions I made is to make this a seasonal podcast. Meaning, I will be taking off time in between podcast seasons to revamp, recoup and refresh the content so you’re always getting my best.

Take a listen to this very quick intro episode and subscribe so you can always be in the know of when a new episode is out.

I’m already so excited for you to hear these first few episodes I have coming up… I think you’re going to love it.