How to keep your business on track through the Holidays

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As of September 22nd, we are officially into the Autumn season. If you’re like me this probably snuck up on you… how can it be Fall already??

I feel like Summer just flew by...

If it’s officially Fall, that means we’re moving into the Holiday Season and this is the time that many service based businesses sloooow dooown….


Obviously, if you’re in retail December is one of your busiest months, but for a lot of businesses this is considered the slow season. If you’re in this boat - keep reading.

Here’s my advice to you for this Fall season -

don’t get lazy.


I want you to be the opposite, be the business that’s still going strong and has a game plan for the remainder of this year. We’re in the last quarter of 2016, and as Tim Gunn would say, make it work!

It’s so easy to want to curl up on our couches with a blanket watching Harry Potter movies (or maybe that’s just me). But in truth, this is the time to amp up our business and plan, plan, plan!

Think about it for a second, this is a time when most people slow down. We take more time off of work to be with family, there are quite a lot of holidays jam packed into this last quarter of the year and not to mention the cold air and the cloudy skies aren’t exactly invitations to get motivated and hit each day strong.


Don’t allow yourself to be blindsided by the new year. Prepare for it!



Here are my suggestions, plus a free worksheet to download at the end of this post:

1.) Plan out 2017. Go ahead, put it all out on paper. What do you want 2017 to look like? How much $$ do you want to make? What big projects do you want/wish to tackle?

  • I want you to write it out, then talk it out with someone who can give you some good perspective - a coach is great for this, and finally narrow it down. Ask yourself this, “what can I accomplish in the next 90 days?”


2.) Make a budget. If you’re like me, Christmas always sneaks up on you. All of a sudden it’s Christmastime and I spend obscene amounts of money because I LOVE gift giving and then all of a sudden I’m panicking because I spent too much. Haha!

  • Okay, hopefully you’re not that bad. But because I’ve made this mistake in the past I’m going to make a clear cut budget this year.
  • The key to making a budget, is it gives you a 30,000 foot view on what you can afford but also what you need to make for the remainder of this year and into the new one. This way you won’t feel blindsided and you’ll be at more peace, because you had the foresight to plan ahead.
  • I love this program - EveryDollar - give it a try.


3.) Be present and active. Don’t stop marketing yourself. Keep putting yourself and your business out there.

  • The truth is most people slow down during this time. It’s the Holiday season, that means family time, more home cooked meals, more days off from work and a generalized laziness, because all we want to do is curl up in our blankets watching Harry Potter, (okay that might just be me). But the point I want to make is this … If someone needs/wants something you offer, and you’re the one still marketing while everyone else is curled up in their blankets watching Harry Potter, who are they going to turn to? YOU!


Use this free download to help you plan out the next 90 days and future plan so you’re ready for the new year.

Remember, plans change, goals adjust and it’s okay if you can’t do everything! Get your ideas out of your head and onto some paper. Get your brain organized enough to be engaged during this final quarter of the year.


Here's a recording from a Facebook LIVE broadcast on this same topic. Click below to watch:


Allow yourself to dream big, but narrow it down into bite sized portions so you don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much.


If you’re feeling stuck, try these three methods to get out of your rut:

  1. Achieving your vision

  2. The secret to motivation

  3. 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Alive - even when you feel run down


The new year will be here sooner than you know it. Get ready!

What steps do you take to keep your business on track during this Fall quarter? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!