If you think all you need is a headshot, you’re thinking too small...

If you think all you need is a headshot, you’re thinking too small... Blog post by Brightly & Co.

Now, you may have already come across my post practically ranting about Why I Hate Traditional Headshots (click here to read it, it’s a good one), but I want to talk even more specifically today about how marketing requires a lot more from you than just a headshot now.


Here’s the deal, you might think all you need is a headshot, but that means you’re thinking too small. People want to work with and buy from those they know, like and trust...and a simple headshot, just simply doesn’t give the consumer enough information.


Is this you?

  • You might feel like you’re stuck on not knowing how to use photos in your marketing.
  • You may feel like you’re super awkward in photos and you don’t want others to see you be awkward.
  • You might struggle with what verbiage to say with a corresponding image and feel like you don’t have any stories to tell.
  • You may even question if it’s worth it, because no one’s looking at your stuff anyway.


I realize you might have thought one or all of these things, so I want to walk you through all of these topics. Feel free to skip around to the topic that best suits you.


We’ll call this blog post more of a choose your own adventure. ;)


But here’s the deal. Everything I just listed above is an excuse and it’s not true. You need more than just a headshot because that’s the main way people get to know you.

You get less than 6 seconds now to make an impression on a potential customer or client. Why would you only give people one chance at a good impression?  Let’s give people multiple chances to decide how they feel about us. I mean, that sounds way better doesn’t it?


- I don’t know how to use my photos in my marketing -

First of all, I can guarantee you that you already know how to use photos in your marketing… How? Because you do it constantly already. :)


Have you ever posted a photo of…

  • you &/or your family on vacation?
  • your kiddos hanging out?
  • your fur baby?
  • you out on a shopping trip?
  • an event you’re at?
  • a new haircut?


There’s a lot more I could post here, but this is the idea. Those photos you’re posting on your personal social media accounts are marketing you! Even if you don’t have a business. ;) They’re still marketing you. So of course, when you have a business, you need to mix in some professional photos, because it definitely helps you look more legit.


Here are some examples of how to use your photos in marketing. (This is also why it’s important to work with a branding photographer and someone who can help you think through these details and what kinds of photos to take).


  • Get pro photos of you and your significant other.

Show off your relationship and that you have a life outside of work. :)



  • Get pro photos of you and your team.

This provides you the perfect opportunity to promote and show off the amazing people you surround yourself with.



  • Use images of yourself for quotes, tips, how-to’s, announcements, sales, specials, etc...



  • Don’t be afraid to get a little silly, if you’re a silly person, take pro photos of what you do in everyday life. (Like me, Instagramming photos. Haha!)



  • Go on location to one of your favorite places and whether it’s you by yourself or your partner in business, show what you do for fun so you can bring others along...as if they’re joining you in that moment.



  • Use your images for headers, ads, graphics, blogs, sales page, etc...
About Page

About Page

Sales Page

Sales Page

Facebook Header

Facebook Header

Podcast Graphic

Podcast Graphic

Email Opt-in Form

Email Opt-in Form



quoting yourself

quoting yourself



- I feel super awkward and I don’t like myself in photos -

So many of us feel this way...(me included). It’s not easy getting in front of the camera, and as soon as you are all of a sudden you don’t know what to do with your hands, or how to walk properly. It happens! You’re not alone. ;) What you need to do is find a photographer you’re comfortable with. (I just wrote a blog post about this exact topic, click here to read it).


Now, I want you to know that I completely understand you, but I’m also going to give you some tough love here…


You may not like how you look in photos, but it’s not about you. Your potential customers/clients need to see you. That’s one of the main ways they make their purchasing decision. So when you go to think about photos, make it less about you and more about others. Give back to the people interested in you! They want to see you, get to know you and follow along your journey.

You may not like wh you look in photos, but it's not about you - quote by Brianne of Brightly & Co.



- I don’t know what to say and I don’t have any stories to tell -

I’ll tell you now, you most definitely have stories to tell. ;) We might not want to hear ALL of them, but I can guarantee you have them.

For years I thought I was a terrible story teller...I was told that I was bad at story telling and so I thought I couldn’t do it and that I had no stories even worth telling.


This couldn’t have been more false.

We all have stories to tell…


One day, I was sitting in my office working away when I snapped a photo of my work space and said what I was up to do that day, that image got more likes, engagement and new prospective clients than almost any other image up until then.




I wasn’t sharing anything special, just what I was doing that day. Just simply the work load I had and how I felt a little overwhelmed by it. I just described the day, where my head was at, the gloomy weather...and VOILA! I had a story, and I didn’t even know it.

You do too.

Anything can be a story...even the things you find mundane.

Think of it this way, every day there’s a story to tell, take a moment to think of it (or more likely them), and the more you recognize the stories that are happening every day, the more you’ll be able to tell them.

Anything can be a story, even the things you find mundane. - quote by Brianne of Brightly & Co


Homework Time: I want you to write a story that happened today. It can be anything, just write it down or post it on Social Media. Then do the same thing again the next day. If you do this every day this week, you’ll have 5 new stories to tell. ;) You’re welcome.


- I don’t think photos are worth it, no one is looking at my stuff anyway -


Think no one’s looking? Think again. Even if it’s only one impression, that’s still one impression...so what impression are you making? Will that one person come back to your site/business after interacting with it? After seeing your image will someone feel like they know you even just slightly better?


Give people a reason to look at your business.


Here’s the tough love part: If you don’t think it’s worth it, that’s the impression you’re giving others.


What you think and how you present yourself matters. If you think no one is looking, you’re not going to put much effort in, and if you don’t put much effort in people won’t feel the need to return or work with you...


Food for thought: If you don’t think photos are worth it, look at your favorite people, brands, etc… do they have nice images? Are you drawn to those images? Images matter.


Plus, if you’re thinking photos aren’t worth it, it could be that you’re just unsure of how to use them. If that’s the case, scroll back up to the first topic and see the examples I’ve provided.

Honestly, this blog post is only touching the surface of what you can do with branding photos beyond the headshot. We’re just getting started on the possibilities.

And if we've never met before... 

HI! I'm Brianne the person writing to you right now. 

I’d love to hear from you!

Did one of these topics specifically resonate with you? Did you get any new ideas of how to use photos beyond just your headshot from this post? If so, comment below and let me know!

Brianne of Brightly & Co. (BrightlyandCo.com) - Photo by McKenna Rachelle Photography
Brianne of Brightly & Co. (BrightlyandCo.com) - Photo by McKenna Rachelle Photography

P.S. You get the insider’s scoop since you’re reading this... but I have several branding photo sessions coming up that will give you a GREAT idea of how to use your photos beyond just the headshot. I can’t wait to show you...