Brightly Business Spotlight Interview with Megan Ward (Red Pearl Designs)

For years before starting my own business, I looked up to Megan for what she was accomplishing and dreamed to own my own business just like her.


When I grow up I want to be just like Megan!


If you're just getting started in the creative entrepreneur world, Megan's advice is simple yet hard to swallow. It takes time and patience. 

"It's not like the moment you just set up shop you have clients waiting to hire you."


But that's okay! Starting a business is about building. Homes don't get built in a day and there's a reason for that, things of value take time. 

Megan has created a very successful custom invitation and graphic design business. Red Pearl Designs is a sought after business where Brides from all over seek out Megan's incredible creativity and attention to detail. Her invitations are immaculate and her dedication to this business shows. 

We worked together back before I knew much about graphic design and Megan worked with me to create my very first album art for my album “Blue Heron Grey” (which you can check out here). Not only did she support and encourage my music, but she has always supported me in ways she may have never known. Just by being herself, being vulnerable and open with others and being a leader to other entrepreneurs. 


Megan is a natural encourager and supporter.

She’s just one of those people that truly loves encouraging others and I hope you feel encouraged when you see this interview.

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What is the Brightly Business Spotlight Interview Series?

  • These interviews are currently LIVE interviews held inside of my private Facebook Group, The Brightly Business Bunch.
  • In this spotlight series I’m introducing you to some amazing entrepreneurs and talking about their journey.

Megan in particular was an inspiration to me, so getting to interview her was a dream. 

If you’re interested in being interviewed please click here.


Megan Ward is an entrepreneur in 2 ways:

  1. She is the owner and graphic designer behind Red Pearl Designs.
  2. She is a consultant for Rodan + Fields.

This means she understands marketing & selling from both a services based business and a product based. There is much knowledge to be shared from this creative entrepreneur and I sincerely hope you this interview.

**Please note, this video was originally LIVE broadcasted on Facebook LIVE and there were some connection issues that have made this interview choppy. It has been edited to help your watching process be more enjoyable, with a fun behind the scenes moment added at the end. :)

Press Play To Watch

Video highlights:

  • 3:00 - How Megan got her start! But also failed in her field before she even got started...
  • 6:26 - What tips would you give someone looking to start their own freelance business
  • 9:08 - Megan is an amazing marketer both online and off and she shares her secrets here.
  • 14:40 - What are your favorite pick-up lines?
  • 17:30 - Client Experience
  • 20:28 - You are your brand
  • 22:17 - Megan’s journey to becoming a Rodan+Fields consultant
  • 25:06 - What is Rodan+Fields
  • 30:03 - Be unapologetic in your marketing and explain WHY you believe in what you sell
  • 30:40 - Last question - Why did you choose to join an MLM, specifically Rodan+Fields when there are so many others to choose from?
  • 33:15 - Behind the Scenes (and if in case you were wondering, yes, the background music is mine.)


To discover more about Megan and Red Pearl Designs you can follow her here and here.


What was your favorite part about this interview? Comment below to say hello and if you have any questions for myself or Megan, we'd LOVE to hear from you.