Do you know your WHY?


I came from the corporate world of business plans & politics, and although I didn’t love it, I LEARNED a whole lot.

One of the most important things I ever heard, at any business conference or from any boss was this one thing…

“The people who know their WHY will succeed, regardless of the circumstances.”

This became such a powerful tool for me. The power of knowing your WHY.

It should dictate everything. It becomes your driving force and source of motivation. It’s the difference between successful people and those who give up or fail.



Know your WHY. What does that even mean?

Basically, it’s identifying your purpose. Your reason to do what you do. Your reason to keep going. Knowing your WHY can pop up in many different ways and in all facets of life, but let’s focus on knowing your WHY in business.

Why do you do what you do?

What’s your motivation to be here?

What’s the point/purpose?


I’ve created a handy dandy free worksheet to help you figure out your WHY. Keep reading to download.


Your WHY is determined by what’s important to you, and it basically lights the path for you.

For a long time I didn’t know my why. I was moving up in a job that was good, but I wasn’t feeling satisfied and I found it really frustrating that I was so discontent with something that was a really great opportunity. At the time I was pursuing one of my many side jobs of being a singer/musician. I thought that was what I wanted to do most in the whole world, but I was still getting constantly burnt out and feeling extremely overwhelmed.

I came home one night in tears and talked about how I didn’t know what I was doing, I felt like I hated my job and how frustrated I was that nothing was turning out the way I expected. And then I said, I wish I had my own company. I don’t care what it was, I just wish I was running my own company.

The question that came back to me was, well, why don’t you?


Thoughts swam in my head: What would I do? How could I survive? Could that be possible? It’s what I’ve always wanted. Why have I always wanted that?


WHY have I always wanted that?


That meant it was time to figure it out. I had a great a opportunity at my corporate job staring me in the face and I felt so disconnected from it - Why?


So I started to think about my life, what fires me up and what doesn’t. I made a list and I broke it down into these 2 categories.

What fires you up? Helps you get out of bed in the morning? Makes you excited and motivated to achieve more?

Your WHY can be anything and it can be all kinds of things.


We all know WHAT we do, most of us know HOW we do it, but rarely have I met someone who consciously thinks about WHY they do it.

Watch this video here to understand more about this concept:


I’ve learned throughout my life that knowing my WHY has been crucial. I ask WHY a lot… I was one of those annoying kids who asked why to everything, and when there were no more answers I would get really frustrated.

I always hated school. There were a few classes I loved, but other than that, school to me was the worst. Want to know WHY? Because I didn’t know WHY I was taking them. No one could give me real life examples of how I would use a lot of what I was learning in real life.


I like to know WHY, and I’m encouraging you to start there. ESPECIALLY if you’re starting a business, a blog or some other side job. Know your WHY.


Because when you start with your WHY, Everything becomes figureoutable (Marie Forleo quote).


There needs to be a reason...

that’s the WHY.


So back to my story, why was I so discontent in my job? Because it wasn’t my WHY. My WHY consists of knowing that I can help others...using my creativity, business know-how and extreme work ethic to help others achieve their goals. My WHY is helping others grow.

Truth be told, I found a way to incorporate that into my day job and things definitely got way better. But when I realized the possibility of branching off and doing it on my own, that fulfilled even more of WHY. My WHY to lead others, encourage and hopefully inspire. My WHY to teach and offer my talents and know-how on a whole new level.


When I get out of bed in the morning I’m so excited to think up new ways to help people achieve their goals and I’m excited to get even better at my trade. I have a desire to learn (even though I hated school, I’m learning more than ever and I’m LOVING it), I have a desire to teach and I have a desire to inspire and motivate others.

When the going gets tough, I know my WHY is even deeper than everything listed above. My WHY has always been that I want to provide for my loved ones (and I mean everyone I love), I want to take care of the people I love and I want to combine that with my passions.


Not every day is full of sunshine and roses, but knowing my WHY keeps me going through the really tough times.

So if you’re sitting here reading this right now questioning your reasons WHY, Download the free worksheet and start to brainstorm.


There’s no right answer, and everyone’s WHY is totally different. There’s often multiple WHY’s! But every time you feel really discontent and disconnected, come back and read your “Know Your WHY” worksheet. Remember the reasons WHY you get up every day. Get to the heart of your WHY and combine it with your passions. Know your WHY first, and then work on the rest of the puzzle.

Now I want to hear from you, do you know your WHY? What is it? Comment below: