Becoming a Mom with Lauren Hooker - Brave Fear Podcast Ep. 11

Lauren Hooker joins me to have an honest conversation about the fears and doubts that surround becoming a Mom as an entrepreneur and how she adjusted her business (and expectations) to meet her new demands.


Getting to sit down and chat with Lauren about this extremely important topic meant so much to me. I know there are a lot of women out there who might fear starting a family and becoming a Mom because of what it could do to their business… you are not alone friend. We talk about so much more inside of this episode, including changing your expectations and taking the pressure off of yourself. But my favorite is the part you couldn’t see - the extreme joy on Lauren’s face as she talked about her sweet new boy Eli.

Lauren works harder than most people I know and her take on motherhood is a do not miss. Let us know what you think about this episode by commenting below and leave us a review on iTunes so others can find this podcast too!

Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co - Brave Fear Podcast Episode with Brianne Wik

Lauren is the founder of Elle & Company and voice of the Ellechat podcast and Webinar series. She enjoys helping small businesses create a stunning first impression online through her brand and website design services, coaching, and online courses. When she isn't pouring into her business, you can find Lauren reading a good book, renovating her 1930s bungalow, or spending time with her husband, Jake, and 6-month old son, Eli.