Sprout Wellness Branding Photo Session Reveal

Liz is one of those people who makes you instantly feel like a friend. Funny, Relaxed & Confident. I adore this woman and after you see these photos, you will too.



The quick details - Liz is a nutritional therapist and fitness coach. She knows how to get you healthy and active and feel great about it. Never taking life too seriously, she believes that getting healthy doesn’t have to feel like a chore (and I love that about her).


You should know that Liz is a new Mom of an adorable, precious and cute-to-boot baby girl (seriously one of the cutest little girls ever) and she’s struggled with getting her body back to where she was pre-baby. I’m sure if you’re a Mom reading this, you have experienced something similar (as it’s quite common). But as a nutritionist and fitness coach, there can be some pressure around having the right body type, etc… Liz is out to break this mold and make everyone feel awesome in their own skin.


This why I love her (or at least one of the reasons).


Her heart’s passion is to work with amazing Moms (and families) to get them eating healthier, feeling better/accepted and getting active. She’s passionate because she’s been there (is there) and can empathize. This is where her light-heartedness comes into play. She can love you, accept you, encourage you and make you feel awesome and have fun all the while you work on yourself.


I couldn’t recommend this lady more.


So here’s the lowdown on how we structured her Branding Photography session.


Liz’s Business is Sprout Wellness


** Her brand (just like herself) is very colorful, friendly, natural, real and playful. **


We wanted to be sure to showcase both her nutrition side and also her fitness coaching side of her business. So we took three to four hours to get everything in that we needed.


  • First we set up a kitchen scene with all fresh foods. We want to showcase as many raw foods as possible, some meat for cooking and the feeling of being at home in a kitchen (with family - we brought her baby and husband in on the fun too). ;)

  • Second we ventured to her at-home garden to showcase growing your own food, but also the importance of buying from local farmers and getting your kiddos involved too.

  • Third we had fun at the park! Most of her fitness coaching and events happen at beautiful parks in Portland Oregon. So it was fun to get to showcase how she hosts these.


Then we focused in on the details. Through Sprout Wellness, Liz hosts several classes and workshops in-person and we wanted to zoom in on specific scenes she can use to showcase these workshops. (It’s all in the details right?)


  • For nutrition we showcased images on how to make Kombucha.

  • For fitness we showcased specific workout moves, what to do and also what not to do.


**Quick tip: If you’re getting Branding photos done, don’t forget about the details. The little things, tasks, steps, moves, moments, etc… These are fantastic photos to have to showcase what you do more clearly to people. (It’s worth the extra time and extra money).


Remember to invest in yourself and your imagery. You’re worth it.


Now that you know more of the details, are you ready to see the beautiful Liz rocking her Branding Photo session?


I love these photos so much!


P.S. I have a really great job.  ;)