S2 Ep.02 - The One About Moving (from Oregon to North Carolina) - The Brave Fear Podcast with Brianne Wik

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After a few months off, I’m back! with guest/husband/new podcast producer Bradley Wik, to catch you all up on why I’ve been gone for a bit.

The BIG NEWS first - We moved across the country from Portland, OR to Charlotte, NC!

In this episode we’ll be sharing what we learned and experienced before, during and after the trip.

[This duo episode also gives everyone a taste of what to expect in Season 2, including: not-so-rapid-fire-but-definitely-random questions, listener Q’s for Brianne and Bradley A’s (listener-submitted questions to be answered on the pod, premiering in ep.05. Submit any and all questions to support@brightlyandco.com) and listener of the week (leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher with your name and business).]

Here are a few highlights:

  • Learn some random facts about Brianne and Bradley, including their favorite local beer from Charlotte, what song Brianne can’t stop singing, what Brianne misses from Portland, etc.

  • When traveling long distances with a cat, how do they pee and poo?

  • Brianne’s fears around making huge life changes and her fear of giving up control

  • How Brianne and Bradley are uniquely suited to help each other problem solve

  • Finally, what they love about their new city of Charlotte, NC

If you thought of anyone while listening to this episode, please share it with them. Especially someone who might be making a big move (and with a pet). Hopefully this episode can help!


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