Need more clients? Here are 6 methods that work!

We’d all be lying if we didn’t say finding clients/customers isn’t one of our biggest worries. The need for money is the driving factor/fear here, but we all know we need clients/customers to make that happen right?




So, the big elephant in the room, how do we find these clients/customers?

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Being a business/life guidance coach - finding clients/customers is definitely one of the MAIN things we often talk about. The fear is real. It’s debilitating. And it’s hard to deal with because it feels like it’s so out of our control...


But, I’m showing up every day on social media!

But, I’m blogging regularly.

But, I’m sending out newsletters.



And still… crickets.



When I first started my business, I didn’t have an ICA (Ideal Client Avatar), I hadn’t even heard of that yet… but what I did have was a network of people that already knew me, liked me and trusted me.


I was working at a Real Estate Brokerage at the time, as a top Admin (I wore many hats - HR Hiring, Accounting and Employee/Real Estate Agent Training). Once I figured out that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I had a knack for branding (I had been doing it for years, without realizing it), it was time to spread my wings and actually start doing it - for real dollars. So - I reached out to a good friend of mine who was just branching off to become a Real Estate Broker on her own. I asked if she would be my guinea pig for branding. I put together my branding process, presented it to her and treated her like I would a paying client. In exchange she gave me super solid feedback and helped spread the word. She was my first client, and though she didn’t pay me in money - she got me paying clients. The first happened to see her new branding and asked where she got it, which of course she glowed about our work together. So that Realtor reached out to me, then word got out to all the other Realtors that their very own Brianne upstairs in corporate was starting her own Brand Design company and three more people reached out.

Within 3 months of “officially” starting, I had a roster full of clients and quit that day job.


The reason I’m telling you this story, is this…


#1 - The number one way to get more clients is -  to work with the network you already have.


Don’t underestimate the power of your current network, and the people who already know you, like you and trust you. This is your most powerful option to gain new clients and also the most underutilized.


You see, in my story above I started to do and to talk about what I was doing with my current network. I told EVERYONE I could possibly think of. Whether it was through email, a phone call, a friend, etc… I didn’t leave anyone out just because they didn’t need brand design - who knows if they didn’t know someone else who needed it! Never assume and always reach out to whoever’s in your current network.

Since your current network does already know you, they want to support and help you! They love to be in the know (I mean who doesn’t?) and you will become their go-to expert for your topic of expertise.


#2 - Tell people what you DO and HOW they can work with you


You would be shocked at how many people don’t know what you do or how to get in touch with you. Sometimes all they need is that tiny bit of clarification.


Here’s the deal. No one pays attention to you as much as you do. You may think you’re saying something a lot, but most people - ain’t listening. They have no idea! And even if you’ve said something 1,000 times it’s the 1,001 where someone finally goes - oh! That’s what she does and that’s how I can get in touch with her? Perfect! Done.


Turn the tables for a moment though and think about it. How focused are you on your own stuff? Now compare that to how much you’re taking in other people’s stuff? It’s drastically different right? You barely know what’s going on in someone else’s business, and then you see they just had a baby! Haha! Okay, maybe not that extreme - but it’s quite close.


Everyone else is treating your business the same way. Yes, you may have a few die hard followers on Social Media who follow everything that you do (and if you do have these die hard fans, please take a moment to give yourself a high-five, because that’s awesome!), but most people following along are catching every other word or day or week at their best.

Most of us - are completely clueless as to what it is that you do (who it’s for) and how to work with you.


So tell us!


Don’t be shy.


If you want clients, shyness is not an option. You’ve got to put yourself out there and invite others to join you.


Bonus challenge: try doing this every week on Social Media. Tell people what it is that you do and how to work with or buy from you. For (at least) 4 weeks straight.


#3 - Connections/Networking (IRL - in real life or Virtually)


Don’t forget the ultimate power of networking and connecting with others. Connect with your colleagues or anyone that you’re following on social media or simply admire. Connect at networking events in your area (or even host your own!) and reach out to people who might live near you.

Every time you connect with someone you’re increasing your network. Don’t connect to sell to someone, connect to build a real relationship. Get to know that person on a personal level and have no other ultimate or hidden agenda.


Here are some ways you can connect/network with others:

  • Virtual Coffee Chats with people online that you meet through Social Media or Facebook groups.

  • In real life coffee chats with people you’ve met online, etc...

  • Local networking groups - Mom’s groups, open co-working days/offices, local entrepreneur chapter, local meetups

  • Your Church or Community

  • Get involved with a non-profit or by volunteering and build your network there


#4 - Facebook groups!


Facebook groups can be one of the best and quickest ways to increase your network. Join like-minded Facebook groups with people that are both in your industry and those that would be interested in working with you or purchasing from you.


The only way Facebook groups work, is if you’re involved in them. You need to be showing up every day or at least every week to make an impact and start building true connections.


You have one job and one job only: to be as helpful as possible.


Be yourself in these groups, but make sure that anything you post is benefitting someone else (even if it’s a simple encouragement).


When you go into a Facebook group, you’re there to serve the other people and make their lives easier.


(Speaking of which, here’s your official invitation to join my Facebook group! We’re a super supportive bunch that loves to lift each other up and I’d love to see you in there. Click here:)



#5 - Teaming up/Collaborations


Collaborations can be amazing! You can grow your list, your audience and your bank account when you team up or collaborate with the right people. Collaborations give you the opportunity to present your knowledge and energy to a whole new crowd - and that’s huge!


A few collaboration guidelines:

  1. Make sure you know how you’re sharing people’s email addresses (you need to be so respectful of this, because just like you, other people don’t want to hear from someone they don’t know and didn’t give permission to).

  2. Make sure the collaboration is mutually beneficial. (Is one person benefitting significantly more than the other?)

  3. Are your audiences the same or very similar? (This is important, because the wrong audience match up won’t present either of you any good leads, and you don’t want all of your well earned energy and knowledge to be given to those who don’t care or even want it.)


#6 - Energy/Mind work - are you coming from a place of desperation or determination?


Even though this one is listed last, I would dare to say it’s the most important. The energy that you bring to the table each day is over half of what determines if someone will work with you or not.

Now, I’m not talking about the kind of energy you get from caffeine or a redbull. I’m talking about the kind of energy you put off - from your being.


If you’re struggling to get clients right now, check in with yourself:

  • Are you in a negative state of being?

    • Worried

    • Fearful

    • Doubtful

    • Angry

    • Hostile

    • Jealous

    • Cynical

  • Are you in a positive state of being?

    • Joy-filled

    • Peaceful

    • Worry-free

    • Excited

    • Passion fueled


As a quick encouragement to you, I want you to know that you can be in a positive state of being with negative thoughts.

For instance, I was just recently launching my 6-Month Immersive Mastermind Experience (The Brightly Immersive Mastermind). I had so much joy, peace and excitement around this program and launch, but every day I still had doubts and fear and worries come up. However, these doubts, fears and worries didn’t change my state of being, because I TRULY believed in what I had created and that each group was going to get filled with who it needed and it felt great!


But… that didn’t mean I didn’t have doubts each day or worries or fears. The difference was - every time these came up, I got to push them back aside and focus back on my faith in myself and in the program I had created.


Do what you can to align yourself and get back into a positive state of being, because when you are here - you are an open door with the prettiest welcome mat beckoning people to come join you inside.


But when you’re in a negative state of being, you’re a closed door that sometimes doesn’t even open when people knock because you’re too preoccupied trying to clean up the mess.


Don’t worry about the mess for right now, instead bake some delicious cookies that you can present to you new guests when they arrive. <Yummy and super delicious smelling too!>


A few ways to help yourself align and find the positive:

  • Breathe. Yes seriously, when I have been super stressed out I notice I forget to breathe - so… breathe.

    • Boxed breathing exercise: Take in a deep breath for 5 seconds - hold that breath for 5 seconds - then release your breath for 5 seconds - and hold for 5 seconds before breathing in again. (Repeat this at least 3 times).

  • Guided meditations - use an app like Insight Timer or Headspace and choose a guided meditation to help quiet your thoughts.

  • Visualize - (for my wildly vivid imagination, visualizations are my absolute favorite way to align myself).

    • Picture a new inquiry (or sale) in your inbox! How do you feel when you see that email? Where are you? What do you do when you see that email?

    • Picture your bank account growing. How do you feel to see that number rise? Where are you as you check your bank account? What’s around you? How are you celebrating?

  • Write down exactly what it is that you want on paper and read it to yourself every day (and night).  What will you give in exchange for what you want?


Last but not least, a bonus tips for you:


Get CRYSTAL clear on what you offer and say it plainly. Confusion almost always = a no. Don’t complicate things, it should be super cut and dry because that’s how any person will remember you. We all have A LOT going on in our brains, and our brains are constantly trying to decipher what information we need vs what we don’t need. So, take the pressure off of someone’s brain and tell them plainly what you offer.


You can absolutely 100% get more clients/customers! There are so many people in this world and so many need what you’re providing. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, focus on how YOU can provide your knowledge and skills to better someone else’s life today.



I want to hear from you now!


Talk to me in the comments and tell me your struggle with find clients/customers. I’m here for you and I want to help.