Permission to be Yourself

We sat down for our very first Brand meeting and dove deep into the hopes, dreams, expectations and limiting fears... It wasn’t easy, but we got to the heart of the matter. There was a sigh of relief, a moment of quietness and then finally the words, “thank you for the permission to be myself.”


It was my turn to be stunned and quiet.


There are 4 people I can remember very specifically who have thanked me for giving them permission to be themselves. I didn’t ask them to be someone else or put limiting rules on them, I simply spoke the truth of what I saw in them and the potential they possessed that needed to be offered to the world.



To be honest, my initial Brand Meetings are often like therapy sessions.

.... Which is a good thing, I promise. ;)

But it can also be intimidating. I get personal and dive deep with you, there have even been tears on occasione and I’ll cry right alongside you if that’s the case!


If you’re working to grow your business and cultivate a brand that matters, it requires you to open up and dream big. You have to trust the person sitting across from you, that they won’t judge you or make you feel like a fool and you have to give yourself permission to be you.


Sometimes I don’t even think we even realize how much we clam up and hide who we are. 

We feel the pressure to be just like everyone else and do what they’re doing because it’s either working or that’s just the way it’s always been done.
— Brianne | Brightly & Co.


I get tears in my eyes when I think about these moments. Growing your business is so much more than a logo or brand design, it’s the heart behind it, the passion and the purpose. These are the important things, and everything else comes second.

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When it comes to building your business, making more money and finding that freedom, we won’t get very far hiding who we truly are, we need to embrace, give ourselves permission to be who we are and than invite others to join us on our business adventure.


When I entered the world of Branding, I never expected this.

I never expected that what most people need to hear is that who they are, is enough.
— Brianne | Brightly & Co.


Now, I needed to take a little bit of my own medicine, which is actually what prompted this blog post in the first place.


I was just recently listening to the amazing and adorable (you just want to hug her and you feel instantly like her best friend) Katelyn James. She was teaching about how to market yourself as a photographer, and something she said struck me. It was my epiphany moment!


I too have felt the need, upon entering this creative entrepreneur world, to be a particular kind of “someone”. To have a particular way that I write blog posts and present myself in a particular light.


“You’re not the same as you were before,” he said. You were much more... muchier... you’ve lost your muchness.
— Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass


It was in that moment that I realized, I had not given myself permission to be me. If you’ve ever watched a LIVE video broadcast from me, that’s me being me. But in my writing and on my website and in my copy I’ve been hiding in the shadow of what I think a “Branding Expert” should be like online.


Raise your hand if you do this too. (I see you behind that computer screen wanting to raise your hand…) :)


If you’re looking for permission to be yourself, you’ve got it.

In fact, if you’ve been struggling to develop your brand, I’ll bet you it’s because you’ve been trying to be someone else.


No more.


Today you’re taking action and giving yourself permission to be who you are.


Remind yourself that you know who you are, you know what you’re good at and you know your intentions. Take one action to start pursuing those things. For instance, I wrote this blog post. ;)


  • When we try to be someone we’re not, tasks become more difficult, we constantly feel like we can’t measure up (because we’re measuring against someone else, someone who’s not you), we become discouraged and often doubt our abilities.


  • When you give yourself permission to be you, tasks are easier to complete, we’re only measuring our growth (not how we compare), we feel more confident (doubt will still pop up, but it won’t be constant) and we’ll have more clarity on how’d we like to grow our businesses (or selves for that matter).


In this crazy creative entrepreneurial world, there’s a lot of really (and I mean REALLY) talented people out there. But if you look at those who are the most successful, the majority of them are all being themselves. They’ve given themselves permission to be who they are and invite others to join them, and you know what? People do join them! People love them and they’ll love you too. (Well, not everyone of course). ;)


Before I leave you for to venture back into your day, I double dog dare you to take one step forward to embracing your you-ness today.

Be brave. Be vulnerable. Be You.

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What’s one step you can take today that will feel authentically you? Share below. (I’ll start! Check the comments below for my answer).



Brianne | Brightly & Co.