Are you playing to your Strengths?

I’m already in New Year planning mode and I was just reflecting on the year so far.

What worked?

What didn’t?

What have I enjoyed the most?

What’s been extra trying or difficult for me?


Even if you’re not planning for the New Year yet, I highly encourage you sit down and ask yourself these kinds of questions or hash them out with a friend. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business awhile, reflecting back on a year is incredibly helpful…especially when you’re also looking to plan for a new one. 


I found so much clarity and insight into my own life and business while doing this, and I realized one extremely important thing…this is what I want to share with you today.


I haven’t been fully working in my strengths. 

Have you?

Playing to your Strengths-04.png

As I reflected back over this past year, I realized that the areas in my business/life that are really excelling are because I’m playing to my strengths. But it's also the flip-side, the areas in my business/life that aren’t as successful are areas in which I struggle. Don’t get me wrong! I believe in being well rounded, but when it comes to planning your new year, you need to play to your strengths.


So, how do you play to your strengths?

And how do you know what your strengths are?

Download the worksheet below to help you get started


When we play to our strengths, we enjoy more of what we’re doing, our tasks become easier, and we often feel more like sharing our accomplishments and inviting people in to know about them! (i.e. Marketing).


When we don’t play to our strengths, our work tasks can feel cumbersome, tiring and we’re often not proud to show off our work or accomplishments.


This is how you start to determine what your strengths are.

Take a moment, even now to think back over the past year and see what tasks were easy to accomplish, which ones were more difficult?


Start there. Start thinking through the tasks that come easily to you and build from there. These are your strengths! Use the worksheet below to brainstorm how you can you do more of those tasks and expand them further.


Reversely, think about what didn’t work. Reflect over the past year and write down the tasks that were extremely challenging. The areas that felt truly overwhelming and the accomplishments you didn’t feel much like sharing.


These are the areas outside of your strengths. Write down the tasks that MUST be accomplished for your business. Use the worksheet below to list out and determine what you can delegate or outsource.


This is how you play to your strengths.

Do more of what you’re great at. More of what fires you up! More of what you’re proud to share with others.


Our strengths will evolve and they will also become greater the more we cultivate them. Don’t ignore them and try to do things like someone else, or pretend you’re good at everything. You’re not. So stop worrying that you have to be


As you go through the worksheet below, you may even realize new strengths you didn’t know you had or things you thought you were strong in…maybe not so much.


You don’t have to do ALL the things. It’s okay. I have fallen into this trap too, but like I said above, upon reflection I realized I was trying to do things that don’t fall within my strengths and even though it wasn’t hurting my business outright, it was exhausting me…which in turn does in fact hurt my business and frankly my life.

"Playing to your strengths doesn't mean you stay in your comfort zone." - Brianne |

Playing to your strengths doesn’t mean you stay in your comfort zone. In fact I would argue that you never should. Sometimes playing to your strengths will mean stepping out of your comfort zone (and that’s a good thing). For instance, I’m an introvert, but I’m best around people and meeting with others face-to-face. You should always be adjusting, evolving and stretching what you think is possible. But you can still do that at the same time as you play to your strengths.


"Playing to your strengths means honoring who you are. Don't try to be everyone else or do what everyone else is doing." - Brianne |

Playing to your strengths means honoring who you are. Don’t try to be everyone else or do what everyone else is doing. You need to be true to you. You need to allow your own strengths to shine. (If you’ve been struggling with authenticity, this is a great place to start). You do you! And guess what? You’ll see your business (and life) flourish within that.


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Now it’s your turn, comment below and tell me how playing to your strengths changed your business?