S2 Ep.07 - Got Triggers??

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In this episode, I talk all about emotional triggers. I’ll give you some tips on how to recognize when you're being triggered and the steps I’ve taken to try and avoid the emotional fallout.

Here are a few highlights:

  • What is a trigger?

  • How do trigger’s show up in your world? (with real-life examples)

  • Learning to recognize that you’ve been triggered

    • What are the red flags?

  • How to handle it when you’ve been triggered

*Side note: I realized after recording this episode and listening back that I didn’t mention being defensive as one of the biggest and major red flags that you’ve been triggered. But it did come up with the Marty McFly story. ;) Not sure what I’m talking about? Listen to the episode below.

Brave Fear Action Step:

  • Go journal or verbally process the last time you had a very extreme reaction. 

    • What were the circumstances?

    • What were your emotions?

    • Did you your emotions match the circumstance?

    • How did you feel afterward?

  • Ask yourself WHY 5 times…

Download and share me to social media!

Use the hashtag #IamBraveFear

Download and share me to social media!

Use the hashtag #IamBraveFear

Episode References:

As always, the most important part of the episode is the conversation afterward. Comment below with any advice, tips you’ve used, ways you’ve recognized and helped yourself (or others) when being emotionally triggered are welcome! Share them with us now, in the comments below, and help others who are struggling with the same things.

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