S2 Ep.08 - Fear of the Unknown

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This week, I dive into the Fear of the Unknown, some excuses we tell ourselves to avoid venturing into the “uncomfortable unknown,” and gives us a new way to think about/personify fear itself.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Everyone experiences the Fear of the Unknown, and that’s OK, but we far too often let it stop us from pursuing those magical, someday ideas.

  • Fear is not an enemy to be fought or an obstacle to overcome, it’s an essential emotion that is only trying to be helpful.

  • Once you can reframe your relationship with fear, it can actually become a helpful guide when you’re looking into the unknown.

  • Oftentimes, our fear is looking for confirmation from others (who can often be more anxious for us than we are for ourselves) so we feel justified in giving up on a dream.

Brave Fear Action Step:

  • Journaling exercise: 

    • Write down that big, someday idea

    • Write down the (realistic) worst-case scenario

    • Write down the best-case scenario, your dream scenario

    • Ask yourself is it worth it to risk the worst-case scenario for the best case?

  • Think about who inspires you the most, the people you look up to

    • What are some common traits of these people?

    • How did they achieve their dreams?

    • How do they show up in their lives?

    • How did they accomplish so much for themselves?

    • These traits show you what is most important to you and what you should strive for

Download and share me to social media!

Use the hashtag #IamBraveFear

Download and share me to social media!

Use the hashtag #IamBraveFear

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As always, the most important part of the episode is the conversation afterward. Comment below with any advice, tips you’ve used, ways you’ve recognized and helped yourself (or others) when being emotionally triggered are welcome! Share them with us now, in the comments below, and help others who are struggling with the same things.

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