What's the point of a secondary logo?


That’s such a good question and I’m so glad you asked. <insert wink here>


It’s definitely a question I get asked a lot, and I’m really excited to talk about secondary logos today. So if you’ve been curious as to what secondary logos are and their point…you’re in the right place.


Secondary logos are so important to your brand design, for a variety of reasons. First and, in my opinion, most important. You need different sizes and shapes for your logos for different functions. For instance, you may have noticed that are many templates, size restrictions and specific dimensions required of your design materials. Have you ever run into the problem where your logo just DID NOT fit into the template? It’s really frustrating right? Yeah, I would go so far as to say it’s a huge pain in the patooky and you’re sitting there wondering why you paid for this logo in the first place.


This is where secondary logos come in.

They are either a smaller or reorganized version of your primary logo. In other words their like the offspring of your primary logo, they carry over the important features of the main logo, but they are still their own entity.

So you’re probably looking for some examples of how to use secondary logos, and are curious as to what I mean by templates, size restrictions, etc…

Here are some examples:


Facebook Profile Image is a perfect square.

Facebook also requires when you upload your image that it be a smaller file size.

Facebook Template and dimensions - Brightly & Co.jpg

Instagram Profile Template is a perfect circle.

Remember the old adage: don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole.



Twitter Profile Template requires a square icon or image.



The most important aspect of secondary logos is their function.

They carry through the original brand design and give you more options for marketing your business. Like these examples: 












But what about the fun aspect? How can secondary logos be used as a design purpose?

More examples:


Charming Charlie

Secondary logos as door handles?? Yes, please!

Secondary logos as door handles?? Yes, please!


Honest Company


So, what’s the point of secondary logos?

They give you variety, while keeping your brand design cohesive and intact. We live in a world of marketing. This marketing world requires creativity, cohesiveness and flexibility. Everyone requires something different from you and in order to represent your business in the best possible way, you need to be prepared and have the materials ready that they require. Not only does this make you look like a total pro, but it’s also giving you the exposure you need with less restrictions.


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I appreciate you reading, thank you so much!