Self Care as a Success Strategy


It's what every entrepreneur wants, regardless of how they define it.

But amidst all the marketing strategies, productivity hacks, and business logistics, most are forgetting an essential element to success: self-care. 


You see, as an entrepreneur, YOU are your business.

Whether or not you have a team, the success of your business depends on YOU. The health of your business will always be limited by the level of health in your body and mind. And women see success in their business when they change their wellness and self-care because they tap into their full potential — all of their creativity, energy, and clarity. 

Self-care — nourishing, "neuronutritious" foods, movement, sleep, & connection, — is, in my world, the secret sauce to success most entrepreneurs are missing. 

When I talk with women about self-care and nourishment in their bodies and businesses, I tell them it's an essential success strategy for four main reasons:

It gives you more focus + clarity

How many days have you gotten to 4 pm and looked at the to-do list and you've wondered where the day went? How you had had such high hopes, but somehow your brain hadn't been on board — foggy, distracted, barren for new ideas?

Most creative women hit this wall and think they've got a productivity problem, but often they've got a nourishment problem.

If you're not eating well, it's like you're putting regular unleaded in a ferrari and expecting it to fulfill its potential. Don't be that girl... you're worth the premium.

You see, most people think of nutrition in terms of how it will change their body, but there's a less talked about side of nutrition that every entrepreneurial woman should be harnessing — neuronutrition. 

Neuronutrition is something I specialize in — teaching the exact nutrients and foods that actually help those little neurons (brain cells) grow and thrive.

Because when your brain cells don't receive the right nutrients, their connections called dendrites actually shrivel, and the way they communicate starts to fizzle in the same way that a frayed wire won’t work anymore.

Late nights, stress, caffeine overdoses, and sitting at your desk all day has a similar effect.

As a creative and entrepreneur, your brain is your moneymaker. Literally.

Your business tanks if you're brain shuts down. And nothing will fry your brain faster than inflammatory foods, blood sugar swings, compounding daily stress, sleep deprivation, and lack of regular movement. 

In contrast, when you learn to take care of your brain with good neuronutrition and wellness habits, your brain cells actually thrive and can grow new connections in an amazing process called neuroplasticity… meaning more creative thoughts, clearer and faster thinking, and more focus all day!

It Gives you more Energy + Endurance

When we're in "hustle" mode — there's a big launch coming up, we want to roll out a new course, we're behind on blog posts — it's easy to let go of self-care and put it on the back burner. 

But in my world, that's a bit of hubris. 

Because self-care — proper nourishment, moving your body, taking time to decompress and let go of stress, making space for human connection and deepening relationships — is an INVESTMENT that pays dividends in more energy. And it is crucial for long-term sustainability and success.

There are two ways of accomplishing goals and I compare them to winning a NASCAR race: 

  1. You could set out determined to keep going, no matter how bare your tires got, relentless believing you’ll take care of them at the end… OR
  2. Like smart race car drivers that make pit stops every few laps to change their tires and refuel, you revitalize yourself with self-care practices and nourishment, and then return to the work re-energized and able to do more in less time.

The first way is a sure road to burnouts and blowouts. And fast.

There's all these statistics out there that most small business fail in the first few years... I wonder how many of those sad endings are because the owners burned out and couldn’t keep going, utterly fatigued and running on fumes.

As women, most of us weren't taught how to eat and move in a way that would contribute to our success. That’s where I come in — it’s my mission to equip creative women with the knowledge and practices that help them win the lifelong “race” of entrepreneurship in a sustainable way. 

It might seem paradoxical, but taking time for self-care will actually give you the energy to do more work in less time. 

And remember, when you're trying to push aside self-care and nourishing your body, remember that you're in this to play the long game. Don't be in that sad statistic of failed businesses.

It Makes you More Confident (AND abundant!)

Nothing is more attractive to potential clients than feeling connected on a personal level to you. As one of my business mentors, Ashlyn Carter taught me: "People don’t buy because of logic. They buy because of emotions."

That means, people don't think about buying your service or products... they connect with you and feel the want and need to give you money. 

When you are confident in your body, you give off an irresistible charisma that attracts your dream ideal clients. When you radiate energy, people can't help but flock to your business like moths are irresistibly drawn to flickering lights. 

And you know all those social media strategists that say you've got to put you all over your marketing, that you can't hide behind your work.

When you take care of your body and feel AHmazing in it, you have the confidence you need to put your face on that Facebook Live, the gumption to dance on Instagram stories to show a side of your personality, the radiance when you take those close up brand photos. 

People don't buy from businesses. People buy from people. 

And they want to buy from someone who's confident — in themselves and their work. 

It Makes you Calmer + Happier

Entrepreneurship is an emotional roller coaster. There's no doubt about it. And it can really wreak havoc on your mental health, putting you out of commission in your business. 

And in light of the recent and tragic suicides of ambitious and influential women like Kate Spade, I think that mental health should be on all our minds.

It’s suggested that a disproportionate percentage of entrepreneurs are afflicted by mental health issues — up to 49% of us.

Though there are a lot of factors — both wellness related and not — that factor into the entrepreneurs struggling with mental health, self-care — especially nutrition and sleep — play a HUGE role for the women I work with. 

Again, it's new to most, but neuroscience tells us how you eat and live everyday actually changes your brain chemistry.

Regular movement, sun exposure, plenty of sleep, hydration, blood sugar stability, and eating stress-busting foods called “adaptogens” are just a few of the tools I help women with in my coaching.

Depression, anxiety, panic, and more don't have to have the same grip on your life if you properly nourish yourself. 

I'm not saying self-care is a magic pill, nor am I saying it is going to cure you of a clinical mental illness, but what I am saying is that it can have a profound effect on lowering the intensity and giving you the mental freedom, stability, and drive to do the work you know you are destined to do. 

Depression, anxiety, panic, and more don't have to have the same grip on your life if you properly nourish yourself. If you're at a level 9, with proper self-care you could maybe take it down to a 2 or 3. 

I've seen women debilitated by anxiety attacks over their business every day experience dramatic changes by taking radically good care of themselves — eating mood-stabilizing foods and practicing reducing their stress with gentle walks, meditation, sleep hygiene, and more.

Self-care and full nourishment can transform mental health issues that were roadblocks in your business into speed bumps.

Maybe you've got to slow down and take extra good care of yourself some days, but you're still moving ahead, making progress, and headed towards your dreams. 

I know that a as creative entrepreneur, there can be a lot of barriers to self-care and nourishing your body —time, overwhelm, emotions, prioritizing. I get it. 

But your business, Rome, and health are all things that aren't built in a day. Stack one practice on top of another. Let it snowball...

Start small. Go back to basics (sleep, breathing, sunshine, water, good food).

Remind yourself it's a long-term investment.

One day at a time. One choice after another. Each time you choose you, you choose success.

Because I firmly believe (and I know based on the women I've worked with who've told me so!) that when you choose to thrive in your wellness, you thrive in your business. 

Erin is a holistic nutritionist and expert in women's mind-body wellness. She guides creative women to find freedom with food and fully nourish themselves, so they have the energy and confidence to go after their dreams. In her world, food should be real, beautiful, simple, and stress-free.

When she's not whipping up new watercress salad recipes or chatting with clients about the psychology of eating well, she's off exploring the world, finding eye candy in unexpected places, or watching "The Crown" with a glass of rosé in hand.