Shelle Winkler | Branding Photography Session

Sometimes you meet someone so full of joy that you can't help but feel better just being around them. This, my friend, is Shelle Winkler. Her business is Intentions with Joy and she's an incredible Life Coach.


Now if you've read my past blog post (The 5 Brand Essentials - Does your Brand have these?) You'll notice I talk about knowing who your customer is...and not only that, but knowing who your dream clients are. The people you would LOVE to work with all the time. Well for me, that's Shelle. It's such a pleasure to work with someone who's a genuine giver, encourager and fun person. When she named her business, Intentions of Joy, she knew what she was talking about because she radiates it. 

So let's talk a little business. If you want to learn more about Branding Photography, click here, otherwise let's dive right in. 



Shelle came to me with a basic Brand already in tact. Her logo and color scheme is very bright, bold and fun. See below:


When we first met we discussed her photography needs, so I could make sure to give her the photos she would need for website, social media and print marketing. This included headshots, lifestyle portraits and personalized stock photography. 



For all of my branding clients, I ask that they create a Pinterest board for inspiration. Below is the final Branding Inspiration board in which we based her Branding Photography from. (This inspiration board helped in finding the right locations, wardrobe, style, accessories and overall feel). 

P.S. I LOVE this Branding Inspiration Board. One of my absolute favorites. 





Something I don't think even Shelle realized, was that as we were taking her photos she was showcasing her Brand just by being herself. She was so much fun, energetic...and we laughed A LOT. I kept making the joke we had to unscrew our smiles, because they were plastered to our faces. haha!



While we were taking photos at a coffee shop a Firetruck pulled up for the team to hop in and grab some fuel for the day. One of the fire fighters saw us taking photos and asked if we'd both like to be in them, because he'd be happy to take some of us. 

So low and behold, the photographer becomes the photographed. Of course we jumped on the opportunity to have some photos together - and an AWESOME memory! He quickly scooped up my camera and began taking photos like a total pro! My lens isn't for the beginning photographer, so I was impressed!

At the very beginning of our photo session I told Shelle I had a surprise for her at the end. Not only was it was super fun, it fit her Brand perfectly and I am THRILLED with how it all turned out.



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Overall, I would say we had a pretty incredible day. Now I want to know what you think? Did we showcase her Brand accurately?