50 ways to market your creative business

Yes you can! 50 ways to market your creative business (+ Free Download)

There are days you just want to hit the refresh button when it comes to your marketing right? You’ve got a million ideas running around your head so why is it so hard to market your business?


You’ve created this business, you’re great at what you do, you’re super creative, motivated and energized but when it comes to marketing you just simply feel stuck.


You’re tired of being overlooked by the internet. Everyone around you seems to be doing a million things on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Website, Newsletters, Sales Pages, Opt-ins, Ads, Boosts, you name it…


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re probably wishing for one of these things:

  1. You wish there was an easy button… <staples style>

  2. You wish you could simply outsource it all...but you lack the funds.

  3. You know if you had some direction you could take your ideas and run with them.

  4. You’d love permission to not have to do #allthethings. <permission granted>


50 Ways to Market Your Creative Business Pinterest


In my experience, when it comes to marketing your own business...knowing your Brand’s 5 Essentials is incredibly important. (Oh, did you miss that post? It’s an oldie but a goodie, check it out here.)


With those 5 Brand Essentials in mind I’m going to walk you through how to market your creative business effectively AND give you a list of 50 ways to market your business so you can get started right away.


Sound good?


Let’s go!


Oh yeah, here’s the list for you to download right away. But you can keep reading, there’s another link at the bottom of this page too. ;)



1. You wish there was an easy button… <staples style>


Me too friend. Me too.


Obviously, that’s not real life. But one of the best ways you can make things easier on yourself is to have a copy bank. Never heard of one? They’re super easy to start, I started mine in a Google Doc entitled “Copy Bank”.


A copy bank is simply the terms you wish to use within your brand and the terms in which your audience uses so that you’re speaking their language.


You build this copy bank by listening to what your audience says, what they call things, what terms they’re using and add these terms to your word doc or Google doc.


You can also specify terms that you use particularly if they are important to your brand voice. For instance I don’t love the word “girl” so I like to say “gal”.


So even though that’s not technically an “easy” button, it certainly makes it easier to enhance your marketing copy. (Just copy and paste terms, words, or even phrases from your copy bank!)



2. You wish you could simply outsource it all, but you lack the funds…


Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of outsourcing. I believe in delegating and supporting others that are more talented than I, but I know that struggling with your bank account is also a real thing.


So how do you market your business effectively if you can’t outsource things like Social Media for instance? Somehow duplicate yourself? (I mean that would be cool, but also totally creepy...so let’s skip that idea). ;)


I want you to create a plan and stick to it.


If you’re determined to get more involved in Facebook groups, then make sure you take the time to do so.


But, how do you make the time? By limiting it. Time management is key to accomplishing more, which is why it’s so hard for us to do. For instance, if you want to be more involved in Facebook groups, but just don’t have the time… then only choose 3 FB groups to get involved in and limit your time in each of them to only 10-15 minutes. If you limited your time to only 15 mins in each group, that would only take up 45 mins of your day. Then you can move on to the next thing.


Brilliant right?


In order to prepare for outsourcing, because like I said, I do believe it’s worth it, I want you to make a list of everything you not only LOVE doing but it’s also essential you do it. For instance, if you love LIVE broadcasting on FB, that simply has to be you, no one else can do that for you…

Now, I want you to also make a list of the things you HATE doing. You’re a creative person, so the list could be long when it comes to all that marketing and business “stuff”. Then I want you to go back through this list and circle anything that does not have to be done by you (i.e. stuff you can outsource), then I want you to see if there’s anything you hate doing that you could take off your list right now. If you hate doing it AND it doesn’t need to be done, or it has little to no return, then why keep doing it? Cross it off the list and forget about it….


3. You know if you had some direction you could take your ideas and run with them.


Fantastic! Then I hope this blog post is really helping you out! Don’t forget to download my free list of 50 ways to market your business to gain even more inspiration.


If you’re in this boat and you just need a little direction… consider hiring a coach or strategist (or both!). Find someone you like and trust who can help you get a plan in place for your marketing.


I suggest this for two reasons:
  1. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own heads and a coach or strategist helps with that.
  2. Sometimes we just have too many ideas, but we lack the ability to set up processes and systems to help us execute these ideas.


You’re a go-getter, a DIY master a motivated and driven person...but sometimes your creativity gets in your way. That’s okay! You can find my coaching services here, or if I’m not the right fit let me know and I’ll get you in touch with some stellar biz coaches who could help you too.



4. You’d love permission to not have to do #allthethings. <permission granted>



Let’s start with the fact that you shouldn’t be trying to do #allthethings and if you are, stop now. Not only do I give you full permission to stop chasing after every marketing opportunity, but I’m going to instead tell you to be really picky.


Don’t make the mistake I made, by saying yes to everything, but instead make your yes count. Make your yes meaningful and allow it to impact your business positively, only. #postivevibesonly


If you want to market effectively you need to start saying no more often and narrowing down, how, when, where and to whom you market to.


For instance, you might feel like you need to be on ALL of the social media platforms even though Snapchat thoroughly freaks you out and Twitter just seems like Trump is always angry. Take the pressure off… you don’t have to be on every social media platform out there - hooray! In fact, I want you to only be active on 1-2 platforms total.


Say what?!


Yes, you read that right.


You should have a presence on other platforms, as in, you should make sure you claim your username/handle - but you don’t have to be actively posting to those accounts consistently, give yourself permission to only be active on one.


I want you to do the same activity I listed above, write down everything you LOVE doing. Every social media platform you enjoy, if you love writing blog posts or newsletters, video or podcasting, meeting people in person or events...write down everything you LOVE doing.


Now write what you HATE doing or feel a sense of dread over.


Look at both lists honestly and circle the topics that have the highest return on investment. (Your investment in this scenario is your most precious commodity, your time).


Whether you love it or hate it, be honest about what content converts the best and circle those things.


These are the things you should be focused on. Limit them to 3-5 things and this will be the focus of your marketing efforts. ;)


When it comes to marketing your business you need to play to your strengths. (Want some help in discovering your strengths? Click here.)


There are so many things you’re great at, pay attention to those things and use them to help market your business. Focus on what lights you up, but also on what you’re great at. You’ll see a huge difference in your marketing when you play to your strengths.


Now to make this as easy as possible on you, I’ve included that list of 50 ways to market your business.


Click here to download it:


Before you go, I’d love to hear from you! Take a moment to comment below and let me know what’s your favorite way to market your business?