The Halpern's | Family Photo Session

I'm so excited to introduce you to this wonderful family. 

If you got a chance to read through my #starterseries blog post, where I discuss how I got started with this business, you will discover a beautiful character in my life who believed and encouraged me to start doing photography professionally. 

This special character is Chelsea, and she happens to be featured in this blog post. She is a wonderful supporter, friend and seriously adorable pregnant lady. 

We often joke that I'm their on-call family photographer, which I would be more than fine with, because I've been given the opportunity to capture some of their best life memories. 

One of my favorite parts about a being a photographer is getting to the chance to capture families grow and little ones grow up. 

I never think of my job as capturing photos, I see my job as capturing memories, special moments, life. 

I am so excited to announce that this wonderful family is expecting a baby girl!

And she already has a name that her older brother picked out for her...drum roll please...names are a big deal you know...

Baby girl's name is... KITTY CAT! 

OK, obviously I'm just kidding, but that is most certainly what her brother thinks her name should be. Which is freaking adorable. Another super adorable moment...look at the photo on the right. Hudson decided he wanted to pose the family and everyone was going to kiss everyone. That was one of my favorite moments of the day...SO cute.

I'm so excited for this family and also very excited to show them off. 

So thankful for this wonderful family.