The Importance of Being In-Person (+ tips for the introverts like me)

Have you ever wondered how other people are getting noticed online? You work your butt off to email market, blog, be in every notable Facebook group, Facebook LIVE, Instagram, InstaStories, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, reply to every comment and don’t forget poor LinkedIn...they say it’s for professional networking right?




That’s a lot of online networking…


But you’re still not getting very far. And the people you’re looking at who are super visible, seem to have all the friends, get all the jobs and generally look like they’re enjoying life don’t look nearly as frazzled or stuck behind their computer as you.


What are they doing that you’re not?


They’re attending in-person events.


Isn’t that so strange?? To get noticed online, it’s actually still all about meeting people in person. The way we’re all online these days, that seems like such a backwards way to approach getting noticed online. But it works.

The Importance of Being In-Person


Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or not, you crave real connections. You want to connect with other entrepreneurs in-person, or as in-person as you can get, because they get you! You can talk life and work and whatnot, because you both get it.


Here’s what happens when you bring connections in-person -


  • You build more relationships

  • You get referred more

  • You create social proof

  • Others will highlight you online (share, shoutout, etc…)

  • You’ll grow your online audience just because you’re growing your real life friendships. ;)


Now, I’m not saying you can’t make genuine connections online, you totally can! (I have with many people), but it’s so much MORE when you get to actually talk with them.




So if you’re sitting there wondering how do you go about this? My first suggestion is to start connecting via face to face and/or video chats with some of the amazing people you’ve already connected with online. Take a moment to get to know them by actually talking with them, this makes the connection so much stronger.


I make time at least once a week to connect with someone new that I’ve engaged with online. It’s awesome to get to chat with them face to face (usually virtually) and get to know them that much better.


**Introvert tip: You get to do this from the comfort of your own home! And because it’s video you can even wear pajama pants and it’s totally acceptable. ;) Using this method allows you to connect with a lot more people and make that connection even stronger.


**Introvert tip: If you’re attempting an in person coffee date (good for you! I know it’s intimidating), choose a place that’s familiar to you. This will make you feel so much more comfortable. Also, get there a little early so you can get settled in at the table you’d prefer before your “date” gets there. ;)




Events. Are. Essential.


If it’s not currently your goal to attend in-person events, you need to re-evaluate this and ask yourself why... because in-person events are the lifeblood of your business. This is where you get to truly connect with others, in person. You get to meet new people you would’ve never otherwise known. You get to experience something awesome together, talk about it, bond over it and create an incredibly unique connection that you couldn’t get any other way.


I’ve personally made it one of my main goals to attend at least one (hopefully 2-3) in-person events a year. And that’s on top of my own in-person events I’ll be hosting. ;) (Shh… this information isn’t released yet, but since you’re reading this you get the inside scoop).


Every in-person event I’ve attended has been more than worth it in the relationships I’ve gained, connections I’ve made and knowledge I got to take in.


Going to in-person events is the #1 driver for my business growth.


Yep, #1. (I’m not exaggerating).


  • Over ½ of my clients have come from in-person events (either from the person or from the referral(s) they sent me).

  • I’ve learned and implemented so much of the knowledge gained from in-person events (amazing speakers, knowledge, workshops and learning all within 2-3 days?? Heck yes!)

  • The connections I’ve made in person have increased my online visibility by over 50%.

  • Support. So much amazing support when you connect with amazing people who get it - get you. They’re truly there for you if you need them and they want to support and encourage you.


For my introverts and extroverts alike, I want to encourage you because there are SO MANY in-person event opportunities (for every personality).


  • Conferences

  • Retreats

  • Workshops

  • Meetups

  • Intensives

  • (plus more, I’m sure…)


Introverts, I want you to know I see you and I have a few tips for you to attend more in-person events.


  • Small groups are best, when you go to an in-person event - feel free to talk to only a small group of people and make real, solid, genuine relationships with those few people. I know big groups are intimidating so don’t feel like you have to make the rounds or meet everyone. Give yourself permission to enjoy a select few and really connect with them.

  • Retreats might sound really intimidating, but the intimate environment and increased quiet time will actually help you feel much more comfortable. I highly recommend considering a retreat for your in-person event.

  • Workshops are great for introverts, it helps you focus on “doing” something rather than just having to sit there and talk to others (since I know you feel awkward and don’t know what to say sometimes…). Busying your hands and minds with the task at hand will make you much more social, I think you might even surprise yourself!

  • Bring a friend that will help you be social. Don’t cling to each other, even though that feels safer, so find a friend who will help you connect with others and still feel comfortable to connect on their own as well.

  • You can do this. :)


Want to know the events I’ve attended?


Want to know the events I’d like to attend?


Now if it’s not obvious already, I want to encourage you to attend an in-person event. ;) There are SO many out there that even I have yet to discover, but I’ll tell you what - when I discover them, I promise to share them with you too. The best place to connect with me and know what I’m doing in the background is Instagram and my private Facebook group. Come join me there. Also, since you got the inside scoop that I’ll be hosting my own in-person event (okay, it’s totally going to be a mastermind retreat style event, now you know even more.) ;) If you want to get on the list to learn more about that, simply click here.


Now it's your turn:

What are your favorite in-person events? Comment below, I'd love to share more options!