The Importance of Reflection for Creative Entrepreneurs

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"Seventy percent of people sleep with their phones by their beds; we are constantly engaging in notifications, social media, texts, emails. And yet the most creative moments come when we put all that aside. That's why sometimes people's best ideas come in the shower. So as an entrepreneur, make time for that reflection, ability to connect with your best ideas, and not to be constantly distracted." - Arianna Huffington


Last year I transitioned my business from Brand Design to Business/Life Coaching. And I. was. terrified. to make this shift.

All I could see was the gap. That HUGE gap that I didn’t think I could fill (I felt very small, and that gap looked VERY big).


Doubts like,

“I’m unqualified”

“Who would hire me?”

“What gives me the right?”

flashed through my head, actually more like screamed through my head.


But, I made the transition anyway. I fought myself for several months about it, but I did it.

I went on a little podcast you might’ve heard of, called The Creative Empire podcast. You can literally hear my struggle with the words “coach” as I received some virtual mentorship from the wonderful Reina & Christina.


How far I’ve come since then.


That week, the week of this episode, I embraced that word “coach” and started to just go for it. I started to switch around my thought process, to change up my bio on social media and own the word coach.


Up until then I had already had 3 coaching clients, mini-masterminds and it was the main thing people came to me for. My advice and my support.


But - “Who was I to get paid for that?” those are just the things I do all the time, they’re like breathing to me!


I really struggled with getting paid, until one day it finally clicked.


Other people don’t have these innate gifts/strengths, in fact there are quite a lot of people who don’t have my innate gifts/strengths. But I used to think everyone did, and that charging for these things was ridiculous.


Then I stopped and I reflected, not listening to my own doubts, but instead listened to the past scenarios, just from that year alone that led me to this moment. To owning the word coach, to switching around my business, to embracing this beautiful side of myself that others already cherished, asked for, and admired.


All of a sudden, my eyes were opened.


Every past encounter involved some kind of coaching. I reflected even further, beyond just last year, the year before had the same pattern. Okay, so let’s look back even further than that… even in High School & Junior High for goodness sake!


All at once, I felt sure.


The doubts were silenced. The fear (still present as it always is) was quiet. The excitement started to build… and for the first time, I saw my worth. I saw the value I was bringing. I saw that I couldn’t somehow “screw this up” but instead needed to just fully embrace it, and embrace it I did - I completely removed Brand Design from my website and fully integrated coaching as my main offering. It didn’t stop there, I started hosting Mini-Masterminds, and learning how to work with people and what they needed and structuring things in a way that allowed for massive growth. I did these things, because I felt it. I followed my “gut” or intuition as you would have it and it paid off big time.


I got the idea to incorporate my love of branding, coaching, and creating an unforgettable experience and held my very first in-person retreat. The Brightly Immersive.


It was simply magical, and not just because we were at Disneyland.


This is the power of reflection.


Reflection helped me realize my worth and value that I was bringing to the world and the people around me. Reflection gave me the confidence to try for some REALLY big dreams

that I had stuffed down, because I didn’t think they could happen. (Umm… false, evidence, appearing, real -FEAR- because I now get to go to Disneyland every year for work, and it doesn’t suck). Reflection gave me the strength to get rid of my MAIN money producing effort, and focus solely on building up my new services. Reflection helped me tap into what my strengths truly are; leading, listening, encouraging, big picture thinking, motivating, guiding and making people feel special.


Reflection didn’t stop there.


In November of last year, I took some time to truly sit down and look over the year. I reflected on what worked, what didn’t, what I could do to improve, what needed to get cut, what needed to be increased, what needed to be delegated, what I needed to do more or less of - and I matched those findings with what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my life.


These past 3 months of 2018, I’ve made the same amount of income as I did for the entire year of 2017. (You can’t see this, but tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this, because I’m so overwhelmed by this perspective). I’m floored by this fact, and so grateful that I can’t even begin to fully describe it.

I realized the power of reflection is FAR greater than I even realized previously.

Want to know how?


Ha! You guessed it.


Reflection. <wink>


Just last week I was creating a Q1 reflection survey for myself, and realized these findings.

I very quickly realized as well, that taking time to reflect is, in fact, incredibly hard.


Most of us don’t do it.


Now that I’ve had such amazing things happen, and I’m going to consider reflection as main contributor to these successes, I was wishing I had done this sooner.

And of course, as a coach, and frankly for just who I am as a person, I immediately thought - how can I create this for others??


Well, I came up with a solution.


I’m giving away these quarterly reflection surveys for free

via a year long virtual coaching email series.


As creative entrepreneurs, we’re busy - we forget - we don’t make time - we’re scattered - we don’t know how - we feel lost, etc…


Well, I’m going to give you the tools I’ve now collected over the past few years, show you how to use them, send you surprise encouragements, and reminders to make this your best year yet.


  • If your excuse is that you forget - well not anymore, you have an automated email delivered to your inbox. It’s like getting reflection on a silver platter, ready for you to dive in at your convenience (sooner than later I hope). <wink>


  • If your excuse is that you don’t know how - well not anymore, I’ll be sending helpful worksheets throughout the year that directly relate to your quarterly reflections and explain how to use them. You’re not alone anymore.


  • If your excuse is that you don’t have the time - well, you heard my story above. You don’t have time to step into your strengths, make a better life for yourself and make more money? It’s completely up to you.


Enter your name and email below and you’ll be all signed up:


Yes, this is completely free. Next year… probably not so much. I plan on making this a paid monthly service next year, but this year - completely free for you. (Get in on the ground floor!)

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest." - Confucius


I’m a Business/Life Guidance Coach for a reason - I LOVE to see people grow, embrace who they are, go for their dreams and live a life that’s full of freedom, adventure and fun. This work lights my soul on fire. So, with how much goodness I’ve received from reflection, I wanted to offer you the same opportunity.

“Reflection is anything but passive. It leads to insight, action, engagement, and emotional commitment.”  - Roselinde Torres , Martin Reeves , Peter Tollman , and Christian Veith (


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Reflection isn’t just meant for some, it’s meant for all.