What is a business coach?

Sometimes the most basic questions are the most helpful right? So often I think we confuse what coaching is, so I want to make sure you know what you’re hiring for before you hire your first coach (or maybe even second, third, and so on…). 


Here’s what a coach does NOT do

A coach does NOT do the work for you

If you’re hoping to get someone in your corner who will do the work for you, that’s not what coaching is about.

If you’re looking for this kind of help, I recommend hiring an Online Business Manager (OBM) or a Virtual Assistant (VA). 

A coach does NOT manage your project

Again, if you need this kind of help hire a Project Manager or Online Business Manager.

A coach does NOT always just feed the answers to you

A little later I’ll explain this better, but overall know that a coach is to help YOU get better at whatever it is that you need. A coach is there to help you hone your skills, not just feed you the answers.

It’s your job to learn, it’s a coaches job to help you learn.

Here’s what a coach DOES do:

A coach helps support you

As a business & life guidance coach, it’s my honor to be a part of your support system. I am here to help you navigate things, both good and bad and help you make the best decisions for you, your business and your life.

As an entrepreneur and a creative, it’s essential you have supportive people in your corner. Hiring a coach should* be that.

* Not all coaches are created equal. Find a coach who truly cares about you and helping you succeed. If support is important to you, find a coach that fits the kind of support you need.

Are you a tough love kind of person? (Find a coach whose personality is all about the tough love).  Do you need a more gentle and nurturing approach? (Find a coach whose personality is very gracious and nurturing).

Need a combo of the two? Tough love when necessary, but also encouraging and gracious...this personality happens to be me. I love a little mixture of the two. 

A coach helps you be more effective

Coaching helps influence your adaptability, productivity, and retention to help you make better use of your time and be more effective in your business (and make more time for what matters most — your life). 

A coach helps you develop (skills, abilities, mindset)

Being a coach means that I approach your business and life as a leader who helps challenge you to develop new skills, abilities and mindset shifts. My role as your coach is to help you achieve your best performance and function as self-sufficiently as possible. 

Now, you might be thinking, it sounds like I’m having to do all the work, what does a business coach do for me?

If this was your thought, I don’t blame you, which is why I think this important to address:

 A business coach is working just as hard as you, but it’s often behind the scenes.

For my clients, I’m not only constantly working on my own self-development and training, but I’m also constantly looking, researching, and problem solving for their benefit. My job is to do a lot of the heavy lifting of education on the backend, so that I can help provide you with a more direct route to your success. 

A coach’s job is also to ask the right questions and be inquisitive for you in order to help lead you to awareness and your best possible performance. This means a good understanding and knowledge of what to ask in order to help you. 

Being a coach takes a certain set of skills that need to be constantly developed. (Side note: If a coach is not working on their own constant development, via courses, conferences, their own coach, paid mastermind, etc… be wary.)

A coach helps you gain clarity

If you’re just feeling SO stuck, and you’re not sure what to do or work on next. Whether you have ALL the ideas or if you feel like you have none and your burned out. A coach is there to help you navigate all of this and guide you to where you need to go. 

A coach sees between the lines and can help you fine tune or tune into the frequency of your deepest desires.

Working with a coach you should be asked a lot of questions… don’t be afraid of this. Come at it from the perspective that you’re being asked the questions you need to grow and answer as honestly as possible.

Don’t hold back with a coach — the more honest and open you can be, the more clarity and transformation you’ll experience.

A coach is also a mentor

I’ve seen a lot of confusion around whether to get a business mentor or a business coach. Mentorship is already a main component of business/life coaching. It’s not separate. 

If you’re looking for someone who cares about you specifically and your development, but also challenges you to perform at your best, then you just described a coach (and mentor).

To quote from dummies.com: 

Mentoring is one set in the overall skills of coaching. It’s a significant part of coaching and the set that focuses on guiding [clients] to do for themselves. Mentoring promotes self-development and self-sufficiency.”

If you work with me, you will quickly learn that mentorship is a main focus of mine. ;) I believe in self-development and self-sufficiency as two of the most important things you need as a creative entrepreneur.

Working with a coach will help you in more ways than you can imagine, and that transformation will last beyond your time working together as well. An effective coach will give you the tools you need to keep improving on your own and to remember/recall when you most need them in the future. 

Your goal as a business owner is to make your business be the most successful, profitable, and effective business it can be. Working with a business coach will be one of the best decisions you make for your business, and it will always be worth the investment if you work with the right person.

Not all business coaches are created equal

When hiring a business coach, do your homework. 

  • Get to know them and find someone who matches your personality.
    • If you work best with someone who is incredibly personable and open, because you thrive on that kind of connection and honesty, then be sure to hire someone who is like that.
    • If you work best with someone who is ultra professional and doesn’t share much personal information, then be sure to hire someone who is like that.

You get the point: get to know your coach before you hire them. 

  • Find someone who matches what you’re looking for help with.
    • If you’re needing help with strategy:
      • For more generic business strategy, hire a business strategist or coach that specializes in strategy.
      • For a launch strategy, hire a launch strategist.
    • If you’re needing help with writing content:
      • Look for a content strategist, or someone who specializes in content creation.
    • If you’re wanting to write a book:
      • Look for a book writing coach or someone who specializes in helping you write your book.

The options are endless. 

Think about what you need first, and then start searching for who can help you.

Now, if you’re coming to the end of this article thinking, well, what kind of coach are you? Let me tell you.

First of all, I combine several of my skills to help you with what you need help with the most: strategy, mentorship, coaching, personal branding, business management, client experience, etc... I have a gift at seeing the big picture, but also breaking it down into smaller more manageable chunks and keeping you on track with what matters most you.

I combine tough love with encouragement and I don’t shy away from the hard conversations. If you work with me, you’ll learn quickly that we go deep into the heart of the matter. I believe that transformation happens from the inside out, so in our coaching sessions we don’t shy away from the hard issues.

I specialize in helping you work through your fears with motivation, encouragement, mindset shifts, and acceptance. I’m VERY open and personable and a bit silly...I love to make life and business as fun as possible, because why the heck not?!

If you’re thinking, okay that sounds great and I’d love to work with you — AWESOME and thank you! But I want you to know right now — your success is the most important thing to me, so it’s incredibly important that I make sure we’re the right fit for each other so I can be the best possible support for you.

With that said, here’s my coaching application, apply any time and I’ll get us set-up with a complimentary coaching call so we can chat!