What is a Mastermind? The Brightly Immersive Mastermind

The word "Mastermind" keeps getting thrown around a lot lately. There are true and effective Masterminds out there and then there are people just simply meeting. 

In this Brightly Hour episode, I discuss what a Mastermind is and what makes a good one. This will help you choose the best Mastermind for you. On top of that, I give you the inside scoop into my Brightly Immersive Mastermind and what makes it so different from other "Masterminds" out there. 

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If you're a creative or entrepreneur who's been wondering,

  • "What is a Mastermind?"
  • "How do I find a Mastermind?"
  • "What makes a good Mastermind?"
  • "How does a Mastermind benefit my business?"

This Brightly Hour will help you understand Masterminds and their purpose to help grow your business.


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The Brightly Immersive Mastermind is a 6-month group program that meets you where you’re at (in business and life), gives you the support & insight you need to make positive results happen and clears the path for you to have your most transformational year yet.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each Mastermind group is completely unique, no two groups will ever be alike because it’s about the PEOPLE who make up the group. 

Oh yeah, this Mastermind program also includes an intimate 3-day in-person retreat at either Magnolia Market in Waco Texas or Disneyland in Anaheim California (your choice).



Brianne Dosier: Okay, yay, it looks like we're live. I want to make sure that we actually are, that everything's working right, so if you are joining me right now, say "hello." I'd love to be able to see you in chat. I see Sara says, "So excited about this. Looking forward to today's presentation. I can see you." Yay, that's so perfect. Okay, and make sure you can hear me okay. Perfect, Sara, I just said "and hear you." That's amazing. If you guys are here, if you're just popping in, I'm gonna be just jumping right in, getting started right away. There will be a replay if you miss just a little bit of this beginning part, but I do want you to come into the chat box and say who you are, where you're from, like where you're tuning in from today, and just like a hello. You can say what you do.

I love to network in that way. I think that a chat box is basically like in any webinar presentation thing are awesome because they're actually a really great networking opportunity, hint hint, nudge nudge, say no more. So, let me know where you're from, who you are, so I can say hello to you, but I also just want to let you guys know that I am Brianne. I'm gonna be introducing myself here in just a moment so you can get to know me a little bit better. I actually curled my hair for you today. You're welcome. Mostly it's for me because I was feeling like I had a bad hair day and I never curl my hair, and I actually really like it curled, which is really fun.

Okay, and let me see here. Ashley just chimed in. She says, "Hi, I'm a planner, designer," and She Plans in Houston, Texas. Woot, woot, that's amazing, Ashley. I'm super excited you're in here. That's wonderful. I have also looked up She Plans and I think it's awesome, so I just wanted to give you that shout out. Sara says, "Hi, I'm Sara, I'm from Vancouver, Washington," and she owns an online gift boutique focusing on tea and inspiration-related gifts called Earl Gray and Polka Dots and Sara actually knows me personally. Sara will actually be on here in just a moment too. She's gonna talk to you guys a little bit about her experience with me because she was just in my [inaudible 00:02:00] mastermind.

Sara's shop is amazing and I love tea which is also why I have tea as my little thing here, so if you love tea, you're gonna love Sara. Alicia, hi Alicia. Alicia says, "Hi, I'm Alicia and I own Slightly Stationary, a card and paper good company," and she is in Carlsbad, California and Alicia's cards and her illustrations are some of my absolutely favorite. If you've never looked up Slightly Stationary, you need to do it. Okay you guys, so, keep jumping in the chats. I know that it takes a little while for people to come in here and I also know some people will be watching the replay, so if you are here live, make sure you jump in the chat so you can say hi to people and make sure you talk to the other people who are in the chat. I actually love that to happen even though I'm presenting to you right now. Talk to each other. I'm good with that. I think that's awesome.

Morgan's here. She says, "Hi, I'm Morgan and I'm currently in Cypress" and we're all jealous. I'm stopping right there to say that, and she owns Honestly Bookkeeping, which is such a beautiful name too, just so you know, Morgan. Alright you guys, I've got your intro, so I'm going to introduce myself real quick. Hello. If you don't know me, I am Brianne. I am the owner and also head encourager at Brightly and Co, where I am a business guidance coach for creative go-getter gals, and really, I love to help you create and make long lasting transformations in your life and your business. I want to make that happen for you. I love to help you really believe in your dreams and make them a reality, so that's me.

Also, I kind of want to let you guys know, I am at my standing desk. This is the first time I have presented from my standing desk, so if I'm moving around a lot, that's because I'm standing. I love the energy I already feel from just standing up instead. It makes me really excited. Okay, so, today's call is all about going over the details of my personal Brightly Immersive Mastermind, so what I've created for you, but then also what a mastermind is and what a really good mastermind is, because I want you to be really informed when you're out there and you're about to choose a mastermind for yourself. I think that mastermind is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, so I want to give you some key things to kind of look for, and even expect out of the mastermind.

Those are some of the things I'm gonna go over, and I will show you ... Oops, I just highlighted it. There we go. Here's what we're actually covering today. What a mastermind is, why a mastermind is the transformational game changer for your business, how to find the right mastermind for you, why I created this mastermind that I'm gonna be talking about, what's included with this mastermind, when it begins, of course, and how to apply. Obviously I'm gonna teach you guys that kind of stuff so you know exactly what's going on, but it's really important to me that I tell you exactly what we're covering and that you know, but also that you know what a mastermind is and can feel really informed about that and can feel really confident in your decisions.

Okay, so, the next thing I want to tell you is that I am here to answer your questions. I want you to ask questions. Now, there is a section right beneath this video here. You'll be able to kind of see that below, I think, if I come out of my slides here for a second. I think that there's a section that says "questions" or something like that. It's always hard for me to see as the presenter, but there's a section in there for questions, so if stuff is coming up during this presentation, please feel free to pop them below. I will answer all the questions that are down there but sometimes I miss the ones that are in the chat because as soon as I pull up my slides, I'm not able to see the questions that are popping up, but I will be able to come back through and answer the questions afterward.

You can also vote on your favorite, so if someone asked a question that you're like, "I really had that in my head too," you can actually vote it up so that it's number one and I can answer that right away for you. That's just kind of to let you know that. Okay, so, let me kind of come back in here. I'm gonna pull up my notes. I'm gonna pull up my slides, which means I won't be able to see the chat, but I will pop in when I can to be able to see what you guys have going on in here, but please feel free to keep talking to each other, asking questions that are coming up. If you ask them in the comment section, I will still be checking that. I just might miss it if it keeps going through.

Okay, so, definitely ask a lot of ... I love questions, if you can't tell. I keep putting that in there. Okay, so, here we go. I want to be able to kind of tell you a little bit more about me and why I'm even talking about this today, a little bit of my passion. This is the whole why I created this mastermind, stuff like that, but I've had my own business for a little over seven years. Now, I know that some of you already know me. You've probably heard my story a little bit, but I'm gonna include some things today that you might not know, so it's kind of exciting.

Okay, so, I've my business for a little over seven years. I started in photography, which is still a big passion of mine. I still actually do brand name photography for businesses. I just get to be picky about who I do that for now, which is super fun. Anyway, I've moved from photography into brand and website design. I was doing both when I first went totally full-time with my business, so seven years in business. Then went totally full-time with my business and brand and website design added that in and then I switched to now business coaching, where I'm like a professional best friend forever, which is really, really fun.

I've worked for years. I started working when I was 14 both in the retail world and also in the corporate 9 to 5 and during these years I learned so much about business. How to lead, how not to lead, right? That's a big one too. How much branding really, really matters to your business, that business is like the avenue in which you can sell products, but your brand is actually what sells your products. That's how you sell your things. What it takes to create a successful company and then also what cripples a company.

I say that because I've worked for a startup company that was making more money from their investors than they were making from their clients. That was a rough one. I've also worked for a failing company that literally closed its doors within one day's notice and that was really intimidating for me during that time. I didn't have another job lined up or anything else and it was just kind of like, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe this just happened," but I watched that happen and that was with a big corporation.

I have worked at a family-run company. I've also worked for huge corporate world companies and I've been in everything from sales to marketing to HR to accounting and what was the other one I have in here? Customer service and actually entertainment, which, that's a different story for another time, but I will share that one day. What we're creating here as business owners, this is what I want to say, what we're creating here is hard. It takes a lot of you, right? You, personally. Yourself, your soul, your being, that you're putting into this business to make it successful.

I know those tired nights. I know the doubts, that creativity that feels like it's drying up sometimes, the stress, the anxiety, the unknown. I hate the unknown. Who's with me on that? I think most importantly, I know the perseverance that you have, so I want to give a silver lining to this, because I know how much perseverance you have and how much you want to make your business successful, how much you want to grow your business, how much you want it to be something amazing. You want a transformation in this, right? This is what you're looking for with your business.

I know that and I know it because I am that. I know that because I'm right there with you. I've been doing this for a while but at the same time ... against something, it's new, right? It's different, it's hard. Unknown is scary. All of those feelings keep happening to you, just so you know. I believe in failing, which might sound really weird, but I totally do. I believe in failing and that each time you do, you just fail better the next time. I believe in that. I believe that we just keep failing better and I don't want us to be afraid to fail. I don't want us to be afraid to not try, and that's definitely one of the reasons why I created this mastermind.

I want to bring together a group of women that will be there for you, that will support you, that will love you, that will challenge you and that will also encourage you to keep going in your business and your life, even when you feel really alone, right? You can feel really alone in this and you can also feel like you're kind of in the outskirts looking in, wondering how are they doing that? How are other people able to do this stuff and I'm not? Or whatever it is that you might be feeling, but those are very common things, right? It's kind of like that going in so many different directions kind of feeling and just spinning, spinning around, spinning your wheels.

I want to help you have a very clear direction. I don't want you to feel like you're on the outskirts looking in. I want you to feel like you've got a focus, that there's a community there for you, so specifically a community for you, and that you have a deep understanding of yourself, which will help you keep going even during the really hard times and give you an experience that you will not forget, because I love experiences, I love fun, I love having a really good time and making business, like, an awesome, fun experience that we all need to have and that it will be a life changing thing and it will be business transforming, and I want you to feel special, because you really, truly are special, okay?

I know that even if I don't know you, you are special. Take that way today. I want you to take it with you and know that you are special. Right now, I know that you might be feeling a couple of different things, and I really want to know how you're feeling, so where are you at right now in business? How are you feeling about your business in this moment? Are you lost, hopeless, confused, concerned, worried, anxious, exciting? Because I can be stressed and excited all at the same time. We're women, right? This is a thing. Terrified, ready to go, completely unsure of your next steps. Let me know in the comments how you're feeling and I'm gonna come in here and read some of these comments again because I know that there's been a little bit going on in here.

Ashley says, "Love the one-on-one view of the slides in your face." Yay, thank you. Before I even go to the next thing, Ashley, I want to ask you this, but can you see the slide good enough? Is it too small? I love having a side-by-side thing but I want to make sure, excuse me, that you can also read, so let me know that, because I appreciate that feedback but I also want to make sure that you can see everything that I'm putting up here.

Stacy, thank you, Stacy, for joining here from The Novel Life. She is from northeast Georgia and she was also in the mastermind with me for my beta just last year. An unknown is terrifying and failing equals growth. I love that. Sara said, "Praise hands. You're speaking to that voice inside of my head." I love that. Sara hears my cat. Okay, can you guys hear my cat? Because she's kind of freaking out right now. It's lunchtime. She does this. She always wants to play during lunch and her name is Lovey. I'm the girl with the cat named Lovey. I love her though. I can't even help it.

Okay, so ... Okay, Stacy says, "Nervous and so freaking excited. I have a meeting with the rental company about the bookstore location tomorrow." Stacy, that is so exciting. Morgan says, "Tentatively enthusiastic." Morgan, I love that so much. Sara says, "I'm feeling excited about the possibilities of the future but also overwhelmed by it as well. That is so normal and so understandable, and Ashley says, "I'm wanting to make a shift this year so I'm a little anxious and overwhelmed with making the right decisions." Sara can speak so clearly to that too, by the way. I just want to give you that, Ashley. That can confusion of wanting to make the right decisions is a really tough one and I know that that can play your heart a lot but I also want to just encourage you so much right now because you're wanting to make a shift this year and I think that is super exciting. That is such an exciting time, even though it's a really scary time.

I've been feeling about my business lately really excited. I'm super excited to be creating this new mastermind, to be launching this right now, but also, I've got a lot of anxiety around it. I've just had a lot of my own personal things that I've been working through for, like, my mindset and stuff like that, and I believe in being really transparent, and I've had a lot of anxiety come through but also the most, like, peace and excitement and just surrender to this whole process that I've ever had before. It's exciting for me to get to share that with you because even though this is hashtag real talk right now, it has been so eye-opening for me to get to be in this space in such a different way than I've been before, because usually I'm just anxious, but now I'm this anxious excited and I feel a peace about it that I haven't even though I still have an anxiety in there. It's not nearly as strong as it used to be.

So, that's my very long-winded way of telling you exactly where I'm at right now because I want to be able to share that with you, and, PS, that's what a mastermind's about. Okay, so, here we go. Yeah, Sara's already talking to Ashley about this. Stacy even says, "One thing Brianne has instilled in me this past year is making the right next step and not all the steps kind of helps with the overwhelm." Stacy, that is beautiful. I'm glad too. Thank you for that, but also, I believe in that so much, that it's like, "Okay, what's next but also what's our bigger goal and then how can we kind of get there?" I believe in sort of that reverse engineering.

Okay, so, does it make sense right now for me to keep this up one-on-one where you have the slides and then you also see my face? Or I can also do ... Let me see which. I can also do this where you can see the slides a little bit more and then I'm smaller in the corner. I would love to know what works for you guys right now and kind of what you can see the most because I'm about to go into sort of the meat of everything else right now, so I just want to make sure that you can see it and actually get your opinion and ask you, so if you're watching this and if I need to switch back, I will switch back, okay?

As of right now, let's see. You've got a lot on your plate. We already know this. As business owners, we have a lot on our plates. That's how this works. We know there's a lot going on, but I don't know if you've ever been in the place where you've actually tried a lot of things, so I'm gonna kind of put this guy up here next where it's like you've got a lot on your plate, but I don't know if you've ever felt like, "I've tried everything and I don't know what to do next." Maybe you've hired a coach before, maybe you've been in a mastermind before, maybe you've attended those conferences and workshops and online summits, things like that, or if you're me, you've downloaded all of the free stuff, like all of it. Yeah, I've totally done that, but it's still not getting you where you want to be, and here's where I think we get really, really tied up with stuff, is that we try and do it all by ourselves.

I've noticed that I can even be in a group, like I can be in a mastermind, which I have been in before, where I still felt alone because not only was I trying to do everything myself still, but everyone else in the group was also trying to do everything by themselves. No one was really in that zone of sharing with each other, and I still felt alone even in a group, so when I use the words "community" and when I use the words "connection" and things like that, I'm not just talking about a group setting in some way, shape or form. I'm talking about such a deeper connection than that, that you are not only there for you but you are there for others and then it's the same exact thing in return for you, so I'm gonna get into that in just a little bit more here, but that's why not all masterminds are created equal.

Not all masterminds are created equal. A good mastermind will transform your business and give you energy, but a bad mastermind will actually make you uncertain and drain your energy. The way that you can tell this is that if you're in a mastermind, if you leave the meeting and you are excited and you are motivated and you are, like, ready to take on the world, that is a really good mastermind that you're in because you just got fed into, and that's super important. Everyone else in the group should be feeling that exact same way. They just got fed into, and so they're feeling energized, like that gave them energy, but if you leave the meeting feeling drained and like you just lost an hour of your day and honestly just feeling really uncertain still about where to go and what to do with your stuff and with your business and with your life, that's a bad mastermind. I want to keep you away from that. There's a lot of things out there that are called masterminds, but they are not good masterminds. A good mastermind gives you energy, okay? It will transform your business.

This is what I'm talking about creating now, because I don't want you to be in those bad masterminds, and the reason I can even say this is because I've been in bad masterminds. I've experienced this. I've had these experiences where I left feeling really drained and just still really uncertain and a little frustrated that I could've been using that hour for something different. It makes me sad to say that but it's also the truth and that's what I do not want you to even have to experience. I want you to be in a good mastermind.

How can you find the right mastermind for you? Oops, I went the backwards way. Let me use the better arrow. There we go. So, how can you find the best mastermind for you, right? The right one for you. Let's start with what is a mastermind and truly define that first, but my favorite definition of a good mastermind is ... Comes from Thinking We're Rich by Napoleon Hill and I love this definition so much. So much. It's a little wordy because it comes from a different era, but it says, "The mastermind may be defined as coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose."

Now, to continue on, this is a different paragraph, but it says, "With persistence and intelligence and discrimination in the selection of your mastermind group, your objective will have been halfway reached even before you begin to recognize it." That is one of the most impactful sentences I have ever read and I want to kind of dissect this for you. Basically this sentence right here is saying that if you choose the right mastermind group for you, you will already be halfway toward your goal. You will already be halfway toward even the thing that you might not even know is there. You're halfway toward recognizing your purpose, your goal, the things that you've got deep inside of you, that inner belief, that inner, deep dream. That kind of thing.

I absolutely love that it says, "with persistence and intelligence and then discrimination," right? Like, of what group you're in. You've gotta be careful about who you work with and this kind of a thing, so when you're looking at finding the right mastermind for you, these are the things I want you to think about. Let's go back to even the definition here of what is a mastermind, and it's the coordination of knowledge and effort in the spirit of harmony. We already know a mastermind is a group of people, so that's in here, but the part that we don't ever talk about is the coordination of knowledge and effort, so I could even say all of the things that we bring to the table are all of our knowledge. Everyone who is in a mastermind brings a different knowledge. They bring different perspectives, and then together we bring action and that's that effort part. We bring effort to the group. We bring action to the group.

We help you get to where you want to go, and it's in a spirit of harmony. This is my favorite part. This is my absolute favorite part, is that a mastermind is meant to be in a spirit of harmony. We are meant to harmoniously combine our knowledge and our efforts together to help amplify and help each other grow, right? And just focus in on that person and help you get to where you need to be, and then in return, you get to do the same thing back.

This is my favorite definition, and then I'm gonna go just a little bit deeper here, that there's another quote just a little bit later of the same book that says, "When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group." This is what I mean by, "A good mastermind gives you energy." You should leave a mastermind being like, "Yes, I am so ready to go," and the reason for that is because that group of individual brains that just came together, they are coordinating and functioning in harmony in such a way that they are providing energy to every single other person in the group.

This is my favorite quote because I get so excited about this and I even have beneath there that, see, there's power and momentum behind a mastermind because you have more than one brain working toward a specific goal and all of those people, all of that, is focused on one person at a time, so learn to grow and to succeed that person and then you get to switch and you get to move on to the next person. In that one moment, there's power and momentum behind that mastermind because all those brains are combining for the effort and for the good of that one person. That's powerful right there. That is what a good mastermind is.

Okay, so a good mastermind will show you, or I should say, a good mastermind should know you, support you and challenge you. A good mastermind will focus on you and in return you will focus on someone else without your agenda clogging up in your mind, right? We can't let our agendas get in the way when we're, then, focusing on somebody else, but instead holding space for their agenda just as they just did for you. Everyone gets their turn to be supported, challenged and listened to. A good mastermind will give you energy and uplift you. You should leave the meeting feeling energized with momentum behind you, which I just said, and a good mastermind will challenge your way of thinking to provide you with more than one perspective to learn from.

Here's the thing, I'm a business guidance coach, and I love one-on-ones. I think that we should get to have that one-on-one time with each other and that there's a place for that, and I think there's a place for a mastermind. Now, the truth is, I think you get way more out of a mastermind, and me, even being a one-on-one coach saying that means a lot, okay? I want you to know that, but I do think we get more out of a mastermind, because we have all of those brains coming together.

I think it's incredibly important to have both but they come at different times and at different seasons in our life, and depending on what season that you're in, you could be needing to just have someone fully focused on just your stuff, needing to ... whether it's like a lunch, you're doing something brand new, whatever, it's just focused on your stuff, that's great, that's where a coach can come in, but if you're needing a whole new perspective, if you're needing a big shift in your business, if you're needing that big transformation, a mastermind is definitely for you. That's where you need to go with this and that's, again, how you can choose when is a good time to join a mastermind? What kind of masterminds, that kind of a thing, of, like do I need coaching or do I need masterminding? That is the question to be asking yourself right there.

I do think there's a time and there's a season for both, totally, but my favorite thing about a mastermind is all of the different brains coming together in one. That's just the most powerful thing I've ever experienced. It's one of the reasons I've created my own mastermind because of these things. The goal of a good mastermind isn't to make you feel good about yourself. That's not the point. The point is that it's there to help you transform, and my favorite definition of transformation comes from Cheryl Strayed from Brave Enough and she says, "Transformation doesn't ask that you stop being you. It demands that you find a way back to the authenticity and the strength that's already inside of you. You only have to bloom."

Transformation is just a process of blooming and that's what I mean when I use the word "transformation" for my mastermind, for anything. I don't believe in you having to change and I will never be an advocate for that. I don't want to change you. I don't want someone else to change you. I just want you to find a way back to the authenticity and the strength that's already inside of you. I want you to bloom in a mastermind, okay? I'm hoping you'll bloom in my mastermind because that's my whole goal with this.

The reason that my mastermind is six months is because for the first three months, we are getting to know each other. We are learning to trust each other. We are working up our courage to be more vulnerable and after three months, it's time to meet up in person, which is why I have our in person destination retreat and it's scheduled for three months into the mastermind, and then this method was actually just tested last year. I got to experience this stuff with my beta group, which was super fun. You're getting to see pictures right now from the amazing women who were in my beta group just this last year and they helped me basically create and just reimagine this mastermind in a little bit different way than I even had originally, and it's even better now than it could be because these women helped shape it.

The three months before the retreat in the middle and then three months follow-up, that's the six month mastermind that I'm doing right now. Next year I actually already have plans to adjust this yet again. I'm gonna get even more feedback but I'm pretty much thinking that we're gonna move to a year, which is really incredible for my little brain to take in but at the same time I know it's gonna be super impactful, but for this year I'm gonna have two six month groups and this is the reason why I'm doing it this way and I feel like it really helps build up stuff and it really helps build you up, so I've got these two ... Let me see, these two testimonials that are up here. I'll actually just let you read them. That's why these slides are bigger. It's also partly because I feel a little awkward reading them since they're kind of about me, but I want you to just take a moment to read those to sort of think about it and before I kind of get too far ahead, I am taking a look at this.

Okay, so, one of the things I really want to tell you is that I created this mastermind to provide you very specifically with a brave, safe space that you need to really transform your business and your mindset. We're not gonna just be focused on all things business because you can technically find strategy anywhere, but the connections, the mindset shifts, the life stuff, the real stuff, that's the stuff that actually moves the needle on your business. THat's where the transformation truly comes from. That's where the mindset stuff is. That's where we need to be, so I created this mastermind because it's what I wish I had when I was not only first growing my business but also as I continued to grow my business. This mastermind is a game changer for your business, okay?

These are the things I've seen right here, so I wanted to pop it up here, but this mastermind is totally a game changer. It's not just for your business but it's also for your life, and just by hosting this, my life and business was transformed last year. I went from brand design and website design to fully embracing becoming a business guidance coach. Sara, who's in the group right now, she went from feeling very frazzled and very unfocused and unclear and even unsure of her business, feeling confident that her business was good, that it was worth her time.

With a very clear direction and a very clarity of purpose, she just came to a place of extreme clarity of her purpose and it has been so beautiful to watch her get there. I love some of the things she just had to share, but she finally saw that her business was good and it was worth pouring into. She knew that she loved it but she didn't know the amazing impact that she was creating with it and now she knows that. She knows even more of an impact that she can create with it and I'll tear up because it's just been so beautiful to watch that happen.

Kristi was one of the gals in there as well. She's not joining us today but she is writing her novel right now and she went from feeling very afraid to start her own business and kind of hiding behind, "Oh, I'm just an author," which ... I'm just an author? Like, what? I don't even write books. Okay, but to instead really embracing her strengths and her talents and planning her very first e-course, which is super exciting because she's now embracing her role as a leader and a guide for others in their spiritual journey and really helping others see and embrace their own light. She has done that for every one of us in the group and it has been literally miraculous to watch not only her transformation but to watch ours because of her leadership and her stepping into her light with this.

What's really cool is that Kristi is actually going to be one of the guest speakers for us at the Magnolia ... I'll be going into all of this, but at the Magnolia retreat. We're going to go to Magnolia Market, but she's going to be at that one and she's going to help lead us through a visualization that is incredibly powerful and really impactful. The way that she approaches things makes you just feel really confident and makes you step into your own light in a way that is just ... It's just really beautiful and I'm excited to get to share that with you.

Stacy, who is in the group, hi Stacy, Stacy went from feeling completely unsure, unclear, and again, unfocused on her passion. She reviews books on a beautiful blog, by the way, and she loves books and she does such a good job with this. She basically embraced her deep love for books and her inner dream that she didn't even ... She knew it was there but she didn't acknowledge it until very recently, which I'm so excited about, but of starting her own bookstore, and she's just embracing that now and she's embracing her value and how much she brings to the table because of her book knowledge.

She always knew she wanted to work but she didn't always know what to do and now she's in the works of even renting her own space, which she said in the comments that she has a meeting. Also she's gonna have the best bookstore in the whole world because I'm super biased, but she really is gonna have the best bookstore. Here we go. I created this mastermind so that you will see and experience real results like this. Some of the results will be instant. Others you might see a couple years from now, you might see a few months from now, that kind of a thing, but that's the beauty and the magic of a good mastermind. No matter what mastermind you're in, even if you didn't join mine, but no matter what mastermind you're in, you need to know that you will experience real results. Real stuff is gonna happen to you and you're gonna get a different kind of clarity and you're gonna transform in the definition that I used of transformation.

I wanted to create a mastermind that had the same elite experience that I've seen with other high-end masterminds without the 10 to 20 thousand dollar price range. I looked up a mastermind I actually wanna join and it was over 20 grand and I was like, "Okay, whew, take a moment to breathe. Money mindset. We're working on it. I will get there," but it's just one of those moments and when we're kind of in a place of transitioning or just getting started with our businesses or even in the zone that maybe we've been in business for a little while and we're wanting to grow but still 10 to 20 thousand dollars is a lot of money and we need a little bit more growth before we get there, right?

I wanted to create that high end experience of a mastermind without that high end price point because my heart is there. My heart's right there with you and because I've been there, so I really want to just throw that out there, that this is not one of those 10 thousand dollar, 20 thousand dollar price points, but I wanted it to be affordable and exactly what you need, giving you the confidence, clarity and connection you need, which Sara came up with those three words for me, by the way.

What makes specifically the Brightly Immersive Mastermind unique? I was talking about what a mastermind is as a whole, right? It's not just a group of people getting together, but it is an entire experience that you should be getting energy from and giving energy to. It's a transform ... That's not even the word. Transfer of energy to each other in a very harmonious way, right? When you're looking for the mastermind for you, like when you're thinking about, "Okay, I know I need a mastermind. What kind of mastermind am I looking for?" I really want you to know what makes this mastermind unique, okay?

Each one is gonna be different in its own right but mine is definitely the most unique I've seen in a while because I don't know of people doing some of these things that I'm doing but I also have like a total passionate heart behind it, but we want to make sure it's the right fit for you, so in this case, this is a heart centered mastermind experience for your most transformational year yet. That is my heart behind this. That is my goal behind this and it is by application only. I know, I know, but that way each group can be chosen, can be procured for just the right fight because I do believe in that harmonious group. I believe that you should be grouped with like people but also that I need to find the right people for you that will help you grow.

That's incredibly important to my heart. It's actually a strength of mine to connect people in that way, and one of the best ways I can do that is by application. I'm also keeping these groups incredibly small. Other masterminds I've seen out there are big. They're upwards of 12 or more people and I'm making these a max of four people only. Both of my groups are only gonna be four people each and I just believe that it makes for better connections and it makes for bigger transformations, so I'm keeping it small. I'm not out to make a ton of money on this. I'm out to make this impactful for you.

I'm keeping it small and I want it to be high-end. Without high-end, basically without the high-end price point, I want it to be a high-end experience that you can have, this kind of affordable quality support that I wished I had had when I was first starting my business and I don't think that it's quite fair sometimes that we can't have that high-end experience without a super high-end price point. Next year it will be going up in its price point but this year I wanted to keep it right where it is because my heart is so in this place.

For the next thing, we're also going to have a three day in person destination retreat as well as bi-weekly meetings, and that's because being in person will solidify relationships and grow your level of love and support for your fellow masterminders in a way that you can't even imagine right now. This retreat alone is the most life changing part and the cost of admission, shall we say, whatever, but is like just for the retreat alone would be worth it. It's my favorite part. It's my absolute favorite part.

At the destination retreat we will also be at either Disneyland or Magnolia Market and this is so intentional. You might be wondering why those two very specific destinations. It's because I want to take us to those destinations and completely immerse ourselves into that amazing standout brand that they are and dissect that brand from the inside out. It's gonna be a super fun day. We go spend the whole day at that particular place, so either at Magnolia Market, and if you're wondering what that is, that's the fixer upper, HDTV's fixer upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. That's their market in Waco, Texas, and we literally take ourselves to that place and we just take in the entire experience and then I lead you through exercises that makes you think about in a very critical, analytical and marketing way.

We're taking your brand experience ... Well, we're taking their brand experience and actually applying it to your brand experience, so I will answer questions specifically to your brand, to your business and we'll build a brand experience while we're there. It's like my favorite part ever. Then the next thing that's happening is that we will dive deep into your brand. I just kind of said this, actually. We will dive deep into your brand so that you know how to take your brand to that next level, but we will also be getting you branding photos. I don't believe in just headshots.

Have you ever been to those conferences where you have a headshot and sometimes you do this and it totally irks me, by the way, but I want to give you actually branding photos. You'll get a 30 minute branding photo session with me with an amazing photographer. Her name is Katie Grace if you've looked her up before, and she's gonna be taking your branding photos for you. I want to do this for you because I believe that your brand imagery is so important and it's so hard to find and it's also so hard to make unique, so I'll be encouraging you to bring some of your own items with you to this in-person retreat so that you can have your own branding photo session. I love that part so much.

The next bit here is that I will also be giving you personalized guest speakers. This will both be at the retreat and then it will also be interspersed during our time together. We will have our biweekly meetings. These will be separate. These will be separate bonus things that you get because I want you to be able to have guest speakers come speak to you for what you need specifically, so they will be announced soon as I get my groups together and as I figure out who's gonna be in these groups and you guys apply.

Basically I'm gonna be figuring out who I can ask with my great ... I've got a big community of people now and some really great connections of amazing people that I can help bring in to speak directly to your needs from their expertise and each person will also get a heart seat. This is what I like to call instead of a hot seat, you get a heart seat, and these are during our biweekly meetings so that you can express exactly what's on your heart and the entire group gets to surround you and just love and support and encourage you with these heart seats. They are really impactful times and sometimes they're a little intimidating but I promise that we are all in this together and that this is a time for you to get poured into and then the next time you get to pour into somebody else. It's very powerful to get to do this and I help set it up in a way that won't feel scary, but you might be a little intimidated, but it's just truth.

You'll also get a private Facebook group and this is so that we can connect outside of our meetings, like during the entire week and any time that stuff comes up, you get to go talk to your women in your group and me and it's full access all of the time, and I'm in there as often as I possibly can be. We also get six months worth of accountability because this group isn't going to be jus tall up in your business. It's like the best way possible for us to make sure that you're actually getting stuff done and doing the things you need to and want to first, so Ashley, kind of your question of what are my next steps, what are my next right steps or whatever, we're gonna help you get to those next steps.

This really helps erase the shiny object syndrome, right? We know how that feels. I know how that feels. I love shiny objects. You also get continued emotional support because running a business, it's like 10 percent about the strategy and 90 percent about the emotional support. That's why masterminds are so important, is that you need that encouragement and you need that community. You need those people so that you're not alone, and then together we'll also face fears. I'm a big proponent for facing fears. I like to acknowledge limiting beliefs and break down those mental blocks. Break down those barriers that we put up for ourselves that don't need to be there so that you can actually start moving forward in your business and life with ease. Doesn't that just sound like what we need?

Okay, so here's kind of that recap of that. Six months of masterminding, 90 minute calls every week, daily unlimited support from your group, a three day in-person destination retreat so that you can build an even better brand and connection. Connection with the women in your group. You're gonna feel so connected to them in a way that you couldn't imagine is possible with that retreat. Your private Facebook group, obviously there's more things than here but I'm not reading all of those, and then an extensive 60 page workbook that you get at the retreat, 30 minute branding photo sessions, special guest speakers and also, extra bonus, you get a one-on-one 60 minute call with me if you join up with this mastermind because I want to be able to give you some one-on-one attention and this is just an extra bonus that I have included this time around for this mastermind and I am so excited about it.

Plus, my favorite thing ever is to make stuff fun. I love making people feel loved and surprised and I love gifting things, so you're gonna have even more surprises that I'm not telling you about right now and I would say they're priceless but they do cost money and that's not the point. The point is I love to do it. Okay, so that's kind of part of that extra bonus. The total of this mastermind really does come out to a little over 20,000 for like what the value is of everything, right? Which is totally true, and the value is there, but that's my whole point. I wanted to create that high-end feel without that high-end price point. I'm not gonna do that to you, okay?

I'm actually gonna come back into the group here and I know I've got Stacy and Sara ... I think that ... I'm like, taking a look at these things. I think that I can invite them on to the screen. Okay, Sara, I am inviting you first. Let me see if this will work, and then Stacy, I am inviting you onto the screen. Okay, so, we've got some gals in here with us right now who are these amazing, wonderful, incredible women who were a part of my beta mastermind, and I just invited them onto the screen but I don't know ... I haven't got to do this yet before. Sara, are you on here?

Sara Pietila: I am. Hi.

Brianne Dosier: I see Sara. Hi.

Sara Pietila: There's Stacy.

Stacy Millican: Hi.

Brianne Dosier: Oh my gosh, girls, I love seeing your faces. You're so beautiful.

Sara Pietila: I know, it's almost like one of our calls.

Brianne Dosier: If you guys are in the chat, definitely let me know if you can hear Sara or Stacy. Maybe it's just me. If you guys can hear them, then that's amazing. If I can't, I'm really bummed. You can hear everyone? Okay, awesome. It's just me, Sara. I can't hear you. But Sara, I'm still gonna ask you questions and they're gonna be able to hear you. This is what we do on webinars that are live. We make it happen. We make it happen. Okay, so, Sara, you are so wonderful and amazing for being on here. Sara and Stacy, you are part of the beta group. They have my heart. These women have totally transformed my life, each other's lives and I just want to hear from you guys. I don't want you to just hear from me the whole time, so, Sara, what has been the biggest transformation you've seen in your business and life since we started the mastermind?

Sara Pietila: Okay, this ...

Brianne Dosier: I'm not gonna be able to hear you which makes me so sad.

Sara Pietila: The biggest part for me is I have a clear idea of where my business is going and one of the biggest things I did recently was rewrite my mission statement and my core values and it's so amazing to me how much clarity I had around that. I went to sit down to write my core values the other day and it just poured out of me in a way that has just not happened before. I've been writing blog posts left and write and in the past that has been really difficult for me to get through those. Everything about this is really just about I sort of uncovered. I was digging deep. I dug into my ... I'm trying to find the right words. I uncovered truly what I wanted from my life and from my business and then I was able to, through both of those things, I was able to basically get a clearer vision of where that trajectory is, basically, so I think that's it.

Brianne Dosier: Okay, well, the other question that I want to ask you guys, too, is what was your favorite part of the mastermind?

Sara Pietila: Oh, okay.

Stacy Millican: The retreat.

Sara Pietila: Yes, the retreat. Well, I mean all of it works together well, but for me it's three part. It's that you are supported in three different ways. There's daily support within our Facebook group and to be fully candid, my best friend died this year, or this last year, and these women, I've created such a friendship with them. I've cultivated such a friendship with them that they were there for me in this really, really difficult emotional time that was like nothing to do with my business. I mean, it had to do with me so I suppose that in some ways had to do with business but there was that community that was created. It's like the daily stuff in the Facebook group and then you get the biweekly calls and then the in person was just ... That's where everything went from we'd been working our way up and then it just blew the roof off. Everything changed, so that's it.

Brianne Dosier: So surreal watching your face, but I can tell when you're done, so thank you for at least showing that and then Stacy, in the comments, because I know video wasn't working great, but still let us know what your favorite part was too. I want to be able to hear from you because I'm so honored that you're here and able to talk with us. The third question that I had for Sara and Stacy as well, what's your number one takeaway for being part of this mastermind and a mastermind program like this basically? That number one takeaway, or number two or three or four.

Sara Pietila: Hi lovey. I can hear the kitty in the background, but I think the biggest takeaway for me is that it's worth it to invest in myself and bigger than that, I should say that you can do it alone but it's a lot harder to do it alone. It is a lot harder to be on your own. When I hit struggles now, I have a group of women that I can talk to. I have people that are there for me and so even though it was a financial investment, what I felt like what was happening was I was investing in myself and then in the community. What was created there was incredible and I don't think there's any possible way I'd be where I am right now and where my business is going to go in 2018 and 2019 because I'm already planning both of those years.

There's no way I would've been where I am right this second without this mastermind. It's that sense of community and the way that Brianne brought together the kind of people that needed to be together so I get support from different people and perspective from different people that I need, because they're all a little bit different.

Brianne Dosier: Thank you Sara for making it so obvious. Finished with her sentence. It makes me so happy. I honestly can't wait to go back and watch these so that I know what's going on, and this is how you know it's really true. These women are saying exactly what they feel. Thank you guys so much, too. Thank you for popping on here, and even during the questions part, I might have you guys pop back on here to answer any questions if we've got some that are there because you are here and I appreciate that so much, so if you guys do, if you have questions, ask it in the comments because both Sara and Stacy are in the comments here, but you can also tag them below an dI can bring them back up for a little video time at the end if we want to.

I want to read Stacy's real quick because she said, "My favorite part is that we got to know each other through the bimonthly chats and workshopping so that when we got together for the mastermind, we knew each other already and the connection just became deeper." That was something that came hindsight. That's now the new process but originally that's not something that I necessarily had in my mind and then we both discovered this is what needs to happen. Sara actually approached me and she was like, "Brianne, we really need that time ahead of the retreat to get to know each other, and I really think that's something you should add," and I was like, "Yeah." Anyway, thank you, Sara. It's because of you that that's officially happening. Okay, Sara, I'm gonna go ahead and pop you off screen again, close the video.

Sara Pietila: Bye.

Brianne Dosier: So, before I tell you all of this, I kind of want to tell you how to apply. The exciting part is that for those of you who are currently on the waitlist, you get to apply starting tomorrow. If you want to get on the waitlist, you can go to BrightlyAndCo.com/BrightlyImmersive. In there is where I've got my waitlist thing. I'm gonna make sure that everyone who gets on the wait list gets to apply first. This is super important to me because the people who are on the wait list I know want it the most and I want to really honor that and it's basically like even though it's by application only, it will still be filled as kind of quickly as I can and according to who's applying first and the right fit, that sort of a thing. Anyway, you have a better chance if you're on the waitlist but I'm also so excited because that means it's happening tomorrow.

Morgan's been waiting for this for a while, I know, so Morgan, I am incredibly excited to get to tell you, I've been keeping it from you, that you get to apply starting tomorrow and, whoops, here's the other bit here, is that everyone else ... If you don't want to get on the waitlist, if you're like, "I'm just really not sure, I want to have more time to think about it," whatever, you get until January 17th, so don't even worry, okay? I will open it back up, but if I do fill the groups before January 17th, I won't be opening it back up, so there is a little bit of that double-edged sword thing there, but, like I said, groups will remain open until filled.

All you have to do is fill out a brief questionnaire and submit it. I will be reviewing each one of those, basically, and setting up also a phone call with you, because I want to get to know you, I want you to get to ask me questions, I want to be able to ask you followup questions, because getting to talk to you personally helps me create these groups even better, so that's actually really important to me. That's part of this application process. I will personally let you know if you've been chosen for a group and then which one, et cetera, et cetera, and that all comes down to after everything's been done, a non-refundable 500 dollar retainer holds your spot. Until I get that retainer, your spot's not held. We kind of know how this works, right?

Okay, so this is kind of how it all goes together. When does it begin? All of this stuff, so group one begins in March, and then the retreat is actually in May for this one. Group two begins in June and the retreat is in September. You get to pick your destination and I will do my best to honor that, but obviously if you pick either/or you don't really care, that's actually going to be easier on me and easier for me to place you into a group, but if you are so specific, like, "I only want to go to Disneyland," or, "I only want to go to Magnolia Market," let me know that. I want to do my best to honor that for you, because the destination is a big part of this whole experience and if there's one brand that you align with a little bit more, that's really important. I want to honor that.

Retreat dates will actually be chosen by the group but these are the months that they're in, so once the group is set up, we will choose our retreat dates on the very first meeting. Again, it's kind of that idea that, like, 10 percent of the puzzle is the method and the plan, right? Even in this case, so that's for our business, this is also for this, so the method and the plan is like 10 percent of this, but the people who are part of your group are 90 percent of your growth, which is why I put such a big emphasis on the people. Such a big emphasis, so if you are a female entrepreneur, if you are in the creative world, whether you are service or product-based, if you are in your first year of business to in your 10th year of business, you are welcome to join this and that's also why I'm curating these groups in such a way that if you are still in kind of those newer stages, more newer stage people will be with you, et cetera.

If you are in later stages of business, that kind of a thing. If you're in a place of sort of transitioning in your business, I might put other people who are transitioning so we can do this all together, but maybe also somebody who has already transitioned before, like me. Okay, so anyway, those things are happening with that, but this is also why I've chosen to create that application process. I just want to make sure you guys know that that's my reasoning behind it and that not everyone will get into the mastermind. It breaks my heart to say that, but not everyone will get into the mastermind because I will be choosing people according to their needs, their passions, their personality and their availability. The group will determine your experience, so it's so important to me that I make this be like number one top priority.

I also have a gift of connecting people. That's part of one of my strengths, it's one of my gifts and I'm honored that I have that and I'm honored to get to connect people together and build communities in that way and I'm really excited to get to do that with this group. Okay, the thing is I can't make people do the work. That's all kind of part of this, so I've also created this application process. Oops, sorry, I already gave it away, but I'll go back to it. This application process to really get you to a place where you're feeling really, really good about your group, okay? Beyond all of that, this is how it's working. This is how it's all going together.

I want to tell you the price, if we're ready to hear it. Okay, I already kind of gave it away on there, but I do want to create that high-end mastermind without that high-end price point. The total for this Brightly Immersive, for this six months of us working together plus the retreat is 3,500 dollars and payment plans are available with this, okay? I have two payment plans on my website at BrightlyAndCo.com/BrightlyImmersive. If someone could type that into the chat, actually, that would be amazing. You can go kind of check that out there. You can see my sales page. You can see the information. If those payment plans didn't work for you for any reason, email me or we can talk about it on the phone too, during the application process, because I want to be there for you and to help you through this, and help make it affordable for you. Like I said, that's really important. That's on my heart.

If you did the full 3,500 one-time payment plan, or just like one-time payment, you actually save about 100 to 150 because payment plans do go up just a little bit, and that's just because of the fact that it's a payment plan. That's sort of normal but I like to be as transparent as possible with you guys because it's really important to me that I do that. The other thing here is that this mastermind is not for those who are wanting to start a business, okay? If you've not already started a business, this is not the mastermind for you. Let's begin somewhere else, okay? I can help you start a business, but this mastermind is for people who are already doing their business and that's really important because we're looking to grow businesses, not start them, with this mastermind. That's one of my only caveats is you've gotta be a lady because we have an in-person retreat and then you have to already have your own business.

Then if you are in the beginning stages, you are still more than welcome to apply and kind of let me know where you're at and what's going on. Maybe you have business background behind this or something or like a really concrete plan. I'm willing to totally talk with you about that and see where you're at and see if you're still a good fit, okay? Here we go, Q and A time. I want to be able to answer lots of questions. I'm sure that there's other things that are happening here, so I want to be able to do that. Thank you for putting in the link. Yay. Thank you, Sara and Stacy. Okay, so, I want to answer any questions that are happening right now and I, in order to do that, need to reconfigure just a little bit of what's going on.

Has anyone asked a question below? I have not seen one yet and Kristi just joined us. I can say hi Kristi. Hello, you're amazing. Q and A time, okay. I wanted to put on that slide so that we kind of know that's what's happening. Focus back my screen so I can actually talk to you guys and definitely your time is valuable. I want to be able to answer these questions, do this stuff, give you the information. Okay, so, is there anything that's popping up in your heads or hearts right now and you're going, "Okay, I really need to ask this question. I really want to know what's going on. Can you give me more details about this?" That kind of a thing.

One of the things I did want to include is that for our retreat, so for that three day retreat that's in the middle, it is basically all-inclusive. I'm providing for you the lodging, I'm providing for you transportation to and from the place that we're going to. If you go with me to Disneyland, your Disneyland tickets are on me and then also food, that kind of a thing. We will have a house mom which is super exciting. One of my goals has always been to include my mom in my business and get to do that, and she's actually going to be the house mom at both events. She's coming along to the retreats and she's going to be cooking for us and just be that amazing house mom, and my mom is [inaudible 01:02:54]. No, she just is. She's the best mom ever, but it's exciting because I get to pay her back for her much she's done for me and get to incorporate her into my business, so that's a really fun thing for me that has been kind of a big dream and it gets to keep growing, so that's not something you would even know to ask, but I'm letting you know that that's a thing because that seriously makes my heart just soar with extreme gratitude and excitement.

Okay, so, yay, I see a few people are popping on to the wait list right now which is so exciting for me at the moment. I want to be able to kind of say hi and do that. Okay, so, I've not seen anything in the comments. Am I just missing something? Stacy, actually, you can sign up again and for the payment plan, so 500 dollars is do basically right away to save your spot, Ashley, and then payment plans after that would become monthly, so basically for March. 500 dollars would save your spot and then the next payment wouldn't start until March and then continue on after we get started with that.

If you wanted to begin before that, we could do that as well but I can be really flexible with you on that. The only thing that really needs to happen is I need a certain amount of money basically to put on the retreats, so I do have to have at least half of the payment sort of a thing ... What's the word I'm looking for? I have to have half the payment to me by the time we go to the retreat so that I can pay for those expenses for you.

I hope that kind of helps answer that. Okay, if there's anything else that's kind of popping up ... I hope that that just means that I've gone over stuff really well for you guys but I also love questions and I don't want to be missing anything. I want to make sure that I definitely answer stuff for you and that you're not questioning any of it, but also, if you have questions for Sara, Stacy or now Kristi, who just popped in here, all three of those amazing women were a part of the beta and they will all be here to answer questions and stuff like that as well.

I do have ... Okay, let's see. Alicia just popped on to the wait list. What what. Alicia, I'm super excited you're in there because that means I get to send you your application tomorrow. I'm so excited. Dates. Are the retreat dates mutually chosen? Yes. After your group is set up. I've got the month planned out for you, that that's the month it will happen so you can plan for that, but the dates specific will be chosen by your group, so those three dates will specifically be chosen by your group once we get that group going. Alicia said, "I thought I was already on it but I wanted to make sure." Alicia, you're so cute. Well, you are officially on it because I just got the notification, which is super exciting and let's see. Ashley says, "This feels like a great experience. I've been in masterminds that met infrequently and we didn't really know each other or our businesses."

Yeah, that's what I mean by the good mastermind versus ... I don't want to call it a bad mastermind. I feel like "bad" is a strong word, but it's not effective. Is that a better way of putting that? Not an effective way, so, yes, this ... I mean, yes, I'm biased because I created this, but yes, it's a great experience and my heart is so behind this. For the people that I get to work with and ... This is kind of my passion project, but I really care about you personally but also your growth, and I love to support people in this.

That's why I also switched and transitioned my entire business, so I know you're saying you're going through a transition, Ashley, but, like, I transitioned my entire business to now be a business guidance coach, and it's been the best decision I've ever made and even though transitions are hard, it's so fulfilling to get to do this now, like all of the time, so there's a lot of energy behind it for me, but also, I do want it to be a great experience. I want to make business fun again. This is a really fun experience as well as really tough. We dig deep and we go into the dark fear places of our souls and that might sound like "uh," but it is the most beautiful experience when you get out of that because you get to leave ...

Sara actually, I'm quoting Sara right now. She got to leave what she didn't want on the table. She got to leave her fears and her doubts and her whatever was kind of going on in her heart on the table and she got to take away with her what she needed. Sara, that was such a beautiful way to say that. It really just warmed my heart to the core because we go to a core place, we go to a deep place and that's how we make change happen. That's how we make transformation happen. Okay, and then Stacy's so sweet. "Oh Ashley, this mastermind truly has changed my life. I cannot recommend [inaudible 01:07:52] immersive enough. I stepped into the mastermind a writer and found my footing with writing and how to funnel it into my business," because you're doing a whole business, Kristi. What what. I'm super excited.

Okay, so, I can also put in here ... My computer keeps moving kind of slowly, so I apologize if that happens right now, but I can actually put in here the link so specifically to the wait list if you'd like to be able to apply earlier than other people, so let me just grab it really quick because of course I didn't have this fully ready to go here, but I will bring it up and I will get it ready to go for you and I will put it in here to make it super easy on you.

Okay, so let me just grab the link. My cat just came back in. If you all of the sudden hear her, by the way, I apologize. So funny. Okay, so here we go. Let's go to ... All of a sudden I'm not finding what I need to find. Always helpful, and we are going to have this section ... Okay, are there any other questions that are popping up? I want to make sure I'm answering those. I'm struggling to all of the sudden find what I need. [inaudible 01:09:27] Save that. Stacy says, "I went from continuing to tap down a lifelong dream of opening a bookstore to trusting my intuition and following my dream through the mastermind. I know Brianne will make the perfect connections amongst you and your life plus business will grow exponentially. Are you looking for the link for the wait list?"

I just grabbed it but I know there's a place for me to put it into the actual webinar, Sara, and all of a sudden I can't find it. I'm like "dang it," because there's a spot here in the webinar where I can put up a quick button for you and now all of a sudden I can't find the button and I am frustrated that I can't find it. Last time it was super easy to do this. Maybe it's just not hear all of the sudden. I don't even know. I don't even know, but it's not there, so I can put it in the group. I'm like sorry guys, usually last time this was super easy and now all of the sudden I'm ...

Sometimes it's that thing where it's like right in front of your face and you don't see it. Whatever. Okay, I just popped it in the group. Alright, so, there's still nine of you on live. If you've got any other questions, please feel free to pop them in. I don't want to waste your time but I want to make sure that I answer any questions. I've got you covered with that and also you can go to and kind of see the whole sales page if you want. I always hate calling it a sales page, but in there I just have the details. I have the details for the mastermind and that was at BrightlyAndCo.com/BrightlyImmersive. I believe Sara and Stacy both put that link up above in the chat, but I want to make sure that if you've got any questions, you can hop in there. You can see that.

Okay, last thing, okay, "You're pricing is great," Ashley says. "I can tell it's full of value but the reason I'm shifting is due to lack of profitability so I need to look into my money, but I'd love to join. You did a great job." Thank you, Ashley. Thank you, and I totally understand that. One of the things I always love to ask myself, because I've basically jumped into stuff with a higher price point and money mindset is something I'm currently working on, so I can just tell you right now, I totally understand these concerns, but I like to ask myself the question, so I'm gonna give this to you not as anything more than just what has helped me with my money mindset and kind of thinking through stuff and what I want to do, but is the question of will this help me profit? Will this help me grow my business? Will this get me to a place where I can recoup that money and maybe how quickly?

Right? You can kind of ask yourself those questions, so depending on your answer of that, I feel like your gut answer is the answer of should I apply or not, but it's not just a "should I apply," it's "will this help me get to where I want to go? Will this get me to that profitability zone I need to be at?" Because there are certain opportunities that do that for us and there are certain opportunities that don't, and you are the only one who can answer that for yourself, but I just want to encourage you to ask that question instead of the "should I apply or not" kind of a thing, if that helps.

Okay, Kristi says, "I have to go." Thank you so much for popping on, Kristi. I so appreciate you. Alright, my lovelies, ladies, everybody, okay, so my email is Brianne@BrightlyAndCo. You can email me at any time if you have any questions. If you do apply, we still get that phone interview together and I will be able to sit there and actually answer questions for you and talk with you more one on one, but I'm gonna pop off, okay? Because I don't want to take up any more of your time. I appreciate you guys so much. I hope that this has been informational and helpful for you, but I'm also here for you if you've got more questions, okay? Okay. Yay.

Rose says, "Thank you, Brianne." Thank you, Rose. Thank you for being on here. I appreciate you. Cece says, "Thank you so much, Brianne. This has been so wonderful." Thank you, Stacy, and I really hope this has also given you an idea, too, of what a good mastermind is and how to find a good one for you, even though obviously I'm talking about mine, but so much more than that, right? Sara says, "I am so grateful for you, Brianne." I am grateful for you too. Thank you both, Stacy and Sara, for being on here and sharing your hearts and answering those questions for me as well and getting to share that with everyone on here. I so appreciate that.

Okay, guys, I'm gonna pop off and just thank you all for being here, alright? Applications start tomorrow for wait list people or on January 17th if you want to take a little bit more time to think about it. Those will be going live shortly. If you don't follow me already on any of the socials, you can find me at Brightly and Co. I'll still be talking about this and again you can reach out there and ask me any questions, if you have any, okay? Okay guys, bye everybody. Have a wonderful rest of your day!