What is Effective Marketing?

Effective marketing is simply great communication.

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The other day I was talking to a coaching client and I asked them, what do you do? I got a very long, confusing answer and at the end of it I had to say, I’m so sorry, but I still don’t know what you do.

This got me thinking about what effective marketing means.

Effective marketing isn’t just about selling, it’s not just about putting yourself out there, it’s far more intentional than that of course, but in reality effective marketing is simply great communication.


Think about it, if you could easily and effectively tell me what you do, I would already be more interested in it. The number 1 reason being, because I already understand.


If someone is trying to decipher what you do or sell, they’re already one foot out the door, because we like to understand. The unknown is actually quite frightening to most of us and subconsciously this becomes an issue if someone can’t understand or grasp what it is that your business is all about.


When we communicate effectively, all of a sudden the world starts to open up in new ways we never imagined.


Let me give you another example, that I’m sure you’ve experienced:


Picture this. You and your significant other are having a spat. But instead of using normal, clear communication, you just start getting louder... You’re both saying the same things over and over, and the spat starts to escalate a bit. The tension between you two is growing and you’re both becoming more angry and frustrated…

It's not fun. But most of us have experienced this. It’s normal human behavior to have tiffs and arguments, but there’s a key element to this story. In the scenario above there’s no clear, great communication happening. It’s frustration and digging your heals in.


My point is this, great communication diffuses these moments. It rids people of frustration.


Great communication provides clarity and confidence.

Great communication provides clarity and confidence - Brianne Dosier from Brightly & Co.


Great communication = effective marketing.

Marketing = to advertise or promote your product or service.


Great communication doesn’t come overnight. It’s something you cultivate, refine and work at.


It takes these 3 key elements to cultivate great, clear communication:


1. Self Evaluation


Now I want you to evaluate yourself, I still do this all the time and it’s a fantastic exercise.

What are the questions you frequently get? Do people understand what you do or are they asking for clarification? When you take a look back through your social media, website, newsletters, blog posts, etc… is it clear what you do?


2. Listen to others


The second thing I want you to do, is ask someone (or several people)... is it clear what I do? Does my website make sense? Do you feel you have a clear understanding of what I offer?


3. Keep refining


Keep refining what you say, how you say it, what specific words you use and how they’re reaching people.


If you’re looking for the secret to effective marketing, it’s all about great communication.

Great communication provides clarity and confidence - Brianne Dosier from Brightly & Co.


Now it’s your turn, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Comment below and tell me about a time that great communication completely changed your marketing strategy.