What's Holding You Back?

I recently sent out a newsletter to my subscribers asking this exact question, but it got me thinking about how BIG this topic is. Fair warning, this will be a fairly transparent Blog post. I want to be honest about what’s holding me back in my business…

  1. In hopes that it will encourage you.
  2. So we can all know the struggle is real and we all face it.
  3. Because I want to know what holds you back – let’s get this conversation started.


So here are the top three things that are holding me back

in my business (and life).


1.   The number one thing that holds me back in my business and life is fear.

That sentence sounds so simple reading it back, but it’s such an extreme for me. I’m certain I’m not the only with this struggle. Fear is the #1 thing holding most of us back. Perhaps, like me, it’s your #1 deterrent, or perhaps it’s that ugly little bugger that pops up in your life/business when you’re least expecting it. Regardless of how fear might affect you, rest assured you’re not alone.

Fear is a deceptive little jerk that cons you into thinking, even believing, that you can’t do something. That the fear is just too great and you can’t fight it.  

One of my favorite quotes,

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” – Roosevelt

This quote is actually incredibly intimidating to me. Fear permeates our inner most beings, so I know it is wise to only fear fear itself. But that to me is indeed fearful! Wow. This is starting to sound like a vicious cycle… it’s easy to get swallowed up in the never ending cycle that is fear, it happens to me constantly! But the best thing about this quote, is that it’s saying, we should not fear! We have nothing to fear! If our greatest fear is fear itself, than we just don’t go there.

Here’s how I combat fear:

First, I have religion and a belief in God which is my saving grace in the combat against fear, but also…

I do.

Allow me to elaborate…

A second favorite quote of mine is,

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Yes, that’s a Star Wars reference, and, no, it’s not because of the new movie. I have been a Star Wars fan since I knew what a movie was. Now back to Yoda...this quote kicks patootie! THIS is how to deal with fear. I do, or I do not. And I remind myself of that every day. If you allow yourself to sit in the no man's land of “trying”, that means something is standing in your way and you need to figure out what it is. Hint: it’s usually our own selves, our own fears. As hard as that is to swallow, it’s true.

I “try” to face my fears head on, but like I said above I either have to do or do not, I can’t just keep sitting in the middle of the fence.


2.  The second biggest thing holding me back has been a lack of processes/systems. 

I am constantly feeling disorganized and like I’m running in circles for no particular reason. I feel exhausted and I’m not seeing the results I’m striving for.

Talk to me, have you had this same problem? What processes have you created for your business to help organize the chaos? Comment below and let me know! Also say what your business is – let’s share with one another!

Being a young company, I know I will need to trial and error, but even just the start of getting a process in place will be so beyond helpful. Once I do, I’ll be happy to share my processes with you too! So stay tuned... 

Having a process organizes your brain and sets the steps in motion for you. It gives you a focus and helps keep you there! One process I need to learn is how to stay organized.

I’m what you might call a dropper. That’s what I call myself… I come into the house, drop what I have in an open spot and leave it there. It’s very aggravating. I’ve created little piles all over my apartment and they’re driving me batty! I need to drop my dropping habit and get myself an organized process/system. Any suggestions? I'm open to it!

So back to the topic at hand… what’s holding you back?


Here are the steps I’m taking to let go of what’s holding me back,

and get my life and business back on track!

1.      SET GOALS! Powersheets by Lara Casey. These puppies are extreme and a beautiful resource for getting organized, motivated and facing your obstacles! 

2.      An excellent planner! I’m currently writing down and planning out in my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. The art of writing something down is really powerful for me. So if I can write down what I need to do vs. keeping it in my head or typing it out, I’m more likely to accomplish it.

3.      Write down absolutely EVERYTHING you have to do. Everything that’s in your head. Every little to-do list item you keep trying to remind yourself. Get it ALL out on paper. This helps clear space in your head, makes you feel refreshed and gives you a way to look at your to-do list and EDIT. That’s right, edit that puppy down and delegate where you can. We’ve got this!

4.      ASK FOR HELP! Wha?? Yes. It’s okay. Any time I ask for help I’m worried I’m inconveniencing the person I am asking (see there’s that fear again!), but more often than not people are thrilled to help! In a few personal circumstances I’ve had people say they weren’t sure if they could even offer me help or not…but they really wanted to lend a hand. This is such a blessing! It opens the door to bring others into your life as well as provide you the help you need.

5.      HAVE FUN! I can get so business, business, businessy…that I forget to have fun! This is such a great exercise for facing your struggles, because you’ve got to let yourself relax and recharge! Whatever that may mean to you.


Thank you for reading today, I hope you found it helpful! If you want more personal insight like this, sign up on my mailing list: click here to sign up.

Share with me and let me know where you’re at. Comment below and tell me what you do and what struggles you’re facing in your business and life.