8 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Engagement on Social Media

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8 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Engagement on Social Medi



So you may have noticed that quality engagement on Social Media can be tough…or perhaps has dropped in numbers recently. The worst offender of making engagement difficult for businesses is the leader of the pack, Facebook of course.

But instead of becoming bitter and disillusioned with Social Media, I've written down 8 steps for you to try out to help increase your engagement and exposure.


The easiest and more forgotten part of Social Media, is the being social part. <palm-to-face> I know that sounds crazy, but businesses especially have lost touch of what it means to actually be social on Social Media. You need to be engaged yourself if you expect to get engagement in return. That’s just common sense right? But it’s so easy to forget...so please don’t beat yourself up if you’re thinking “doh! That's me."  Almost everyone forgets about this aspect, even me. So you are most certainly not alone. But if you start implementing these 8 tips, I know you will see an increase in your engagement, it just takes time to cultivate. 


So let’s get to the heart of engagement on Social Media. Read through the tips below and start implementing them. These tips are not an overnight fix, they’re a constant. You need to adapt these tips to your everyday Social Media experience.


Bonus tip:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because there’s just too many Social Media platforms out there...don’t worry. Just pick one for now. Cultivate that one platform and as you get the hang of it, you can bring in another one. :)

If you want more tips and help on the subject of Social Media platforms, click here.


8 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Engagement on Social Media:


1.) You’re too automated. Facebook moves posts that are posted organically by the person, higher up in the Facebook algorithm feed.


  • Facebook also hides Business pages from the newsfeed. So that’s a double whammy.

To overcome this obstacle:

  • Be sure to mix in organic posts (which means you click post manually).
  • Check your stats. When do people check the most? What posts are most popular? Stats matter, so check ‘em at the very least, monthly.
  • Post more to your personal page, your personal page will always reach more people. However, be very careful to not post much business.


2.) You’re not replying to people who comment on your posts.

  • Regardless of which Social Media platform you prefer, you should always be replying to people and every person. Don’t leave people out, they notice.


3.) You’re not commenting on other people’s posts.

  • If you just post and post and don’t give back on Social Media by commenting on other people’s posts, you’re not actually being social. Be sure to comment, share and like other posts.
  • Don't just run up and "like" a post, take the time to actually comment. The act of simply liking a post without anything else is like running up to a person saying "hi!" and then running away.


4.) Your posts are not public, if you use Facebook or Instagram you know you can make your posts hidden or not public. When you’re marketing on social media, make sure your content is public.

  • I know you’d like to protect your privacy, but if you’re posting from a business page make sure your posts are public.     
  • If you’re using Instagram, make sure your account is public.
  • If you’re posting from your personal page on Facebook, you can choose what’s public and what’s not. Make as many things public as possible.


5.) Your content isn’t interesting.

  • Regurgitated content only works seldomly. Challenge yourself to be original or if you’d like to share what someone else has posted...share away! See tip #6 & #3 for that.
  • Get to know your audience, what do they need? What do they want? How can you help? Take time to brainstorm, and if you’re struggling to come up with content … read my blog post here on How to Create Content with a free content creation worksheet.


6.) You’re not sharing other people’s posts, articles, blogs, videos, etc…

  • Share what other people are putting out there. They will appreciate it immensely and that’s just a win-win.
  • Facebook for instance, tags posts that are shared as more popular. Their algorithm loves to see content shared, the more it’s shared the more it pops up in your newsfeed.
  • If you want your posts to get shared more, share more of other people’s posts. :) It’s the whole what goes around, comes around phrase in the most positive way.


7.) You’re not being vulnerable.

  • People want to know about you and your life. Be vulnerable and let them in! If you get haters or trolls (people who leave stupid nasty comments or hassle you) just delete and block them, but don’t let the fear of showing your personal side stop you from marketing effectively on Social Media.
  • Tell your story.
  • Tell lots of stories. Don’t forget the phrase Facts Tell, Stories Sell. :)


8.) You’re not involved in a Facebook Group.

  • Facebook groups are an amazing connector for engagement. They help you network, communicate and promote your business.
  • Get involved! This requires interacting with others and commenting inside of the Facebook group. (Most of my engagement comes from participating in a Facebook group. You can join my private Facebook group, The Brightly Business, here.)
  • Learn more about Facebook groups here.


You can do this! Remember this isn’t a race, slowly start implementing these tips into your everyday Social Media life. Choose one platform to cultivate and don’t overwhelm yourself by worrying or focusing on ALL the platforms. :)


If you’re looking for a little more guidance when it comes to Social Media, click here. I’ve created a self-study video e-course to help you get started with Social Media. If you’re questioning which Social Media platform you should choose, I go over the demographics and usage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and SnapChat.

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Now it's your turn...

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