You & Eye | Branding Photo Session

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.”“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.”   – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

It is my absolute joy to do my part in helping others achieve their goals/dreams. When I find people pursuing their passions and working hard for their money, I'm beyond excited to contribute what I can. You & Eye opened it's doors in 2013. A husband and wife duo dedicated to bringing phenomenal eye care to their local community and the community abroad. They are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible with their private optometry practice and they have traveled across the world providing eye care to those in need. 

When they approached me about doing some Branding Photography, for their company You & Eye, I was thrilled! Plus, we did a little trading and I got an adorable new pair of glasses out of the deal. SO EXCITED! (New glasses to make their debut soon). 

P.S. Their frames selection is AMAZING and it helps that almost all of their brands pay it forward somehow.

So let's talk Branding Photography...


The goal of this branding photo session was to show off the space, the people and the experience. 

You & Eye's high tech equipment not only looks cool, but its also phenomenally efficient. I was excited to show a little behind the scenes of what the optometrists sees during your eye appointment. As a patient you don't often get the behind the scenes look, but one of the best things about Nicole (co-owner of You & Eye) is that she walks you through the process and explains what's going on and why they do it. I was seriously fascinated to learn all about it and thankful for the explanations. 

So let's break it down further...

The Space:

I wanted to make sure I caught pictures of the exterior as well as the interior. Their space is BEAUTIFUL and they took the time to carefully and intentionally choose sustainable materials and modern finishings that are inviting, welcoming and socially conscious. I LOVE this space and think they did a fabulous job.


The People:

Nicole (co-owner) is a momma of two boys and an incredible optometrist. She is super passionate about her job and her family. Watching her with her baby boy is too much fun, he is SO smiley!

Destiny is a wizard at picking out the perfect pair of glasses (she picked out mine)! She also styles the frame displays and helps decide what frames to bring into the boutique.

Both women are amazing people and wonderful to work with. 


The Experience:

Great with kids, excellent equipment and knowledge to boot!

'nuff said.


BONUS: Product & Marketing

They have some of the best and most colorful choices of frames I've ever seen! It was a lot of fun to photograph these beauties. Not to mention, I HAD to get a little artsy on some of these photos...and it was a lot of fun. 


How can you find YOU & EYE ?

In West Linn, Oregon right across from the Post Office!

5656 Hood St. Ste 107
West Linn, Oregon 97068

Go here to their website:


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