How Your Daily Interactions Affect Your Business

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When you wake up in the morning and run past your favorite coffee shop to purchase your cup o’ joe, or 16oz London Fog with a splash of vanilla syrup (in my case), do you think about how that interaction exemplifies your brand?

When you’re purchasing groceries at your neighborhood grocery store and you interact with the grocery checker scanning your Ben & Jerry's ice cream, do you think about how that interaction exemplifies your business?

When you interact with the front desk staff at your business, apartment, local salon down the road… do you think about how those interactions affect your brand?


Every interaction you have with someone exemplifies your Brand.

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How aware are you of your interactions?

You represent your brand, you probably know that already, but do you pay attention to HOW you represent your brand?


You could have amazing business interactions and clients who rave about your services or products, but if those testimonials don’t match the interactions you produce when you’re not “working” they’re immediately discredited.


Most of us don’t think about our daily interactions. We don’t realize the weight that our day-to-day interactions with others holds on our brand and how that can affect our business.

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We’re often so consumed solely with our clients, we forget that how WE behave reflects either positively or negatively against our brand.

Scenario Time:

Let’s go back to the scenario where you’re checking out at your local grocery store and you start chatting with the guy/gal scanning your groceries. They start to perk up and are smiling while you two talk, you leave, thank them and wish them a great evening!

The checker now has a smile on their face and greets the next customer who also just saw the interaction and thusly is reaping the benefits. They know what you look like, how you interacted and they are receiving a more pleasant experience themselves.


With one positive interaction you affected at least two people who will remember how you made them feel, they may even go further to remember you the next time they see you or your face on an advertisement, they may even go tell their friends about how nice you were!


Now, here’s the flip side.

You’re in that same grocery store, talking to that same checker but instead you’re cold, standoffish or even (and I hope this isn’t you) rude. The checker on the other side is moody, unresponsive and scowling, the person behind you is irritated you’re taking so long.

They both remember you, but it’s not positive. When they see you again or see your face on an advertisement they either won’t remember you or if it was a bad experience, heaven forbid, they will actually tell their friends about what a jerk you were. Ouch.


My point is simple.

Pay more attention to your interactions.

Are you a nice person in your day-to-day life or are you rude? Do your personal interactions match your brand, or better question, match where you’d like your brand to be?


Everyone has a Personal Brand, whether they have a business or not. What’s your personal brand saying about you? Honestly evaluate yourself...because even I will admit I’ve not always been “on Brand” in my personal interactions, but I’m doing my best to be cognizant of them and set a Brand, or better yet, a life, I can be proud of.

Comment below and let me know how often you think of your day-to-day interactions.